Do women enjoy anal?

Do women enjoy anal?

they do if you train them right. if you just shove it in by surprise, she'll hate it forever. if you do it right, it's the hardest she will ever cum
t. knower

Some do some don't


In the top ten classification of the female erogenous zones, establishing the degree of sensuality with a score of zero to ten, are: clitoris (9.1), vagina (8.4), lips (7.9), neck (7,5), breasts (7,3), nipples (7,3), inner part of thighs (6,7), nape (6,2), ears (5) and, finally, ass (4) , 7)

this guy gets it. my wife is obsessed with it. begs for it all the time.

>if you train them right
female sexuality is a mental game. if you can convince them that it's good, then they will like it

and does anal feel nice for men? or it's a meme?


>caring what women enjoy


How is fucking a girl in her arse is considered gay

in the end, they find it rather uncomfortable

fuck's sake, Carlos; just...

Not if you're doing it right.

its the best sex we have. but vagoo also feels fantastic too. you're not enjoying your sex life without doing both. at least for us.

Some women inherently love it, some are scared by the though but if you do it right they'll love the shit too, take it slow, make sure to use lube, don't just jump into it either, lead up to it, pretty much just don't jam your dick in your shitter out of the blue

prostate is sensitive and pleasant, but i've yet to cum from just fingering it alone.

I think they like it because it pleases their guy more than anything else.

females do NOT have a prostate so they get nothing out of anal like males do

I think they enjoy the fact that pooping out a load of cum is a lot easier than trying to get a load out of the vag.

this is can be a big factor the best way to her butt is through your heart

judging from all the porn ive watched, tons of women love anal and orgasm from it exclusively


IF guys enjoy anal than why wouldn't girls?

I am a guy and I love getting my ass fucked. My wife also has let me fuck her ass a couple of times without me even asking for it and she's enjoyed it as well.

One time I fucked my (ex)wife and pumped a load in her pussy and right away while my cock was still hard she grabbed it and pointed it at her ass. Since my cum lubed my cock up I shoved it right into her and after only fucking her for another 30 seconds or so, I started cumming again!!

>believing paid actresses
pretty naive

You missed belly.

My ex-wife used to love me rubbing her belly while I'd fuck her

there's a pleasure zone called i think the p spot by her cervix

they do. it's called the g spot. it varies a lot in size and thus sensitivity, but it exists.

Its not very good...too loose past the bootyhole. But its great to force youre way in just as youre about to cum.

never felt anything from a prostate either, what got me over the edge was just the sensation on the sphincter itself

>alone forevermore

some girls say it feel like vaginal. if you finger her you can feel your own dick pretty easy

ITT: virgins lecturing other virgins on intercourse


So if you DP, you're basically feeling another man's dick... That's gay

Fuicking virgin. You do realise the G spot is in the vagina, right?

ive had anal sex with over 60 women

Not everyone but quite many does. Luckily my wife is one of those who loves it. She has tiny pussy and her asshole is even tighter. She is quite small sized so seeing my big cock sliding in and out of her small ass is huge visual turn on for me. She likes it rough. It feels good fucking her in the ass and watch her come from rough anal sex, then shoot my load deep inside her ass. Afterwards, when glow has faded I do feel regret and pity though. I don't want to hurt her but she bleeds easily and even more so because of the size of my tool. It takes week or more before we can do it again, sometimes her lower abdomen is so sore that even her pussy takes day or two before we can use it. So it hurts her but she loves it so much she begs it from time to time. I know that afterwards I have regrets but it feels so damn good that I can't resist the temptation when she begs me to fuck her in the ass.

you do realize that the vagine walls are not really that thick.

all of them over 60?
disgusting granny fucker...

>she bleeds easily and even more so because of the size of my tool. It takes week or more before we can do it again, sometimes her lower abdomen is so sore that even her pussy takes day or two before we can use it.

traps aren't women

Gay....but AWESOME!!!!

I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

Oh shit I can't recognize sarcasm through the text

Nah, I can guarantee you I hit something good in there sometimes. Same nerves, getting stimulated from the other side or something.


They have nerves in their sphincter muscles and while fucking them you can stimulate nerves in their pussy with pressure depending on the direction your thrusting.

>Do women enjoy anal?

Some naturally do, some don't. The ones who do have usually explored their own ass when they were learning to pleasure themselves and realised that it can be a source of good feelings.

The ones who don't can be converted if you take things extremely slowly and start with a little rubbing of the asshole during sex, moving on to licking etc. Weeks and months slow, not hours.

Talking and reassuring is important while you're doing these things. Promote it as a positive thing and eventually you'll conquer their psychological fear that it's so wrong / dirty / terrible.

With a lot of patience, any girl can and will enjoy being fucked up the ass, but if you move too fast - you'll give her a lifetime hatred of anything near her asshole.

trips of truth

this faggot speaks truth. used to date a girl who couldn't orgasm just from vaginal penetration so we always had to give her lady button a little special time and attention and i fucking hated it because sometimes it would take forever. I finally convinced her to let me stick it in her ass which she had never tried and she busted the most glorious nut ever. Something about the idea of getting it in the ol' turd cutter felt dirtier and made her feel slutty and she liked that. She would ask for it and have leg quivering orgasms in less than a minute every time.

This is absolutely correct. I converted my ex to loving anal through reassurance and building up trust in me. It took many months b/c of retards she'd slept with before me.

Also, nice trips

pretty much sums it up


>moving on to licking

wtf is wrong with people licking holes where feces are being pressed through

do you trust your bitch to clean her asshole perfectly with soap?
Even if you would, there is still tons of bacteria.
YES we have bacteria everywhere and it's natural, but ass bacteria is definitely not supposed to be in your mouth.

Your mother , your sister and your grandma do. They really like their asses been broken with a big black cock. You are next. What are you waiting for ?

my ex went from not liking it very much to liking when i would go really really fast so i thought girls who liked it liked really really fast and THEY DO NOT. this one girl ended up telling people i practically raped her. It was really hard to explain to people I knew in adult
respectable conversations

Licking a dirty hole is the best.

Some do. I used to pound the fuck out of my ex’s ass and she loves it. My current gf doesn’t like it so much which is a real bummer tbh

They better

as a woman, I can tell that most of us are afraid trying it for the first time :) so if they try it and it was bad, they probably won't have anal again ^^

You're never going to either, it takes more than some fingers

As another femanon, the smileys & the cutesy eyes are embarrassing. If you're going to be cute for attention, post tits instead.

OP-- sure.

this is actually truth

>does anal feel nice for men?


women are such fucking weak, scared creatures. and then they wonder why men think themselves superior

This. Gf asked me to put it in her ass. Did it right now she asks for it all the time.

as a mananon who uses smileys and cutesy faces can confirm; I am single and plan to collect cats. If only I had tits instead of smiley faces I wouldn't have become a crazy cat man

No, most of us do.

Who cares?
I enjoy fucking them in the ass.


Not just us but men too. The rectum is full of nerves for us both and you have the gland up inside that feels good

>non nude female photograph
>neither post has a picture

Are you for real?

To answer your question OP, it's honestly personal preference. I love it, can't get enough of it. I think it can be pretty enjoyable but it depends on the person person doing it. It's the same thing with guys I assume.

Your ex wife sounds like a real bitch


The hole is tighter but the inside looser than the vag. Tends to be a bit grainy too.

It's more a psychological thing that makes it better than the baby-gap.

My wife generally dislikes it unless she gets really drunk or high on mdma. I've fucked her ass silly for 5+ hours before rolling on mdma.
Here's her ass.

Grainy? They got sand up their ass?

As a femanon I've never put my clit into an ass so idk if i enjoy it

ask yer ma.

>not eating sand regularly

This is why you'll never be married.

Grainy = shit particles.


>I've never put my clit into an ass
kek what does this suppose to mean

It's way too early in the morning to do that, and I don't even have that big of tits anyways. I will however, GTFO, because I need sleep. Hope you feel better user, and not so salty.

could always try a strapon or feeldoe?

Only if you cover your dick with sand first

Sounds like a virginfag pretending to be a girl. Which is not a surprise.

Are you fucking retarded?

No, but good ones will fake it.

It's a pain in the ass for some of them

See your self out user.