Sexless relationship for the past 1,5 years. Any advice is welcome at this point

Sexless relationship for the past 1,5 years. Any advice is welcome at this point.

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Gonna need a bit more info than that OP... Did it start this way or get this way?

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It got this way gradually. She became less and less willing to have sex to the point where we just stopped doing it. She always said that she wasn't ready to do this or ready to do that and we'd get to it eventually. Now it's been 1,5 years.

Yeah idk how old you are but if younger, move on to another relationship. If older, try talking directly about it. I'm always amazed how many people say they have even this problem with their partner and when asked if they've discussed it they go, "oh... Well no that would ever awkward/embarrassing"

If you haven't talked, talk. And if that doesn't work or if you're young enough to get back out there, move on. Sex isn't everything in a relationship but it's important.

maaaaaaan, how old are you? how old is she?

better find a new girlfriend

probably she's fucking with someone else

Sexless relationship for 3 years. Im outta jail. I got all i want is someone. All anyone wants is fug.

In a perfect world i would be perfect,world


Lol, did your daughter turn 12 and stop accepting daddys cock because he is a neet?

I'm 26. We've talked about it so many times I've lost count. What makes it difficult is that I truly love her and care for her, and I want to fix this rather than just move on to something else. Sex is literally the only problem we have. Is there a way to encourage her with this?

Only way is to fuck her good

Hory shart your heart is going to be destroyed.
You have been cucked into the friend zone at this point.

Your best option is to ask her if you can watch while she fucks chad if you want to stay with her """(((ROMANTICALLY)))""".

Otherwise gtfo.

Maybe she has libido issues. Try to be more sexual around her and there are some supplements for this.

Are you even "alowed" to touch her? Watch some provocative movie together and try to make some advances. Wine always help.

After you start to make sex again it'll develop naturally, the more you fuck the more you'll fuck.

I can touch her but it's hard to get into it because she doesn't really get turned on and/or want to go further. So it might really be a problem with her libido. Can you recommend any supps?

start hanging out with sluts.
works like every time. Competive nature of women...

Even tho I know you are fake and real cancer and a troll, I have to say you be cucked and she's probably already have a lots of sex. But not with you.

I know it's a pathetic situation but I'm not fake lol. You don't know how it is until it happens to you I guess.

Well then, there's no way to even repair that relationship. You should move on or be sufferin for a few more years.

Leave her man, she needs to put up or get out. Pussy or GTFO

Maybe it's the issue of the foreplay. With my girlfriend I usually start with a massage, then I go down on her until she's wet af, then it's the right moment to actually start fucking.

I know it works well, she's complaining about sore back very often... (literally I taught her massage = fuck) xD

How do you perform a foreplay?

She's simply not attracted to you anymore time to jump ship

start fucking her again you idiot, what the fuck do you want me to say?

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Seriously, though: Sex is important to most people. If she cannot or will not take care of your needs, she must at least let you be free to satisfy them elsewhere.

To do otherwise would be like knowing my wife is hungry, refusing to make her food while *also* refusing to allow her to go out to dinner.

Go b/a/ck to Forever .

Keit-ai is already a webcomic. Stop posting it.


Rape Her. She must obey you. You must teach that whore her place.

I've thought about that, and she actually asked me once if I had thought about fucking another girl because of this situation. I said yes. She was like "I don't blame you". She's constantly telling me she's sorry about all of this, and that she wonders how I'm still willing to be with her. So I can tell she's frustrated with herself.

>sexless relationship
Its sexsless on your side, I am sure she is being fucked by someone else. Dump her.

Mate - i had this sort of a relationship. 3.5 years long, last 1.5 years we had sex like 4 times..I COULD FUCKIN COUNT ON ONE HAND!

No matter what the other issues, if she is not planning to agree for couple's therapy and to try to fix it so that sex is frequent again. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT!

There's 3 billion+ women out there, and even if 1% of those are in your age or other demographic group, you fuckin owe it to yourself to not waste time on her.

You need a fuckin trip to Thailand to realize how women worship dicks and build temples for the lord Penalaya! And not waste your life away in a sexless chore.

How fucking stupid is OP to not realize this. No woman goes without sex for that long. She's 100% fucking someone on the side (or multiple people). Fucking beta. End the relationship or end yourself.

I have gone through something similar, so studied sexless marriages a bit (seriously...wife had broken back, which means no sex). There are a couple of reasons for sexless marriages: one of the partners is actually gay, one of the partners has some sort of issue related to libido/sexual performance (unable to become erect), relationship problems prevent intimacy, something related specifically to either partner (male too big, an injury, male too rough, etc.). The problem here is that your wife is 1) unwilling to tell you what is going on, and 2) unwilling to actively help you out. A loving husband is willing to give a wife a backrub or cook dinner if the wife is sore or tired. Maybe not every day, but at least when asked. I would think a loving wife would be concerned with her husband's sexual satisfaction (assuming the wife is a mature person). My recommendation is to go to counseling. Bottom line, you NEED to figure out why the relationship is sexless if you are going to solve the problem.

piss on her, it works 100%

Got here.
We separated and since i'm the happiest faggot. I rediscovered what a sexlife was.

Get out of this unhealthy relationship.


Do it. Maybe she'll fix her shitty attitude

Is she anemic? Sometimes lack of iron can lead to a low libido in women. You can always try feeding her a lot of red meat, since shes obbiously already eating alot of dark meat.

Thanks for this man. I really dislike the idea of counseling but it might be the only option we're looking at right now...


Remember that counseling doesn't have to be expensive. Many churches offer free counseling from trained counselors, as do some other organizations. Look in your local area for possibilities. I also found this Ted Talk worthwhile. But don't cheat. If you are going to cheat, just leave. In most countries sexual abandonment is considered a grounds for divorce, which means you can divorce with cause. That can help in your divorce proceedings. (Not saying you should divorce. Just saying don't cheat.)

OP, pay no attention to anything anyone says other than this.

end it, today.

also, never EVER get into a serious relationship if sex is important to you. because sex will ALWAYS become a thing of the past at some point. and it will always be because of the woman. no matter how good you fuck her, no matter how much she enjoys herself, eventually she'll just not want it anymore because that's how they're hardwired. all the while you yourself will start to want it more than ever, especially as you increase in wealth and obtain more options as a result (if you're successful that is). so if you continue this trend you will end up in a continous cycle of unwanted celibacy at the hands of the woman you're involved.

women use sex to get you attached to them so they can latch onto your resources.

once they're convinced you're not going anywhere, and / or once they have insurance by way of a child or marriage or both, they stop providing you with that sex. they stop providing you with their supposed companionship too. they begin to treat you as an option, a utility, rather than a priority.

this will probably be hard for you to take on right now, seeing as you're still "blue pilled" but pump and dump is the way to go. women aren't built for relationships anymore. they don't see them how women saw them say 50-60 years ago. they seem as opportunities to secure resources and attention, nothing more. and sex + a promise of companionship is how they secure those resources and that attention. until something better comes along.

OP if you do not end the relationship she'll do and your self confidence about sex will be so fucked you'll need months to realize that that was the relationship that was bad and not you.

Going through terapy, open relationships and all will just make you lose time. Truth is you're afraid but you won't regret it if you leave.

Take my advice, been in a 5.5 years relationship, we fuked what, 15 times in the last 3 years, but it didn't take long for her to go fuck one of my friend.

Only regret I have is I didn't had the balls to leave first, it could have saved me a lot of self-respect.

>women use sex to get you attached to them so they can latch onto your resources.

Am femanon just loling & leaving. Saying this says a lot about you.

>eventually she'll just not want it anymore because that's how they're hardwired

Find women that aren't mentally ill next time. It's a start.

If you are only 26, I am going to assume she is near the same age. You don't lose your drive for sex that early.

You may not be having sex, but I guarantee she is having plenty. She just keeps the relationship around because its obvious you want to do anything for her, i.e. you are a source of free income.

End the relationship, dont tell her you think she is cheating, just say the truth. A physical relationship is just as important as emotional, if she isn't able to do both, it was never going to work.

Watch as she tries to shame you for thinking touching her body = asking for a fuck
Been there

OP, you don't love her. you've attached your value as a male to your relationship status, namely, with this specific chick you're with.

you love how being in a relationship makes you feel, you love the social status of it, you love the sense of fulfillment you get from it. and you will have other benefits of being in a relationship that you also love. but you don't love her. not by a longshot.

you love the situation, not her. and I know you know this.

if you loved her, "no sex" wouldn't be a problem. it's a problem not only because of instinct, because all men want to fuck unless there's something seriously wrong with them, but also because you figure if she doesn't want to fuck you then your success as a male in regards to relationships isn't as high as you think, and as such your value as a male isn't as high as you think.

so really, it's not about her, it's about you. it's about your loving the situation surrounding her because of how it makes you feel.

also, it's about her making you feel dependent on her. if a woman stops having sex with you it' s at least somewhat about the fact that she knows you've settled, that you're not likely to go anywhere. she already knows you're dependent, therefore she has no reason to fuck you anymore, unless she wants a child at some point (and no sex is often a tactical move for that purpose on the part of the woman in question because if a sex starved male is suddenly offered sex by his woman he won't say no, and will likely be completely uncaring when she says "no condom" or conveniently forgets to take her birth control)

pump and dump bro. don't trust these hoes.

women know that sex is more than important to a dude, if they're not giving you it, it's because the power differential is in their favour and they think they have you by the balls so they no longer need to empty them.

yeah it says I know how women operate across the board.

practiclaly all women are mentally ill nowadays because they're living outside of their natural social habitat so finding one that's not mentally ill, at least in the west, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I mean it's bad enough that they don't really mature past the age of 16-18 but now we have to deal with full on emotional retardation brought on by how imbalanced society has become.

ahahahah you are so retarded

This, take note OP

Found the blue pill cuck


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Break up with her.

> Hurr durr woemn are so retarded it's in their DNA hurr durrr

Bitch that's not with that state of mind you'll get laid.
If you have so few respect for women go find a dude to blow your schlong.

tell me exactly how I'm wrong then?

I never said anything about anyone's DNA.

emotional retardation isn't inherent to all women genetically, it's inherent to most women nowadays in the west because of the social environment around them. big difference.

and it's ironic because your reactions are proving my point, you're unable to have a discussion without resorting to ridicule and shaming tactics. and this is evidently because of some degree of emotional retardation on your part.

also, respect is earned. no woman is entitled to any degree of respect. everyone, whether male or female has to earn it.

so far you've shown signs of emotional retardation and entitlement issues. which is ironic because they're two major factors within the subject of "the issues of women's behaviour towards men today"

you're basically proving me right.

I feel your pain, OP. For the last 2 or 3 years of this 8 year relationship I'm in, the times I had sex was maybe 15. Not more. She has problems with her libido, and doesn't like it when I offer to go down on her :-(
The only times when we have sex multiple times a week is when we are on vacation somewhere abroad. I think it is also a mental issue with her. She stresses quickly. She has trouble relaxing, probably because she always finds something to stress about. Her study is also costing her a lot of her time and energy (long and hard days at the university).
I know it is something that is bothering her as well, even though she admits it isn't as imporant for her as it is for me. She is willing to try, but I miss her approaching me, getting close with me. At this point I do not know what to do because I love her to death. The thought of breaking up has been slowly creeping in my mind. Any anons got any advice?

Masturbate daily like me.

Lol. You talk a lot. Girls do that too.

Ignore her. And talk talking to other girls casually. She will get jealous and see if that shakes her juices up. Women hate boring and complacent men. After all you made mention about the relationship and it doesn't seem to be going in the direction you want it to be. I hate to say it dude but if a girl isn't into you sexwise she is probly getting fucked by someone else. 70%

stop fannying around, pun intended

she doesn't want sex with you anymore because there's nothing in it for her.

the way she sees it, she's already gotten what she wants from you which is for you to settle for her / with her and be a reliable source of material resources and validation.

once a woman gets that from a dude she wants to stick around, there's just no reason for them to have sex anymore.

pattern recognition brah. any male I see settled in a relationship, well settled. he doesn't get sex. any dude that isn't so settled, but is still a bit "wild", he gets sex, he gets sex a lot. it's a bartering tool for women, nothing more. it's how they get you to do what they want.

the only reason you're sticking around now is because you think "well how long can she hold out, eventually I'll get sex again, right?" and that's what she's banking on. she no longer has to provide you with sex. she just has to keep you at an arm's length with the possibility of sex and you'll still provide her with what she wanted from you when she was fucking your brains out whenever you wanted.

stop doing things for her. spend more time with your friends. get some hobbies. play videogames. pay less attention to her, and watch her suddenly become interested in sex again, or play away.

don't trust these hoes user. and don't fall in love, EVER.


plot twist, I'm a girl, that's how I know these things.

Don't be a child and just ask her why. Don't end the conversation until you get a good answer.

advice of an autistic virgin alert

woman like sex to faggot microdick.

but OP, I'm an experienced chad and had this problem... but your girl is fucking someone else guaranteed or is emotionally attached to someone else.

jump ship now. I can green text my story if you want to hear

Your girl may be fucking someone else, but that isn't always the answer. There are plenty of other reasons. One of them may be you.

You need to know what HER needs are and meet those needs. It may not be as easy as you think. For example she may have a need for security and stability. But if you come home every day and complain about possibly losing your job, you're not meeting her need for stability.

The only way to resolve this is with counseling. Tell her you promised monogamy but not celibacy. If she won't go to counseling then she doesn't care about fixing this problem. Then you have a decision to make.

how autistic do you have to be to contradict me then support what I'm saying with your own personal anecdote.

you literally just described what I was talking about.

you claim that OP's girl is likely fucking someone else or emotionally attached to someone else.

well newsflash genius, girls only fuck or get emotionally attached to men they benefit from, men they can get things out of. whether it be money, social status, utility value or whatever, they use that attention and sex to get what they want from those men.

so if OP's girl is fucking someone else or interested in them at the very least, then she's not buying what OP is offering anymore and that is exactly what I'm saying.

but the problem is it doesn't matter whether she's fucking someone else or not, what matters is she's not fucking OP. women only fuck men they want, or who they want something from. if she's not fucking him it's because she's not interested in him or what he's selling.

simple as.

same fucking thing as what you've said.

There's ya first mistake you thot lover.

>sexless relationship

So, have a dog? Or just describing you and your family?

jesus christ

worst advice ever

a woman's needs are infinite. you can never do enough for women. even low tier ugly troll faced heffers are high maintenance in this regard because the more you do for them they higher their self esteem rises and they believe themselves to be higher status than previously believed and as a result they then believe you should be doing more for them or they look elsewhere for a better offer. if OP starts running around trying to do things for his girl just so she'll fuck him, she'll be disgusted by him. he needs to kick her to the curb. simple as. that's his only way out.

also, security and stability do not exist, at all. they're illusions. so by saying OP needs to basically feed into his girl's fantasy of being in a secure and stable relationship what you're saying is OP needs to lie to his girl. if she can't handle reality, she needs to fuck off and grow up.

also, monogamy is eventual celibacy. it's a simple fact that women crave sex far less in long-term relationships, especially in long-term relationships that span decades. once they hit 30-40, sex is rare, and 40-50, when they hit menopause. say goodbye to sex altogether.

you basically want OP to be a simp. you want him to put his woman before himself and sacrifice his own happiness and well-being for her despite the fact she's already taking him for a mug and causing him misery.

you're either a woman or a pathetic excuse of a man, either way you disgust me.

does she play with herself or not?

Married 40+ years, and you?

wow it's no wonder you're so backwards then.

you really shouldn't be giving advice on relationships if your perspective is stuck in a past era rather than present-day.

things have changed. traditionalism has gone out of the window. there is no mutual respect between the sexes. it's a war out there and it's not going to change anytime soon. especially not if women are at the forefront of it, which they currently are. because the way things are right now benefit women and are almost totally detrimental to men. the only option men have right now is to back out of relationships altogether, to opt out and have women fend for themselves.

speak to more younger generationals, learn how things are today, then you'll be in a place to advise others.

Don't let it get to you, find stuff that makes you happy and when it happens again just roll with it. Obsessing will just drive you nuts.

You're spouting bullshit just to serve your own warped perspective of relationships. Grow up.

yet you have no counter-arguements to combat my "bullshit"

surely if you were a front of all knowledge in regards to relationships you'd be able to blow what I'm saying right out of the water.

seems like I've hit a nerve because I've pointed out things aren't as simple as you think. it's not easy to question what you think you know. but that's no reason to be rude.

You're either a beta who has yet to learn his lesson (and that day always comes), or just a pissy and entitled landwhale. Either way, you're retarded and should kys.

Ad hominem is always the last resort of someone with no supportable argument.

yet you have no counter-arguements for me.

OP, my friend, I’ve been there.
Not 1,5 years but sex only every few months. She also „wasn’t in the mood“ and it „wasn’t my fault“.
Sorry to break it to you, but if your sex life was ok at some point and you haven’t been in any stressful situations lately, your relationship is pretty much over. Not because of you, but because she just doesn’t feel attracted to you anymore. I’m not saying you should immediately get out but don’t be surprised if she tells you she doesn’t love you anymore someday.
If a girl doesn’t love you anymore, even if she says she does or pretends to herself she does, she doesn’t care about your feelings and hurting you doesn’t provoke guilt. At this point, she won’t tell you if she’s fucking or seeing someone else. She won’t tell you that she’s not satisfied in your relationship. She just gets a little more distant from day to day. Watch out because the woman you love can turn into one of those soulless, basic bitches very quickly. If she tells her friends of events in her work life/uni etc before telling you and starts spending more time and going out with them, be wary. That’s probably the point you can slowly call it quits.
She may be one of those girls that don’t really know what they want. Or maybe she just changed.
I’m not saying every relationship is the same, maybe yours is different after all. But the signs fit.
Here’s what I wish someone would have told me back then:
>Don’t get mad. I’m serious, just don’t. If you accuse her of cheating or get mad or jealous for any reason at all, she’ll only see this as confirmation in her actions to hurt you more or get more distant and hiding.
>Don’t be a wimp. If she tells you she doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore or that she wants a break (classic...) just accept it. Don’t try to talk her into anything or come across as needy. Accept it and get over it. It’ll better your chances of her coming back to you.

>Live YOUR fucking life, not hers. Pick up new hobbies, meet up with friends more often. Subtly show her you have a life on your own without being bitter towards her at all.
>Make the times you see each other count but also don’t be available at all times. Spend less time with her and do more things YOU enjoy. If you spend time with her, do something special and be in a good, fun mood.
>Find out if she’s cheating, but don’t do it hasty and don’t ask her. She should not, under any circumstance, suspect you of suspecting her cheating. The cheating part seems so important to a lot of people, but in the end it’s just the icing on the cake.
>The most important one: DON‘T lose your overview. Don’t get caught up in fights/drama/stupid shit/whatever. Don’t be blinded by your love for her. Take a step back and analyze everything from the „birds perspective“. Try to base your actions on rational thought rather than emotions. That doesn’t mean you can’t be emotional though.

Don’t talk to her about sex/relationship stuff too often. Just try to be yourself and ignite the spark again. If that doesn’t work, prepare to end it.

Cheat on her lol

This guy is completely right. If you live for your relationship and always try to make it right, putting your needs and ambitions behind hers, you’re fucked.
You should benefit and find comfort in each other. If it’s one-sided, it’s shit.
If your older, it’s easier. But today, a stable relationship based on mutual, unconditional love for the person and their personality you’re with is rare as fuck.
People get together because they’re attracted to each other because of looks/wealth/social reasons and the ideas and ideals they build of their partners in their heads. Today, everybody can basically build a reality of their own with their own beliefs. That’s not really beneficial for relationships. True feelings get thrown aside for temporary mutual understandings that don’t mean shit after all.
I learned it the hard way but I’d rather die alone without children and live a fulfilling life for myself than always chasing after girls and getting into relationships that aren’t really based on true love and affection kist to fill some void inside myself that eventually gets even bigger after every time-wasting relationship and encounter. I’m completely out of this shitty, soulless game that relationships turned out to be in our time. I really hope I’ll find someone that loves me for who I am someday, but I’ve stopped looking for it, forcing it and building shitty ideals in my head.

are you fucking INSANE? why the hell are you with this woman? Dump her immediately you retard fuck and go find some who likes a dicking

thre is always one cuck that idolatrizes women

>Sexless relationship for the past 1,5 years
Hahaha. sorry buddy, but YOU may not having sex, but she surely is.