This woman is a legend

This woman is a legend

>changing tire
>jack collapses
>car falls on foot
>jacks car back up
>fineshes changing tire
>drives herself to the hospital
>goes into ER complaining of broken foot
>claims her pain on a scale of 1-10 is a 3

I stubbed my toe the other day and almost cried. Tmw I'm a pussy.


yep its called shock

No you wouldn't be able to stand with this injury there's no way she would continue to change the tire. Dumbass.

>not using redundant jack stands

>not knowing what shock is.

shock doesnt last that long you dumb shits

>comparing own pussy mind to others
I saw that shit in nam on the daily faggot

You stupid son of a bitch. Just stop posting cancer!!!!!!

Her right foot? She drove with her left? Damn.

Jesus Christ OP, stay in school.


If it's not attached then how can her foot hurt?

Youre autistic arnt you?

can't argue with that logic.

>Foot is severed
>Nerves do not make connection
>Pain signal not transferred to brain

Think about it...

>do not make connection
thats not how signal transduction works. Exposed nerves are painful as fuck.

My old roomate lost a finger to a metal grinder and he said it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. Like it hurt initially but after that it was more of a dull throb then a searing pain of any kind. Apparently the worst pain was when he would stub his stump on things repeatedly in the ensuing weeks.

NOT MENTIONING injury is on right foot...
Even if she was driving an automatic, she would be unable to drive because u need your right foot to accelerate/brake

So this is all bullshit and once again OP is a dumb faggot.


Wow, you sure showed OP.

Wait, no. Cruise control exists.

Really serious, life-threatening injuries usually don't hurt very much. The purpose of pain is to alert the body that something is very wrong, and to dissuade activity which might make an injury worse. But in a life-threatening situation, pain response could result in death during a critical emergency situation. So for really dangerous situations, the brain dumps all kinds of pain-stopping, feel-good chemical into itself. It's why in a fistfight you don't feel any pain; you'll feel the impacts as dull thuds, but you don't get pain until the fight is over. A lot of people who get shot or stabbed aren't even aware it's happened until long afterward. And in this case, the scream of agony from her foot was severe enough to trigger the brain to suppress pain long enough for her to get to the hospital to save her from bleeding to death.

Trust me, the next day she was feeling all the pain, plus interest.

How fucking old are you gramps?

>I stubbed my toe the other day and almost cried. Tmw I'm a pussy.
when the cut is fast, you won't feel nothing.

Brittany here. I drive a manual (because Brits aren't retarded). On long journeys my right foot gets tired, I switch to my left. Easily done.

u cant drive a manual using ur left foot alone, dont lie u fucking retardo.

stfu, thats not how cruise control works.

learn to drive first

She is in shock. I had my dick go through a set of gears working on a piece of machinery. Was 3 seconds and I pull back seeing my pants all torn to shit. Put my hands down the front pull back blood.

No real pain just instant shock. End up in ER not knowing what the fuck is going on. Wake up later with my dick covered in bandages and a drip. Luckily the damage was not permanent and could be repaired. Shock's a hell of a thing.

Yea seems likely. I crushed my foot on my dirt bike and drove myself to the er on my bike. It was hard balancing on 1 foot but worked. Pain was like a 5. Adrenaline numbed the pain alot. Only painful part was when doctor snapped it into shape

Yes, you can. Easily. You can't heel & toe downsift, sure. But just driving A to B is no biggie.

Assuming you're just another retarded 'murican who struggles to do simple tasks and has to drive an auto.

Yea you can you twit. I managed it

Underage b&

im not murican, and i drive manual.

But you're full of shit, ive tried driving manual using left foot only and is impossible unless u practice over and over, i guess.
What are the chances that woman had previously practiced driving with her left foot?

Again, you and OP are full of crap.
Or probably u're just the same person

I bent my foot backwards in the beginning of 2016 fracturing all 5 bones in it in the middle. It only felt like a sprain at the time. I was on my bicycle continues to cycle for 3-4 more kilometers until it started to get quite painful so I decided to take a taxi to the hospital to have it checked out. Got x-rays and cast and fell later that night landing on my casted foot. Which was way more painful then the original fracture event.

Nobody uses that when changing tiers. Lol. What kind of loser are you?

You don't need much practice at all. It REALLY isn't difficult if you have any sort of control and coordination over your limbs.

If you brake right footed then sure your left foot might slam the pedal the first time you try left foot braking, but that's it.

Yeah, none of us can drive stick.
>Learned to drive without power steering, power brakes, or synchronized gears.
So suck a refugee dick, assumptuous, intolerant, no guns bongfag

>Being this butthurt

I bet you even voted for Trump. US cars haven't come without PAS since the 30s.

learn to drive, u retard ball of grease

You mean a fucking leaf. And this was my car to learn in with 1 foot.

Stupid cunts.