Any guys here with gfs mess around with guys sometimes?

Any guys here with gfs mess around with guys sometimes?

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>>> /LGBT/

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Yeah. But only sucking and jerking off. Otherwise it would be quite gay.

Married guy here who plays with guys all the time.

Does she know?


She knows I did in the past. She's no longer interested in sex so I get it elsewhere. I think we have a "don't ask, don't tell" thing.

Married here too. Started fooling around with a buddy before we got married. Still go over there and watch porn together. Mostly ends in blowing each other. Every once in a while he fucks me good and hard.

>be me
>gf wants to get double teamed
>not super into it but she promises me ffm for mmf
>fast forward, we find some dude on Tinder
>things proceed, she gets spitroasted
>then dp
>dp is where things go wrong
>I'm on my back, she's on my dick, he's in her ass
>he's fucking her hard and grinding his balls against mine
>he's doing this shit on purpose
>then I feel a wet finger start rubbing my asshole
>I cum buckets
>he cums buckets

Haven't had another threesome since then. I really want to bring him back to bed and mess around more with him but I'm not sure how she'd respond.

Still fuck your wife? I don't (fuck mine that is).

Been married for 12 years.
Have 4 kids.

I've always let occasional guys blow me. From before this relationship, and during it...

I haven't done anything with a dude in like.... 9 years or something though....

I still bang other women though. Which, in my opinion, is funner anyway.

Yea we still fuck. She is more submissive though and I like the feeling of being dominated sometimes. Which when I’m on my knees sucking a cock or taking one doggy style. It fulfills my slutty submissive side.

I use to live in an apartment with a faggy little twink.
He was kinda girlish, to the point that sometimes he would dress up as a girl and go about his day, pretending to be his own sister.

Fucked him most nights, even during times that I had a girlfriend.

He was one of my groomsmen at my wedding and we fucked that morning.
Still fuck when ever we catch up.
Wife knows and doesn't care.


When did she find out?

But nothing in the past 9 years?

I'm screencapping this thread in case someone blurts out something retarded as:
>4chans is a bigoted site

Sup Forums is a bigoted site

Not at was another user. He fucked me a few weeks ago. And I just sucked him off about a week ago.

Want to, but i dont know how to go about it.
The gay datingsites here is just filled with hairy old men.

>long-term live-in gf of 10+ years
>best sex of my life with her
>still need some from strange men ~once a month
>she knows, doesn't care as long as she isn't confronted with specifics

Girls are good for fucking but men just absolutely suck dick better. She's walked in on me a few times over the years, and is so chill the guy usually thinks she wants to join (she doesn't)

yes i do

its hard to find a dude thats down with casual fag play

Find yourself a trucker bear sugar daddy.

Wonder this myself

When we first started dating.
When we first got together it was just a casual, kinda open thing.
After a few months of this she asked if there was anyone else I was seeing/hooking up with and I said yes.
She got along really well with my twink so I told her about us and she thought it was cute as hell.

When we eventually decided to become serious she straight up told me I could keep fucking him. She joked that it was because she liked him and didn't what him to have to start paying rent. So I continued fucking him until my girlfriend moved in with us.

I still fucked him a bit after that, but most of my attention went to the missus.
He eventually moved out and got his own place and me and the then fiancee moved back to my home town.

When he came to visit a while later my wife encouraged us to fuck while he was there. So now when ever we catch up it usually ends with me either cumming in his ass, on his back or in his mouth/on his face.

I honestly think she gets off on it.
That said, I haven't told her about the wedding morning. Think that might not be something she'd be happy with.

>be me
>be in relationship with girlfriend for 3 years
>she admits she wants a three way
>"with your friend Stephen"
>"ok I'll ask him."
>get around to telling him and he says sure.
>we all go to dinner and the bar
>get home
>take turns fucking her
>I go piss, come back soft
>he drops to his knees and starts giving me head
>best head Ive ever gotten
>I blow my wad in his mouth and he swallows
>try reciprocating, its alright.
>the night comes to a close
>next day shes all pissed off about something
>she blows up two days later because him and I played with each other
>4 days later and shes still fuming
>doesnt want to put out
>text my friend and invite him over
>"three way again?"
>"no. I want head, she's not putting out."
>"lol ok"
>we go 'hang out' in the basement all night while she storms around up stairs.

She ended up breaking up with me.

nigga ur gay

Good riddance

in a 3way, the couple must give eachother their cum....the outsider can not receive couples cum.
this is how it works

me and mrs have had a MMf fun.. we both sucked his cock and both fucked he.. it was so horny sucking his cock while she was sucking mine.. and watching her get fucked while i was wanking and stroking his balsl and her pussy while he was fucking her Mmmmmm

so nice my Mrs rubbing my cock against another mans and pulling his foreskin over me cut cock

I have a gay friend I know is into me he’s never pushed hard to try anything but my wife offered him a three way when he broke up with his boyfriend....too many other people where around or it probably would have happened

No it isn't. I'l older and have three guys I hook up with.

The only issue is the "casual" part. Sometimes they get attached and it can cause problems.

I'm bi. I've always messed around with guys and girls. Lots of great and kinky sex.

Women kinda like a man who dominates other men.

those might be your rules, but those aren't general rules