I am a security integrator who designs secure networks for large scale CCTV systems...

I am a security integrator who designs secure networks for large scale CCTV systems. I am looking for good hackers to help run pen tests and prove to potential clients that their current network infrastructure and firewalls are not secure so they will buy my network designs.

I pay 10k per client that I make a sale with. Basically what I want is someone to hack a clients network and edit their DVR or NVR files so they know it can be done. This would all be with permission from my clients so you won't be in any legal trouble. The while ordeal would be arranged.


Ok here forgot to add you will be penetrating enterprise level clients so you will need to really know what you are doing. Knowing your way around fortinet, firewalls, cisco, etc will be required.

>where to hire hackers...

>I know, let's ask a bunch of retarded faggot shitposters to help

Sounds like a trap

if someone can get me to cisco switches / routers i would be an absolute fucking monster in tracerting a network figuring out which subnets / vlans are related and getting further into fucking EVERYTHING UP but other than that im no hacker
CCNA cert holder

once physically plugged into a network of a business using tera term for emulation found out that whichever retard had their setup didnt even port down their switch on unused ports which is literally the first thing in security that they teach you security through obscurity was not a rule for that business let me tell ya' hawhat bobby

I need someone who can get in anywhere. You don't need the physical switches just be able to get into their network after I send you some up information.

This isn't a trap I actually do this for a living and run this business. Figured I would post here to see if I could find someone.

i know you dont need them physically in your hand? are you forgetting telnet and ssh..... what?

I might need you to go beyond that. I need to show them their defenses are useless. They will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with me so typical attacks might not be enough to convince them they need more hardware in addition to the millions they have already spent on their existing infrastructure.

How many contacted you so far?

eh rip well im useless to ya but definitely make sure if you get someone they need to know cisco on the back of their hand that and using wireshark IS A VERYYYY helpful utility ive been able to packet freeze and recapture VOIP convos in businesses none of which were useful knowledge whatsoever but its still something i can listen to all of

So you want us to do your work for no payment?
Even if i had the necessary knowledge i wouldn't do it - that shit is expert knowledge and expert knowledge is expensive m8.
Come back when you offer some bitcoin for successful hacks.

OP here, my email is

[email protected]

For anyone who is interested

could be legit looked up the firm yeah its a consultant could be for network security / general security seems legit payment is the not so legit seeming part if someones got their haboo hotel chanology hacking in my parents basement skills only CLI no GUI and im nEVER GOINN BAKC pants on definitely take this as an oppurtunity CCNA outttttt

I pay 10 grand for every successful sale you help me make.

As in, I contact vendors, set up the hack, you do it, we prove they can be hacked, and then I finish the sale and pay you once it is finalized.

We started contacting companies last week. I have 2 sales reps acquiring lists of IT directors of companies right now.

shit like this is paid upfront. no "good hacker" will do that work without any upfront payment.

I can't pay up front. I am currently working with very limited capital.

Well i guess that's a problem of yours. You will have to figure out how to create a payment model which makes sure neither you yourself, nor the contract worker has a too big risk to be scammed, and yes - here on Sup Forums that's a high risk.
I mean there's a fuckload of people here begging for currencies, you bet your ass they'd happily scam the fuck out of you, so i'd disadvise you to hire here. Go browse other forums, or make some sort of test to make sure whoever you're talking to knows what he's doing.

We have a test already. Anyone who is interested can email us and we go from there. That is for your input.

Not sure if you want to hire outside hackers. Seems to be a security risk.

Well as someone who does penetration testing for a living I want to firstly say: fuck you. Second, find a partner and stick with him, no need to pay hackers. Find someone who can result as a normal employee and will do bad stuff on the side. And third, again fuck you because the need for security enforcement is there and playing these stupid tricks is a waste. If you are not making tons of money with security without playing dirty games then you're not doing it right. Just out of curiosity, what kind of service would you specifically need?