He's still living in 2017

>he's still living in 2017
what a fag, you're fucking pathetic, seppo

We, unlike the amerifags, live in a more futuristic society

We have pingers, bush doofs and ground harnesses. Americucks got nothimg on us

Happy new year Sup Forumsrothers

You're on Sup Forums not Sup Forums friend. Go away.

point being, seppo?

I made it very clear. You're posting this on the wrong board.

yeah, but whats your point though?

he's racist to australians and wants them segregated to Sup Forums

Lol fag

˙ɥƃnouǝ ʇusi ɐilɐɹʇsnɐ oʇ pǝʇɐƃǝɹƃǝs ƃuiǝq ɟi sɐ

You are not the first, moron. Tonga is.

Tonga? TONGA?

Fucking TONGA sounds like a barbeque tool.

At no point did anyone say we were first ameritarded.



how can you even tell anymore? its completely faded now.

Australia is miles (kilometers) better than the US of Gay.

o Universal health care coverage - get sick - go see a dr, go to ED and don't go bankrupt
o Better weather - warmer, nicer.
o Kickarse beaches
o Hotter women
o Laid back culture/style
o General all round better country

Look who's number 2!
Look who's number 10!

Your flag is on the moon only thanks to nazi scientists, so... good job I guess. Maybe thats why so many people in your universal health care lacking cuntry are white supremacists and neo-nazis. Also if you know anything about the law you should know americas flag while symbolic of your nazi helped space victory does not give you claim to the moon. No celestial body can be owned by a government.

Fuck.. Is the us really that shit?

been going down hill for years now, general standard of living is slipping because everyone's getting fucked over by companies and shit jobs with shit pay

Denmark crosses everything off except warmer weather. America truly is shit

oh yeah the weather is fucking gr8 this time of year, nothing like waking up sweating every fucking morning and needing the air con to run non stop so i dont get hyperthermia.

I don't want to bring up climate change, but since its effects have started occuring living down here in melbourne/ sometimes gippsland has been fantastic. Growing up I lived through victoria's worst recorded drought that lasted years. Since climate change became a thing we've had relatively stable weather with a lot of rain and consistent temps, beyond the occational scorcher, but that shit happens world round m8.

sydney here, and it's fucking shit most of summer. right now is a bit better cause it's been raining a bit, but for about 10-20 days it was like that. it's even worse in qld.

how is anything about this post political you fucking fat american fuck


>this coming from Aussies

Your internet is still in 2006 stage ADSL+2

Nbn 100mbps as a standard now....

Fibre to the house fag


Fuck living in Australia, literally 300 - 400 a gram of cocaine???

This I agree with. We have one of the worst internets in the world, but thats a combination of absolutely retarded governments and being the greatest distance from every other civilised country.
Sydney is shithouse and prone to flooding. Leave that hell. Even Canberra is better man.

We don't need drugs to get high. We just take the nearest kangaroo to the closest beach and relax. Also the kangaroos pouch secrets pure lsd.

>Sydney flooding
mate are you even from Australia? ive not seen a single flood in Sydney and ive lived here my whole life. if youre talking about the westie suburbs that is barely Sydney, all the floods are in Queensland but it is a hole alot of the time because the council and the people who vote for the same people each time are dumb

You are the dumbest cunt and clearly are a basment dwelling fag. Sydney was fucked during it's flooding and the only places unaffected were the derro fuckwit places where only the abos fags livem cunt. And I have to say you clearly are from Sydney because only you fuckwits would try to defend that shit hole of a place.
>Sydney: literally worse than perth, abo-darwin, broom and canberra combined. I'll smash you cunt.

Perths the best, we barely have to deal with all you eastern states cunts.

also sydney here, never has flooding been an issue, only bushfires

Aussies live in the future but only by a few hours.