So I just watched one punch man for the first time and loved it but where does season 2 go from here...

So I just watched one punch man for the first time and loved it but where does season 2 go from here? he's already defeated the strongest being in the galaxy in episode 12.. is s2 even happening?

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There are a few S-class heroes who haven't been seen yet. He fights those.

Didn't you watch the part after the credits?

SPOILER: He punches himself and dies on accident

blast hype
or God descends on earth and saitama vs God happens

He has to defeat that ESP user loli pussy

Since it's a huge fucking parody of like EVERY ANIME IN EXISTANCE, I guess they'll come up with some more fucked up shitt if they really want to.
All I fear about is that it'll get overhyped by it's retarded fanbase and faces the same destiny as Rick and Morty.
Personally, I'm looking forward to more retarded japanese anglicisms like "TANK TOP TIGERU", "METEORICU BURSTOO", "MUMEN RAIDERU" and "PURI-PURI-PRISONER, ANGERUU STYYYYREE!"

There's alot of dangling threads left to be unanswered. Metal knight is still mysterious and last we see he's creating tech for his own needs, also that blue haired guy who is A rank number 1 is obviously more of a threat than he seems. I think I remember some thread awhile ago saying eventually they'll be a ''villain league'' similar to the heroes which was set up abit in that seaweed monster girl episode and there are S rank heroes missing from the meeting to make you wonder. I think theres plenty to go on for a season 2.

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>same destiny as rick and morty
Luckily it's based on an already established thing, rick and morty isn't, and the creators read too much feedback and praise and thats where they fucked up. OPM is already been made, well alot of it anyway so it can't be intefered with the fanbase.

Just read the manga faggot and stop fantasizing about darkshines bbc

>metal knight
didn't he recreate the headquarters after it was destroyed and made it even better for the heroes? how is he a villain? maybe selfishness but not a bad guy

>Hero assosiation
>only one female hero out of 500
I hate sjw shit but I think the season could have had atleast one more rank s female, anyone else?

The manga has gone on more than the anime. So we have a good idea what will happen. Although Madhouse won't be producing it, so the art quality, voice acting, and many critical story decisions will probably be ruined. The new company that's taking over mostly does romantic comedies - so expect to see a lot more touchy-feely "Saitama is so sad" stuff
Start at book 8, chapter 38 (King) for a run-down of what will happen in season 2. It's a lot of heroes fighting one another, and Garo (the runaway disciple of Silver Fang) is a recurring villain.

I mean if he had to stick with one female S class the tittied super loli was a pretty neat choice.

there's 3 in the anime and about 20 mentioned in the manga

the house of evolution scientist is still alive too and silverfang (bang?) said one of his students is going on a rampage in one episode, theres a ton of things to work with

meant for

Nope only tornado, unless driver knight is female

Holy shit no, so the series is ruined? They won't even get the same voice actors back together?

>blue haired a rank number 1

There wont be s2. The manga still runs tho.

At the moment the only thing we know for CERTAIN is that Madhouse handed off production to J.C. Staff and instead of Shingo Natsume it will be directed by Chikara Sakurai

Beyond that, we can't know what decisions they'll make. Maybe they'll try to get the original voice actors back together, maybe they'll follow the manga, or maybe they'll diverge severely.

While we don't know what direction they'll take One Punch Man, we know what these directors and studios are famous for.

>Madhouse: Perfect Blue, Death Note, Paprika, Hellsing Ultimate, Birdy, Gunslinger Girl, No Game No Life, etc.
>J.C. Staff: Azumanga Daioh, Ai Yori Aoshi, Honey and Clover, etc

>Shingo Natsume: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Speed Grapher, Panty and Stocking, etc
>Chikara Sakurai: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super, Naruto Shippuuden, etc

The outlook is bleak.

the monsters form their own association which has powerful guys in it. also bangs ex-student garou starts to approach saitamas level

We need to find out how he obtained his power

We already know how he obtained it. He did 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a 10km run every day. He also ate 3 meals a day -- but just a banana for breakfast was fine. To train his mind as well as his body he never used the AC in the summer or the heat in the winter.

Oh well fuck me! Three? That fixes everything! 3/500 is completely fine, I’m sorry!

I don't see what you're so pissy about. Realize that the whole SJW shit only happened in Europe and America. In Japan it's still WIDELY believed by both men and women that it's not a woman's place to leave the house and work. And this isn't viewed as a bad thing. Many men in Japan work 60-hour work weeks and come home exhausted and miserable just to get brow-beaten by their wives. A poll of women in Japan asking if they'd want to swap roles with their husband was something like 98% negative. Women are happy with the fact that they don't have to work.

This carries over to anime. Men work, women take care of the home. It's the same in One Punch Man. The men work (are heroes) and the women stay home and take care of the city while the men are away.

>carries over to anime
Sure, but only having one female S rank out of 14 is ridiculous, and even more so when we don't see any A class, B class or even C class females not even in the background scenes. Surely just one more S class or something could have been enough. Even dbz which is about men beating the shit out of eachother has females, same as naruto and most other franchises.

>tfw well get no more boros type fights

there will be, it just wont be with saitama. like garou vs watch dog man for example

who is blast? his seat was empty from the meeting they had before boros invaded

>finally have all the class s heroes together
>theres a guy whos called metal bat and can swng a bat fast and hard
aaaaaaaaaand thats where I droopped the show.

nothing is known beyond vague descriptions atm

It's satirical you fucking idiot.


Mumen Rider is the main bad guy in season 2

Of what? thats just lazy hero design, he clearly ran out of ideas eee ill jus thro this in nobody will notice, yea I noticed and its lazy, dropped

>thats just lazy hero design
Thats the point you mongoloid.

They shouldn't it had a good and satisfying ending

>Of what?
of anime: the fans, the industry, the archetypes, all of it.
> thats just lazy hero design
which is literally the point. he has a pompador, a school uniform and an attitude problem. called metal bat. do you even understand what satire means?


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The webcomic is pretty much dead and didnt get much further story wise.

He fights one guy who almost beats all the heroes and that it, rest focuses on other characters, we still waiting for another big chapter for 2 years now or so.
If season 2 happens it wont be based off the webcomic as there is no material to work with, probably on the redraw by Murata instead and his original content which is mostly Saitamas daily live and random adventures with no real opponents.
So i guess the answer is it goes nowhere really, One the author focused on his Mob Psycho, his other manga instead.

NO you idiut hes just lazily created. a fucking BAT for a wepon no magic skills or anything

satire wtf is that even a word dumbass