Would Sup Forums fuck my bimbo cousin? Rate her out of 10

Would Sup Forums fuck my bimbo cousin? Rate her out of 10

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Affirmative OP, your cousin is definitely fuck material. I rate 8.5/10.


chances you even know this girl.

pathetic loser.


she could be better but she looks fucking trashy as shit. like the kind of girl that might actually fuck her own cousin.

All British bimbos look trashy

looks like a retard with nigger blood


She's sitting in a kebab shop in her underwear?

Have any pics of her legs?

Typically what brirish people or do after a night out



It's really not mate, perhaps it's what your family do though.

Hmm, thought she was murican. She definitely looks inbred enough that she wouldn't mind some more inbreeding.

I'd fuck her and make babies with her. I'm Mexican though so I fuck anything.


Very nice! Those are some very nice legs.


I've got my own cousin to fuck thank you very much


Any yoga pants pics? Looks like she fills out some yoga pants like a real pro.

She is fucken hot I don't even see why there would be any kind of argument, 99% of Sup Forums will never fuck a hot girl like this!

I bet she would smoke an immigrant's smelly cock dry without feeling bad!

It must be difficult haveing a cousin thats so attractive, and not showing that you're attracted to her. I mean she looks amazing.

Only that pic of her in yoga pants

It is

invite her out, get really drunk/high at least feel her up!

God, her ass looks great in those pants. That pic makes my pants fit tight.

Stab with dick fill with sperm and gentle kisses/10

Pretty sure the whole family jerks off furiously thinking about her


Is she trying to be sexy while eating a french fry? Female autism, shes hot tho.

What does she look like without all that lol. You can see the god damn layer of shit on her face.

Someone like her should be tied up and not released until she has sucked every dick at the party.

Yeah a strong 8/10

ED detected


Am I the only one who thinks bleached blonde hair, while painting your whole face as if you had black hair, looks like an unnatural fuck-up?

Yet, they persist. I think it looks like they forgot what look they were going for half-way through the project of 'fuck me' projection gaming.

>implying that brunettes can be paler than blondes
Weird implication dude.