Are you smarter then me b?

Are you smarter then me b?

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Here, have a big L OP

Einstein over here doesn't know the difference between then and than...

> drake in youtube tab
yeah, 0/10 bait. fuck off and die, you cancerous faggot.

Why are you guys so mad? Are you mad i am smarter than all of you?

Drake is the most played artist on Spotify you autistic fuck. If you don't like him that's fine but he's one of the greats and he already made a legacy for himself.

Intelligence is judge by one's accomplishments, not IQ.

>people like him so he must be awesome
People are retarded livestock you stupid faggot. Glad to see you're happy being part of the retarded herd.

Dude Come at me i watch Rick And Morty

That's a matter of opinion. IQ is a decent measure, but in reality Gardners theory of multiple intelligence is what most psychologists agree on today. Someone for instance could be a nimrod but be a kinestetic genius, such as a goof pro athlete.

You forgot to add using Windows 10 and Firefox.

Nice strawman there user. I can tell you fit in well in social settings

Nobody confuses intelligence with athletic ability except you, dumbass.


>not knowing what the term strawman means
How long have you been trying to crowbar that one into conversation. Your next post should contain the phrase ad hominem to complete the retard hat trick.

What do you consider 'intelligence' user? Please give me a definition free of flaws

The same thing everyone except your faggot ass understands intelligence to be. Ability and intelligence are 2 different things and have always been until the same generation who decided gender was fluid and that there are more than 2 came along and poisoned the well. Congrats on joining the weak.

I hope this is just an internet act user. God bless your family for having to deal with your cynical ass. I'd ask God to bless your friends too if I believed you had any.

No need to credit me with the past hundred years of psychological discovery involving intelligence user. A lot of great minds went into those discoveries I just took a few psych classes in college

Oh and by the way my post here is an example of me using ad hominem ;)

You forgot your catch phrase. Nevertheless you still showed how retarded you are and for that, we thank you.

Nobody credited you with anything. Especially not having reading comprehension abilities.

>The same thing everyone except your faggot ass understands intelligence to be
I was just trying to point out that my understanding comes from other psychologist's theories user. Leaders in the field in fact..

High school must of been tough for this guy

How about you guys take the test?

>thinks high school is representative of anything
After you turn 25 you're allowed to talk to the adults

Fuck off faggot

You too a couple psych classes in college. Congratulations.

I think high school is representative of how socially inept one might be

That's because you're still in it. When you become an adult and start a career you will understand a little more about life. See you in 10 years.


I actually mentioned that already here in an attemt to concede that I'm not a psychologist myself, and only learned about their theories. I find it crazy that people in this thread think their own opinions trump the research involving intelligence done by experts in the field.

>trying to prove your superiority on an anonymous image board
This gentlemen has hit rock bottom.


I don't think this test is accurate at all, I consider myself above average, but nowhere even close to "Einstein" levels.

>this gentleman has hit sophomore year

Actually I start medical school in the Fall user so not in hs...


this, more than true

are you looking forward to it?

Good console skills bruhhhhh

And you're this this retarded? That's a shame. Also, quality school there user. I hear it's right up there with the Tijuana dental academy.

Hope you like the snow and ugly women, user.

It's been a long time coming so yes. I'm in a gap year atm and it's nice to relax and just make a little money after 4 years of undergrad. I do miss school too, but I know after a week of medical school I'll be wishing I was back chilling haha


I'm still waiting to here back from Jacob's School of Medicine I think I'll get in there tbh but if I don't well that's ok too. The quality of the school isn't as important as how well I do on my boards which comes down to my own work ethic more than anything.

You'll be close to Edinboro University so you can get yourself a piece of that sweet, barely legal, physically disabled tang. Yum

>physically disabled
What do you mean by this? The only girl I know who goes to Edinboro is on the track team but other than that I really know little about the school.

>listening to Drake

Yes, I don't need an IQ-test to tell me that

The campus is flat and full physically disabled people in wheelchairs.

They have pretty popular art departments so maybe instead you get to fill up on groovy art chick tang.

>you like what i dont like that means im smarter than you!

Suck my balls

There could be a good opportunity for volunteer in that case, med students should do some volunteer after all. In terms of the artsy chicks I don't know.. I want a capable wife.

ok so long as you aren't a small white boi I only like big negro balls


Ok Einsten, we need to talk about your security situation. Ditch those shitty ”ad blockers” and install uBlock Origin (published by gorhill), Disconnect, and Privacy Badger. Then google harden firefox, click on Viking VPN’s page on the topic, and follow the steps. Get a password manager like LastPass and use it to generate and remember long random passwords for all of your different logins. That way you only have to remember just the one master password for LastPass and you can sit back and LOL the next time some big password breach effects you because they’ll never bother with spending the time to brute force your 15 random character long password when gazillions of other dumbfucks are still using low hanging fruit like “P@$$w0rd!” and “123456”.


ty for that user, not OP but will use all that shit for myself


Looks like I'm right behind "Alien Overlord" in this thread.

even the nigger doesn't like half-breeds

>windows 10
best OS for gaming, period
firefox quantum is pretty legit

what were your suggestions?

Found the dude with a low IQ

have fun wearing a suit even to the library. did you already get cucked for $1000?

>guissseeee I know I’m stupid and fail at everything academic but I can run pretty fast. You should tell me i’m smart too because I can run fast.
>cheetas are super duper smart btw

Youre either trolling or a complete fucking retard hahaha. Even real IQ tests dont determine actual intelligence. Only fools try to measure their intelligence like that anyway. OP is probably ameritard

Your score must have been low?

I am brainlet. I know that.


Lol. Look up benchmarks between 7 and 10. Especially GTA V and come back.

>shit tier school
>not getting paid to attend

>the opportunity to join the class of 2022
Yankie doodles are strange?

Well better than OP at least...

A statement of a low IQ plebian.

sadly no


Wow, that was the easiest IQ test I have ever taken part in. What the fuck?


Test is definitely bs

you know those iq tests boost the score and are overall easier right

>Nigger music
>Can't even crack Windows 10 hence the watermark



>Are you smarter then me b?

Test is bullshit. I answered "I don't know" to things requiring me more than 3s of thinking and got this.

Drake, is that you?


You watch people fuck dolphins?

My first tab? It's a dolphon getting a blowjob from his trainer.