What was your greatest achievement of 2017 b/ros?

What was your greatest achievement of 2017 b/ros?


Bought a new computer after sitting with Pentium 4 and Windows XP for long time.

atleast 2 if not 3 or 4 or more nut shots...
roll on 2018...cumfest coming up

Bought my first new car

I quit soda

I guess my bachelors degree, losing a bit weight.
Stuff like that.

What model user?

wanked less

made a shitton of money with crypto

I'm finally over Courtney.


Also, see my son for the first time in 2 years and
Successfully sueing shitty car dealership.

But that's it.

Went on a 5 month backpacking trip

Bought common stock shares instead of a 'something nice' as a birthday present for myself. I guess im maturing now.

not dead

Didnt kill myself

2017 ford f150

I haven't killed myself. There's still time I guess. If trips i don't see 2018 :^)

>graduating university
>getting my first car (2014 Lexus LS460)
>getting my first job

Was addicted to masturbating for the past couple of years. Did it significantly less this year, although I feel like I'm falling back into the hole once again

last year, got tired of writing code like a slave just to get temporary contracts with no benefits.
this year, spent the whole year in front of screen trying to make money online just to fail miserably.
no friends, nowhere to go, girlfriend can't even spend the night because of her parents (she's 39) and she refuses to hang out with her friends
no money, living in shitty foreign country, no strength left to keep pushing
Happy new year motherfucker

Successfuly fucked 8 girls from tinder and got blown by two more. My cock had a pretty good year.

Got hired by an intelligence agency, then got poached by another three months on. Turned them both down.

Also, saved $30,000 in one year. Feelsgood.

Getting admitted to law school

how often did you at your worst? how often is significantly less?

Uploaded the picture on the Wikipedia article for f.lux


Finally stopped studying Philosophy and got ahold of my life.
Got a job.
Started doing sports.
Got a haircut.
Finally have perspective in my life.

Thats cool. What color?

I'm in the top 20% of earners and I have a great family.

Life is fantastic.

Jelly... Dont ever get married.... Never man. Stay single, fuck bitches, goto gym, play video games, have fun...

Finally got laid. Bonus: lost some weight (that actually came after I lost my v-card, too).

Fingered my gf's best friend while we all were drunk and watching a movie together. Also played with her massive tits. Shit was cash

Took my first business trip, fully paid for by work. Not anyplace exciting (Walmart headquarters in Arkansas), but still pretty cool.

Tell me more about it user

Either my first threesome or finishing a prestigious high school with decent grades. I enjoyed the threesome more, so probably that


landed a 11/10 girl, like, perfection, perfect body, most beautiful eyes i've ever seen, too bad she wanted to have fun only, I would marry someone that beautiful

Being an extra in a Ninja Sex Party video.

But aren't Ninjas invisible?

Only in the bedroom.

I lived in a 5 star hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 29 days.

>got a job

that too, 2015-2016 I was pretty much wacking it 2 or 3 times a day every day.

Now im down to maybe 2 or 3 a week if that, with the occasional multiwank day.

Working on getting a car and laid/gf for 2018

What video? I love those guys!

Hasn't been released yet, but the video for their cover of Toto's Africa.

also got a new job that pays more than my current job with a lot less stress so i got to tell my old boss to fuck off

Got my 1st paycheck

I heard that cover for the first time the other day. The guys do a pretty spot on cover

Becoming a Super Aryan.

Ending Net Neutrality in the U.S.A.

Got out of the hole I was in around the end of November. Decided to go back to school and get my degree in psychology. I hate the uni I go to because they push "positive psychology" but I need that degree to study psychoanalysis. Half way there Sup ForumsRos, pray for me.

post pics

Didn't kill my self supreme quads

Liar, no you didn't.

Got bachelor degree in business, bought a motorcycle (Aprillia Mille) and drove 5k+ km without a license without getting caught. Was a good year.

BB internship.

Crazy, I just started talking to a girl named Courtney

I guess doing nofap for 3 months and then shooting a wad that shot 3 feet.
But I'm back to the usual dribble.

causing the youtube adpocalypse.


Started moonlighting and got my self set up for business. An extra $2k or so a month feels pretty good.

You need to aim higher user. Both figuratively and literally.

I won’t again. Just turned 30, been divorced about a year. Tinder made the grieving process virtually nonexistent.


Got my first gf. That means my first real kiss and losing my virginity

2017 best year

Going to the cinema alone. My friends lef town, so I've been quite lonely, but it was nice to actually go out and do something alone instead of sitting home alone.

Touching a 2nd grader's beaver through her swimsuit. Mmhh very special

Sometimes I prefer to go out alone. Have you ever went to a nice restaurant and just enjoyed the food, wine, and atmosphere without having to make conversation? It’s great.

Training to go to BUD/S, I'm also going on my LDS mission soon to Hungary too I guess. I got a new job as a lifeguard a few months back and really haven't stopped flirting/dating since.

I jerk off almost everyday and every time I blast it at least 3 feet virtually everytime. my dick is only 5.5 and not super girthy

becoming the uncompromising, self-serving, embittered piece of shit that i was always capable of being. feels good.

Reignited a thing with Haley, a 19 year old dumbass I banged for over a year 3 years back. I'm 53 now.

Hopefully by the end of next month I'll be deep back in her crack. She's not working and I think if I toss around a few twenties she'll see the light soon enough.

Shit was good back then, and I video'd every encounter in the back of my Jeep and in the motel rooms.

Got years to watch that shit down the road.

And no, I keep it all on a HD external far away from my house and only pull it out to jerk off and reminisce, then put it back far away from my wife of several years.

You boys gotta be smart if you get the side piece!

Have a good new year Sup Forums

Sounds like your problem is that you aren't falling into the hole

gained 3 kg of muscles
also said hi to my crush

Nice quads OP.
>be me
>have firstborn son
He's a little legend. Going to teach him the little I know and make sure he gets an excellent education and that he rocks at sports.

Got my first job and tolerated my boss who yelled at us every 30 mins and at one point he even slammed his laptop and the door. We processed employee salaries.

Had sex
Begin gym
Finally decided what I want to do for a living
It was a good year desu

Said goodbye to debt. Re-did my budget and currently investing like a madman

Graduated hs after getting expelled freshman year and having to make up every class that year

I got engaged, and rehired as a permanent employee for the company I was temping for. It's been a good year Sup Forumsros

Good, feel it flow through you.

I'm glad you woke up.


Messed up a relationship with a dentist who makes 400k a year. All I had to do was not screw this one up, and I would be set for life, but noooo..

At least I sold my rental property and am debt free now, though.

I made America great again.

Rescued someone from a plane crash

She's died ?


Shot up Los Vegas, Rancho Tehama, and Sutherland Springs.

lost my virginity to the girl i loved

Is she your wife?

2017 was both fucking awful and awesome, but let's focus on the good shit

>Not depressed anymore
>Started playing lacrosse and going to the gym
>Broke up with abusive ex
>Fucked girls from Tinder
>More confident overall

Feels good man

I found Sup Forums


Set up own company. Earn £1000 / wk pocket money.

paying off divorce debt

fucked 11 females, one was 19 (I'm 47)

relaunched career after losing it during divorce

saw great white sharks 3 different times this year while surfing and did not die

relationship with my two teenage kids is great

new truck

life is a lot of work but life is fucking great

>Started writing more music and performing more
>Became more socially involved
>Got a gf
Not a bad year overall, although i did start an adderall habit

Got a bf :)


you wont get away with it!!

I completed my first Ironman triathlon. Woot!


Own a laptop with an I7 quad core with mediocre graphics. Bought a workstation with dual quad core cpus, a shit ton of ran, and a pretty decent GPU. Also bought a decent condenser mic, a phantom powered usb 3.0 interface, a midi keyboard, and basically everything I need to record vocals and make videos. Shit I almost forgot I also got a DJI Phantom 4. 2017 was a good year for me. I went from being completely broke in 2016 to having all kinds of cool shit and a few g's in the bank.

I quit smoking and lost 20lbs