Have been living in Japan for 3 years, ask me whathever you want

Have been living in Japan for 3 years, ask me whathever you want.

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How has the experience been? Would you recommend living there as a foreigner? Have you slept with any asian beauties?

whats your origin?
how old?
how easy to fuck japanese girls?

Does everyone have subtitles?


Dot hey smoke clove cigarette's Eileen?

Does negros live in your area?
It's expensive over there?
What's your relation with your neighbors?

Average pretty good, even if the first 2 years were kinda difficult this last one was amazing, found love and almost everything I was looking for in the country

Completely different culture, you must adap to it or you are in a very bad sitation. Finding a job away from teaching your language, transalting or international help in a big company will be very dificult and once you got it, frustrating as they think you will always be worse than them. But if you like the culture and you think you can adap to it, come. I would recommend coming here a month to test the experience.

Yeah, the first year was a fucking party, is actually very easy

I've been living here a year and a half

don't ask me shit tho

That's great! Where did you come from before Japan?

Are Japanese (18-30) women really as fake as others claim them to be?

Im spanish
Pretty easy, just speak a little japanese, go meet them and you are in. You can also get in tinder and you will be god, but lots of weird people can be found there, I would recommend the night clubs for meet and fuck, then forget her, thats also what they are looking for.


Have no idea about cigarettes.

Spain, thats where I born.

Yeah, you dont want me to tell what I have seen here

nice. how many girls you have done in this 3 years? Is it easy to fuck them unprotected or do they asking for condoms?


Fuck off you weeb jap cunt

Teach me.

What lvl of fluency?
What was your learning path?

I'm not japanese. I am eurofag having a Japanese girlfriend.

Around 50, I usually wear condoms because of my own security, but a few times I were in a rich zone of Tokyo I could fuck them unprotected without any problems

50.... wow
ofcause I wouldnt fuck any creepy dirty sluts. But good to know the well educated ones allow unprotected as well. I should meet you when I am in Tokyo so you know the good places.
what is your age?

Have you seen this anime?

A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.ther

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.


Ask whatever you want

I came here with a N2 and the first month was pretty difficult to understand them, but right now I can manage any everyday situation without problems, and most of people understand me too.

I started studing when I was 16, but I didnt take it seriously until 19. The first year I got N4, and two years later N3. One year after this I got the N2, I didnt study more until I went to Japan, just review everything. Right now I think I could easily get the N1 but I dont need it to work right now.

Good luck with your chick btw, outside from their country they are mostly better

Already a thing.



PV: youtube.com/watch?v=JcVGDV67L-g
EP 1: youtube.com/watch?v=o_rz1bluG_k
OP: youtube.com/watch?v=ycfdfinG_P8
ED1: youtube.com/watch?v=hXDNGS9V4Us
ED2: youtube.com/watch?v=m4DyTjrruVo

Shaggy Dramatically Reads Keit-Ai.



I assume its your first time and your level of Japanese isnt so high so test out bars foreign focused, I can think of R2 superclub right now

Havent seen anime in a while, it wasnt the reason I came here so I guess no.


Dear user, you must be really hot!...but can you please tell us about other ways of find sex in Japan.?
A really ugly user

It doesnt depend on being hot or ugly, I mean, I am not that hot, just around average. But here in Japan is the easiest place to fuck, you just have to be foreign, japanese girls love foreign as they wasnt wanna know how is to fuck with a nonjapanese person. As I said before just enter into a foreign bar, there will be some japanese chicks waiting for foreigns. Go talk someone you like or just wait someone to talk with you, and believe me, if you arent so bad in less than an hour you will be driving your car with the girl sitting next to you with your dick ready to fuck.

If anyone still here, I will be here for a while, you can still ask, but tomorrow I will come again with nudes of the bitches I fucked, be tuned

Hey user, what happened with the nuclear plant? Everything is Ok?

Is hiroshima still glowing??

I really want to move to Japan but as a software engineer, I recently started studying Japanese and just got my N4, is there anyway I can get a decent job there or am I fucked until N2?

Wasnt here at the time it happened but I have heard that people who work in the area are still feared about what it happened and what can mean right now, I will ask my gf when she wokes up by the way, if you are here tomorrow I will answer it much more detailed.

First of all get a degree and I would recommend getting a master, if you dont get it now you will probaly will be sutdying it in Japan once you start working, as I did.

I am not into the software engineering world, but with N4 you are fucked to find a good job, I guess with N3 will be kinda difficult but you can do it, and with N2 everything should be right

pon fotos de la guarra de tu novia hijo de puta o te rajo !!!

Mañana a esta hora, de mi novia no, pero será entretenido te lo aseguro

que dise, yo mañana estaré muerto de la fiesta de esta noche me cago en dios

Why were you 3 years in Japan?

How horny is the average Japanese woman?

En Japón no hay fiesta esta noche, mañana madrugamos para ir al templo por la mañana. No sale ni dios hoy. Dale un dubs si quieres nude

Question, even a SPIC can get laid on Japan?

Went there to follow my dream of living there, I love their culture so I tried luck. Found an stable job so I am here for a living now, also I love being here.

I would like to learn a bit of japanese (curr level =0 ), where could I start? anything downloadable?

Well, probably worse than you are expecting, but in the night everyone has tons of makeup, I personally dont like excesive maku up, but meh, I can live with it. I would give them an average 6,5/10 but you can easy fuck an 8/10 without finding so much.

Wow that's amazing. In future I'd also like to live in japan.

What kind of job are you doing? Is working there so much worse than everywhere else? Two months ago I've been there for 2 week. All people seemed really busy, even late at night.

I appreciate that your sharing your experiences.

Que tan dificil es aprender japonés para alguien que habla español como su lengua natal OP? Fuiste a japón sabiendo solo lo básico del idoma o ya hablabas fluido cuando fuiste?

como este chequealo cabronaso

I have talked to spics who actually did it so I guess its a yes.

Well, I would recommend looking for Minna No Nihongo as a book to start but dont forget looking for some kind of "online teacher", I mean, I know there are a lot of people who upload videos to YT, thats very educational but I only know some good ones in spanish so I cant tell you. Good luck by the way!

I actually teach Spanish in a collegue, as a foreign this is probably the best work you can get and also the easiest one, I also like it. I worked earlier in private schools with some young children but I guess collegue is better for me. Inside the collegue I think it can be pretty similar to what I would be doing here so I guess is not that bad. But yeah, I know that the average japanese works a lot, and I mean A LOT. It is part of their culture and they are very serious about it, we work for a living and they live for working, thats how I see it. So yeah, if you work for a big company you will be kinda fucked if you cant work around 80 hours a week

chan chin chon SALCHICHON

How weird are the commercials?

Ha habido bastantes japoneses que me han dicho que los españoles somos los que mejor hablamos japonés, probablemente porque la pronunciación de los dos idiomas es muy parecida, pero estudiar japonés es bastante dificil, tienes que estar muy convencido de que lo quieres hacer. Yo cuando fuí llevaba 8 años estudiando y ya era bastante fluido

Well, just take a look at this one youtube.com/watch?v=0lcaZupVMmo

What about anal sex - do jap girls love it?

Is it hard to get weed?

I heard they are pretty strict over there

I would say its like the rest of the world, some like it some dont but I would say that as you are a foreign they allow you to do it even if they dont like it.

To be honest, I have never been into drugs so I dont really know, but as you said, they are average pretty strict, will ask this to my gf so if you are tomorrow here at this time ask me again

is it generally possible to find an asian girl with an actual ass and tits?

real question

do you even speak chinese?

Its almost impossible, have only be with 2 of them in the bed

Could read very very little but not speak

I'm really considering living in Japan. I took 4 years of Japanese and I practice pretty regularly to retain what little I know, and the culture really appeals to me. I'm definitely willing to pursue further education in the language, but I've been a little doubtful just because I think the situation would be quite difficult. Currently pursuing bachelor's in psychology, want to go to doctoral level, would prefer to finish in the states though, so moving is far off.
What level of fluency would you recommend someone move at? What level of fluency do you think is necessary for someone on this career path?

How did you get to live there in first place?
I thought they had overpopulation issues already, so they were quite reserved about foreigners living there.

To be honest, I would forget of studing here if you dont have a very good level of japanese, you should be able to follow your everyday lessons in japanese, you will be treated as a japanese person. I know you can study bachelors with everything in english, but not for psychology, and I dont really know the state of phd but should be similar. And, finding a job in the psychology terrain in Japan as a foreign, uh, should be difficult to find, but you can still do it, with the phd you should have much more options by the way. I think you shouldnt move here with something less than N3, and if you wanna come to work, study the focused vocabulary kanjis of psychology is a must do. But I would personally recomend coming here with N2, as I did.

Why so weeaboo?

from what I've seen some light brown spic can pass as a hafu as long as they keep their mouth shut


Yellow nigger?

Its not about overpopulation, they just hate foreign people as they are pretty closed to their culture and those things... I got a job from Spain to work for 6 months, so I got the visa before coming here. After that, I found my actual job in a collegue and now I am gonna get a wife to get the permanent visa. But yeah, its kinda difficult to enter here, specially with the visa issues; but now the goverment is doing new shit to allow more foreigns to come, should be easier in the coming years.

Loved japanese culture, wanted to move out of my lifestyle in Spain. I dont really like anime and all this popular shit, it wasnt the reason I came here

N2 means Noken 2, a level of the Japanese Language Profiency Test. There are actually five levels N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1 being N5 the easiest and N1 the most difficult one

Question user, I know hafu is a person from mix ethnic background, but I dont know...Hafu have some good or bad social connotattions?

Its like if you were a foreign, you will be rejected so, I guess bad connotattions.

depends. Hafu can be a term of endearment or insult.
What it ultimately comes down to is how you look. If you're beautiful you've won the lottery. You'll stand out, bonus points for light color eyes.

If you look like shit. You look like shit.

>but now the goverment is doing new shit to allow more foreigns to come, should be easier in the coming years
Read: the government is going totally liberal and going to allow their own culture to be bread out. If ever there was a need for this flag to return, it's now.

what? I thought they were allowing people of close Japanese descent into japan. As long as they're fluent in the language. Thats a very small pool even more so due to the language requirement.


Yeah, thats a better response than mine.

Thats true, it was what I meant with the new visas, dont really agree an what is saying, I really think that what they are trying is to leave that closed culture and let more diversity to come, even if they arent doing it in the best way possible

No problem, feel free to ask if you have any other question

What I've been reading is that they want to begin allowing all foreigners, from everywhere.
God, look at the city of Suzuka right now. It's more fucking Brazilian than Japanese.

sounds legit.... /s

... that being said, I'll have to try Tinder when my GF and I are in JP.

Hey OP, what about the souplands and pay dates?, is true?, japanese girls like to do that?

Amazon.co.jp doesn't require Japanese. Look for western companies.

With the language requirement. That alone keeps millions out.

im sure there are more requirements too

is prostitution legal or common and if so how much, also can i buy panties from vending machines

Thanks user, I appreciate the advice.

Believe me or not, it actually is, and I have met people who have fucked more in less time. If your gf is japanese you ask her, and yeah turn on tinder here and you will see, but as I said on tinder there are tons of weird people, I recommend night bars or pubs.

Soaplands are completely true, in fact I went to one of them when I finished my first 6 month job. I dont really know the price, I think it should be around 200$ I selected a girl who basically washed me and her, rubbed her body on me and the do a little of oral sex, condom on me and less than 20 minutes fucking her. Paydates is a little more difficult, as I said earlier there lots of girls on tinder who you can fuck easily, but yeah, you must pay them the dinner, drive for them... And do they like? I dont know, does a whore like his job? Is the same situation

Its ilegal but there are alternatives like soaplands where you fuck, read what I wrote above

I am interested about what youve seen user. Please enlighten me. Curious as how fake those women are. Differences in genuine people between those in the big cities and those from outside those areas?

Daaaamn that was so sick. XDDDDD

>With the language requirement
The majority of street signs in Suzuka are in fucking Portuguese for all the Brazilians occupying the place.

Have you visited a soapland?

Have you visited a soapland where they let you in?

How did you pull that off? What happened?

why wouldn't they let him in?

One time I was with a tiny japanese girl, went to bed. There, she started to undress and she fucking had a big fill for everything, tits, hip, ass.... I started to look at her in a weird way, fuck her without really paying so much attention at her body. At the end she asked me if I thought she was beatiful, I answered No. I left as fast as I could after that.

Answered above, but yeah, the company brought me there by the way, they paid all. The girl showered me and herself, then started rubbing on me. After that oral sex, condom on me and fuck for 15 minutes.

>At the end she asked me if I thought she was beatiful, I answered No. I left as fast as I could after that

Why? user...Can you elaborate?

Am i the only one who thinks Japanese sounds ugly?

How different is flirting over there? Like what are women's expectations? Or just how are gender relations there?

>Am i the only one who thinks Japanese sounds ugly?

Be honest, are you a fat neckbeard who went over there thinking it'd be like an animu, and that a girl might touch your pee pee since you're from a different country?

If you're not Japanese, many of the places won't let you in. This is for one of the following reasons.

The owners are racist.

The girls working there are racist.

The other customers there--the repeat customers the owners depend upon to make rent every month--are uncomfortable if they see foreigners there because it is embarrassing (everything is about privacy.)

The company anticipates having trouble explaining to a foreigner how you should properly behave (it's not a basic brothel), and especially anticipates trouble if they've had it before (which is common with foreigners, and especially with black dudes (want anal and have big cocks), American white dudes (entitled AF and think it's a brothel), chinese (cheap AF and conniving), Koreans (actually not a problem, except mutual racism), Russians (poor dumb fishermen who get rapey), white or black dudes (body hair is gross eww why do guys have it ever), and so on.

I lived there for a bit, and it took a while for me to find sex industry options that I could partake in.

/not op.

This is a common idea.

I'm sure these people actually exist, or maybe they once existed. I've never met even one of these people.

People who have idiotic expectations like that are dumb enough they either never figure out how to cross the pond or they leave almost as soon as they arrive without ever escaping from the tour group or student exchange.

They're super dumb.

Like, almost as dumb as you.

Legal age for having sex ?

Have no time so I will try to answer as fast as I can, will be here tomorrow too, so you can ask me tomorrow, will bring some nudes btw.

I mean, I just had sex with something I didnt like, who was a false person, so I didnt think it, I answered the first I thought.


As a foreign person is really difficult to find "real love". Everyone is expecting to fuck with you tonight and forget you tomorrow. So yeah, just start to talk, tell her shes pretty (as japanese people dont do that they love it) and if everything goes OK its really easy to hook them up.

No, I dont really love anime, just watched the most important ones here, I also read much more manga, but it wasnt for this reason I came here. People who actually come for anime leave in less than 1 month

Thats a 10/10 response. Wouldnt have done it better.

See you tomorrow

Thanks user.