Hello /b

Hello /b
It's seven hours till the new year's eve. Spending it alone as a true 20+ overweight, virgin annon. Wanted to finish a book about programming, go for a walk, watch some nice movies with favourite food and drinks. Any recommendations what to do? Please don't be mean :(

don't worry, user. i've spent it by myself as it's already 3am

>watch some nice movies
such as?

Sounds like a nice plan. Don’t know what type of movies you’re into. Fear of Loathing in Las Vegas is worth giving a go.

Sounds like you already have a plan, I too will be alone with just my cat and some whiskey.
Happy New Year user.

How do you make money? Im currently disabled.. And disabilities are late.. I have computer

>finish a book about programming

that's not how it works lad


best movie of 2017

fucking shit movie

hope you die of loneliness

Well, not exactly programming. It's a book about making games in unity. Sorry for offending anybody.
I think I will watch it too :)

nice. check out this if you haven't already

i'm in same timezone. also on my own. will watch news, draw some shit in photoshop and get wasted a bit. just as i'm doing every other day in 16-17. no big deal

not sure about your age but fuck it, take your nicest clothes and go to your local club or bar, meet new people

OH MY GOD, YES! I've kept forgetting to watch this gem for a few months!

Just finished watching it, in a cozy room with a bottle of whiskey. Best New Year's Eve ever

yeah good luck just going to the local club as an overweight asocial nerd

gotta start somewhere and maybe he can start working out and raise his social skills and start living a life

I will. I'm thinking of watching pic related now, while I'm on cyberpunk wave. I know it's shit, but Scarlet's body worth it


Dubs of truth and understanding. Thank you. It's not, that I hate people or don't want to talk with them. I have some social skills, which are not that bad. I usually get along with people. It's just that I dislike big, noisy parties. They always feel fake and always make feel uncomfortable.

a bar can be pretty chill and not noisy at all, you can find people who hang out and just relax,

I know from personal experience because I can't stand them either and this excludes me from many social circles automatically. Being fit and good looking doesn't do jack shit if you don't like clubs and parties

a bad idea because the movie is mediocre and feels like a sacrilege if you are a GITS fan. Better to ignore it altogether

kys neckbeard

Go to the club dude, have fun - happy new year Sup Forumstards

>kissless virgin
>no friends at all
>not close to family
>no job
>no education
>no interests
>depression, anxiety, bipolar etc
>sit in the dark alone 24/7
>no reason to live
>no reason to die

hate Christmas and new years etc. going to take some night nurse soon to sleep through it.

probably this tbh

friendly reindeer for op - nicest clothes is NOT a world of warcraft t-shirt

"The Shape of Water" is a good choice, but if you're staying home perhaps "12 Monkeys" to bring some Holiday cheer.

tfw u wear a horde t-shirt atm

Yo user and other young niggas. We programin and salmon these bitches tonight. It's new mutha fuckin years nigg it's a hella 12:18pm where I'm at popping xans and smoking only the finest of cannabis. How much acid you guys doin later?