ITT: post the hardest metal known to man

ITT: post the hardest metal known to man

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Cock and Ball Torture - Fist Fuck Family

and i searched it on youtube, and i do not regret it. shit is genius

"hardest metal known metal known to man"
post dragonforce
go die in a fire

>real metal

Pick one.

metal sucks idiot

Watch them live.

Through the fire and flames sounds like a garage band dragging their balls over the strings.


>metal known metal known


Dragonlord is way better

Bloodbath - Treasonous

Anyone got the diamonds, iron wall, 400 miles per hour copy pasta?


damn their drummer is shit

Is that like a Dethklok side project?

Welcome to the internet, first day?

Gucci gang

I love it


Anything from Cannibal Corpse

sensible chuckle

This is one of the best albums of the year, any genre.

Yes... Amputated genitals.... /,,,/

OP not your fault these fags like trash

Go find Disfiguring the Goddess and don't listen to trashy grind

>hardest metal known metal known to man