Story time!

Story time!

>be me, senior year of highschool

>normal highschool life

>one day halfway through the school year this girl transfers to the school

>her name is Akima

>prettiest god damn girl i have ever seen

>eyes like blue diamonds

>a smile that would melt anyones heart

>d cups and a nice ass to boot

>voice like an angels

>every fucking guy in the entire school wanted her

>she was a goddess, and she has literally the exact same class schedule as me

>then theres me, a 6’4 skinny guy

>i had some abs and mild muscles but nothing spectacular

>after a while of her settling in, i decided to talk to her

>wasnt really expecting any win but i found out she likes every fucking everything i do

>she played all the fallout games, tf2 galore, and borderlands to spare

>there is NO WAY IN HELL i was ever going to let this opportunity slip through the cracks

Ok have a nice day

>so i talk to her

>every day

>friend her on facebook

>talk ALL THE TIME, sometimes staying up all night just texting or video calling

>by this point she has been in my school for about 3 months

>fucking best friends ever

>spending all our time talking

>one day she invites me over to her house


>play xbox and watch a movie, nothing special

>as im walking out the door she shouts “WAIT! You forgot something!”


>she runs up and hugs me

>cuddles her head against my chest

>i ofcourse hug back

>though only her belly and up was in the hug, i was FUCKING LOVING IT

>after like 2 minutes of hugging and a little talking she lets go

>i leave

>FF 3 weeks

>been to her house 6 more times, though never able to spend the night

>(she lives with her aunt and uncle, her parents died when she was young)

>i finally pop the question and ask her if she wants to see a movie and go for dinner

”like… a date?”

”Yes, like a date”

>she pauses for a second

“Id love that, user”

>so a few days later we go

>date went alright, nothing special up until the end

(this part is in a kinda sad/reserved voice) “user, i actually have a REALLY big secret and i dont know if we can date eachother”

>im fucking devastated

“What, why? Whats the secret?”

>she refuses to tell me

>after i walk her home she doesnt text me that night

>the next day (sunday) she videocalls me out of nowhere

>she has obviously been crying but is very serious

“user, im ready to tell you my secret (a minute or two of her preparing me to hear it) I’m not a real girl”

Cut to the chase, OP.
How did you fuck it up?

>after the initial shock, she explains she is intersex

>she has everything that a female would have, except she has a penis and was born that way

>tell her that thats fine, i still love her and am entirely cool with it (say that im bi so dicks are fine)

>shes so happy

>we talk about her condition and eventually i find out that it's bigger than mine

>get into the topic of sex

>shes light dom

>this is my fantasy come true but i dont tell her that

>she invites me over again, says her aunt and uncle are out of town

>this time i can stay the night

>i take the hint and bring a pack of condoms, as they were lubed and i didnt have lube

>as im walking in she instantly runs up to me, hugs me, and is kissing me

>she grabs my hand and guides it to her crotch

>shes rock hard

>i rub her through the pants

>we get naked, and have sex probably for about an hour

>after that we are on the couch, tired as hell and both still naked

>FF to today (4 years later)

>we are married and adopting a kid soon
>inb4 traps are gay

>leddit spacing

>>she has everything that a female would have, except she has a penis and was born that way

real women have ovaries, and you won't have to adopt

Suppose I should have been more clear, everything down there is male. Although her sperm isn't fertile. She also has big feet.

Post a pic, m80.

Of? She isn't comfortable with showing herself online if that what you mean

Ackchually, traps ARE gays

post feet pics fag

I wanna see this trap


Tfw no qt trap gf

That spacing made this really unpleasent to read. Take your reddit "culture" else where.



I spaced it normally on a Google doc, but when I copied it over it double-spaced it

I spaced it normally on a Google doc, but when I copied it over it double-spaced it

Show us your hot trap wife already

Traps are gay