Its almost 18:00, im about to have dinner with my parents. Im invited to 3 different parties for tonight...

its almost 18:00, im about to have dinner with my parents. Im invited to 3 different parties for tonight, lots of people comming. I have money and almost ready to go.

why am i fucking depressed? why do i feel such a deep sadness.
I have no reason do be sad
why do i feel like this?
will it ever end?
will i ever stop destroying myself

It's because you're secretly gay and only dick can make you happy

I feel you Man. I've also got money, a girlfriend, places to be, things to do and still can not find the will to get out of bed.

I'm invited to no parties, no-one even knowing was I'm alive.

Seriously fuck off depression lite fuccboi

why is it like this? have you always been like this or did you just change into it?

>I have no reason do be sad
why do i feel like this?
will it ever end?
will i ever stop destroying myself

Kek baby's first depression

I dunno, I think it got worse when I turned 25. Like Freddy Mercury said "nothing really matters."


I have a decent paying job, a sports car, a family who cares about me, pets who love me, a qt3.14 big tiddie goth gf, but I fucking hate my life most days and contemplate suicide on the regular.

Depression doesn't just choose people who's lives are shit. It's a chemical imbalance in your brain. It's not your world that's broken OP, it's you.

Wish I had some answers for you, but I'm afraid I don't. Godspeed, user.

so it really doesnt get better, anyone here who has beaten deppression? i find myself only really enjoying music. should i just immerse myself in it and just dont give a fuck about anything?

You're full of shit user. But I like what you say, " it's not your world that is broken, it's you".

In my experience, no it doesn't. Not yet anyways. I'm looking for answers myself but I haven't found anything useful.

Believe what you'd like. Even if I am full of shit my point stands that your life circumstances don't safeguard you from mental illness.

Consider medical marijuana bro, or prescription antidepressants.

i smoke weed occasionally, but only with friends. I feel like if i would do it alone it would make me absolutely suicidal

I have a hard time believing people who say they have depression, yet have a lot of financial success. I can barely function due to the lack of energy. It's all I can do to get through the day sometimes. I go to sleep every night praying that I don't wake up. When I do, the sadness and fatigue starts all over again. I've never truly had a nights rest that made me feel actually rested.

Antidepressants don't do anything. You're more of a lab rat to doctors, and truthfully they don't know how to fix anything. They just feel obligated to try things.

>why am i fucking depressed?
Because you live in Eastern Europe

Well here's my daily effort to get out of bed and fight depression. It's the last day of the year and I truly wish you all the best, or the worst I dunno what you're into. There is something I like to tell the God of depression, any one what to take a guess what it is?

>Antidepressants...try things
Go fuck yourself, anti-sciencre gag

It does and it will user, take care!

You don't know what you're talking about. So keep being high and mighty. I'm sure it's serving you well.

but they actually dont work

They dont fix your life or any of your thoughts they just make you chemically "ok"

Is it gonna be a faggy GoT reference?

Wish I still had my gun. Don't wanna go work at Walmart tomorrow.

Pretty much. I genuinely feel like they are just placebos to a degree. They all have mild side effects, but a lot of times it just makes the actual depression worse. Plus, they actually sap what little energy I have right out of me. When I was younger, I didn't understand how someone would ever want to kill themselves. Halfway through high-school, I started to realize there's something wrong with my mind/body, and now I totally understand why people succumb.

I genuinely feel like you need to look for anything other than a retail job. I used to have one, and I believe that only made things worse. Retail is not the place for you.