For the first time in hollywood, a woman hasn't been underpaid compared to her male counterparts. Things are changing...

For the first time in hollywood, a woman hasn't been underpaid compared to her male counterparts. Things are changing, soon we'll have many more strong female in leading roles.
Imagine Hollywood dominated by women, it would be amazing

>watching films

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That's a jew playing wonder woman

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>for the first time in Hollywood, a woman has earned more than a man and been the worst actor in the entire film.

What the fuck are you talking about ? It was a dope movie and Gal Gadot was so badass

Ghostbusters was a mistake

Let me guess, because it was a full women cast ?

no, because they chose a shit all female cast

jokes on you. i meant the original movie you gender scum

Also yes

Numbers don't lie

Stay mad

Her acting was complete shit. For some reason degenerates like you think looking pretty and having an open mouth with wide eyes makes you a good actor.

>protip: you're wrong

If you're going to call her "badass" then you should be praising the director or the computer designers that animated more than half the movie. You can train any monkey to repeat some lines. But this monkey dun fucked up.

portuguese movie titles are fucking retarded
top kek

Again, the acting was shit. But the action was good. Don't confuse the two.

that will never happen.

No, because Bill Murray is a shit actor and it's inconceivable how he was cast in anything in the first place. The whole idea of Ghostbusters is shit.

Women aren't meant for the arts. Period.

There is only 2 or 3 female actresses that everyone agrees are legendary. The rest are all male.

Best painters were always male.
Best philosophers? Male.
Best novelists? Male.
I've never heard a funny female comedian ever.

You can't argue that it's because of some bullshit oppression, because that sort of shit is what inspires artists to begin with, a lot of the time.

Women are for fucking. That's it. They know this, which is why the number one female pastime is showing tits and ass on social media.

Now gtfo.

You're just sexist, admit it


> t. Basement Dweller neckbeard fedora tipping fat kid

bitch can't even english properly,
gets paid millions just because she's hot

please tell me more about patriarchy

Don't forget
>Best Cooks? Male.
that realy hurts the wimin.

Also gadot a a giant forehead

>can't come up with a solution?
>is the subject at hand a woman?
>Blame sexism!
Clearly if anyone hates a woman they're just sexist.

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Women make good slaves

Gal Gadot looks like a chinese counterfeit of Natalie Portman

Ali Wong is pretty funny

Can't present evidence to the contrary so resorts to middle school insults.

Typical woman/white knight. No logic. Case rests.

>wonder woman catches me and my crew robbing a hospital of its babies because that's a thing we do
>I turn around and dive at her while my crew gets away
she ties her lasso around me and asks where my crew went
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I'm pretty sure you just summed up how jessica nigri is the "best" cosplayer

Imagine a hollywood shared equally by men and women.......... o wait

no one should dominate anything. that caused the conflict to begin with

yes, yeessssssss
nothing special about it

A quick Google search just showed me how right you are. She's literally only there to show off her tits. Her cosplays are shit.

Hardly any costume anyways. What a whore.