Ok, Sup Forums, i've got a problem

ok, Sup Forums, i've got a problem...

I just moved to a new area and I'm having a hard time finding a steady weed and wax guy. I managed to find a few people to get it for me, but they flake ALL the fucking time. I've tried going out to bars, i've tried /soc/, i've tried randos in head shops, no dice...

is there an easy way for someone to find a connection?

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make friends, mention it casually, you'll usually get a hookup that way.

student hangouts? art colleges? behind fast food eateries?

I sell weed and shrooms. I go to parties and share a bowl, tell people that I sell. But, I'm in a college town and it's very competitive.

what if you're a social introvert? how'd you go about broadcasting your wares?

OP here
as i've said, i've tried to find new friends since i've been here, and i've made a few friends at work who occasionally can provide me with what i ask for, but as i've also said, they flake ALL the time

>student hangouts
not a college town, and i'm not trolling the high school
>behind anyplace
it's 10 degrees outside and snow everywhere, nobody's going to be just standing around in that.

yeah, i don't have the luxury of being a part of a hip college town, where the beer flows and the parties end when finals begin....

seriously though, there's no fast, easy way to find a connect, like no place where people on the down-low online find their shit?

then ask, casually, where they get theirs from?

i have, they 3 people now, give me the same excuse
>they don't like meeting new people

i don't presume too much by asking why they just don't vouch for me, but they're basically blocking me from going directly to their guys for stuff... for what reason though, i have no idea.

ask for a lot - the dealer/supplier would be glad to have a user who bulk buys?

Use the darknet. Its fool proof.

and, that's another thing... i've told my friend i wanted to double my usual order with his wax guy, he tells me he has it, then makes up some bullshit about his (the friend, not the guy) grandma in the hospital and his car broke down, so he can't take me to get it... same friend, i send him a text, he doesn't reply, like, ever... i re-text him after a couple of hours, i'm lucky if I get a reply within 12 hours, if at all.

this guy is literally 3 blocks from my house, i know where he lives, but i've never met the guy and i'm not going to just show up unannounced because that's just asking for a bad situation. I just want to find a solid connection so i don't have to deal with these fucking flakes.

Arrange a chance encounter? ask for a light and offer a smoke?

unlikely, from what i can tell, guy's an introvert (not to mention, i don't smoke cigs)

Put a message on the dollar bills used to pay said friend and hope that dealer sees?

that's not a bad idea, but if he doesn't see it, then my info's on a bill being passed around town.

update: i just sent the friend a text, made up a story saying that i needed it asap, and i'd throw his guy an extra bit of cash if he'd be willing to meet me today, so, chances are, ill hear back next week... HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR, EH?

Use danknet

google provides nothing, care to elaborate?

then make it a short and sweet message like - "420 hook-up?" and a trash email?

Start buying off the deepweb

Here's a good guide: reddit.com/r/darknetmarketsnoobs/wiki/bible/buyer

move to a state where its legal

10 dollar eigths
20 dollar gram wax

if your state is retarded, write your congressman

OP what state are you in m8?


when i need weed i walk down the street and buy it legally. i get to choose my strain among a large selection, i can choose between flower, edibles, wax, prerolls, etc.

all of that and i pay 50-75% less what i ever did on the streets

you made a bad move OP. go murder your politicians

>i came here to tout my ability to buy weed legally and to trash your current location

o-okay, thanks.

Damn.. Wish i could have helped. good luck in your journey.

thanks, broseph