What is your favorite Iron Maiden Album?

>What is your favorite Iron Maiden Album?
Mine is Powerslave

do compilations count? if so, Ed Hunter, if not, Powerslave also

Live After Death

Powerslave/Brave new world. Can't decide between the two

either Number of the Beast or Killers

its either Seventh son or brave new world, although fear of the dark has got some fucking powerful tracks i also love how "in your face" it is its none of the build up its just BAM! FUCKING METYAL AS FUCK (see Judas Be My Guide, childhoods end, chains of misery etc.)

A Matter of Life and Death

fucking love children of the damned man
i like how they kinda went back to the "basics" with this album

Pound for pound i would say powerslave is the best dickinson IM album overall, but i think my favorite would probably be one of the dianno records or maybe brave new world, which came out of nowhere and revived the ageing band.

Gotta go with OP, Powerslave. Aces High is my shit.

I get a lot of shit for this but I’m a guitar player and the guitar work is amazing on this album. Just something about that production on it.


>guitar work is amazing on this album
>Wasted Years
holy fucking yes that totally slipped my mind


Number of the Beast, though I have a soft spot for Final Frontier thanks to that album release tour being the first time I had seen them live. Pit seats even.
For a guy his age Dickenson is just as energetic as he was when my dad saw him in the 80s.

That’s what I’m saying, so many solos all over those tracks. The whole album has a great theme to it from beginning to end. I’ve been listening since the day it came out and I’m still not tired of it.

or holy shit deja vu! goddamn am i glad you mentioned somwhere in time

Piece of Mind

Die With Your Boots on and Sun & Steel are two of my fav Maiden tunes.

blasting it as we speak fucking hell mane it feels so good

saw 'em on that tour and they were fucking awesome

i was always more of a Still life and revelations kinda guy but boy oh boy are sun and steel and die with your boots on kicking tunes

Most maiden fans i know say this is their favorite

Me too!

Really? I always hear everyone liking number of the beast. Thing is, so many albums, every generation will have a favorite

not to be the biggest hipster in the thread but my main problem with number is that its too "mainstream" everyone knows run to the hills and the album flagship song number of the beast but just brushes aside gems like invaders, children of the damned and 22 acacia avenue because they didnt play them on the radio or they didnt sample them in some nigger shit


No I agree it’s usually the air play tracks I can’t stand. Happens every time. I understand the concept. It’s a business to sell records. For example anthrax state of euphoria. Great album but that fucking anti social song is complete shit but good for the air play.

Iron Maiden, just because of the riffing in Phantom of the Opera.

fucking hate the "pop" aspect of music sometimes
just to derail it even further Dead by Aprils Demo album was absolute gold and then almbum deals and radio versions of the songs completely killed the band

Love After Death. Hands down

all except the last 2

Piece of Mind is definitely my 2nd choice, The Trooper.

i really never saw how losing dianno wasn't seen as more important, as first two maiden are best two

None. They are trash.

Live after death


He wanted to be more punk, the rest of the band wanted to be metal.
Plus, he was taking so much coke he couldn't perform gigs at times.

Agreed. First metal album I ever bought. Still love it. Guitar player too.

yeah, but punk maiden was best maiden, and the boots from 81 are incredible
of course I also still miss clive burr, fave drummer ever

Elite post.

Amazing live album.

picking 1 album is too hard, but i will put this out there
>of the two Blaze Bayley albums, Virtual XI is superior.

a better

Ehh, I prefer young Bruce.

B..but 2 A.M.

seriously though i prefer xfactor

>posts inferior album cover

Fear of the dark

7th son of a 7th son, or somewhere in time

The Number of the Beast

Rust in Peace

Yeah, thanks for playing.

I don't listen to soft ass music.

Used to listen to Number of the Beast on repeat when younger! The live version of fear of the dark still gives me goosebumps

Then take your hard ass out of this thread, chief. Is that so hard to do?

i guess mine is powerslave too, i havent listened to enough maiden