So, I’ll be having cocaine this evening for the first time in my life...

So, I’ll be having cocaine this evening for the first time in my life. After 15 years of using all kinds of illegal drugs, I’m kinda nervous. What can I expect?

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Nice quads

not worth the money id suggest meth a much better and longer high for less than half the price

Cocaine will make you elucidate wildly.

Nigga you finna die

I’m not paying for it, it’s a gift.

And here I am hoping to quit cocaine for the new year. The universe's balance is restored.

Seriously though OP I'd be very careful. Before I did coke I could happily drink and have a good night and enjoy myself, nowadays I can't have a drink without wanting to do coke, and I get it every single time I drink, even if it's a few beers during a work night. The problem with coke is that it goes TOO well with a few beers, so you will never enjoy a drink without it again, and it's effectively ruined alcohol for me. Seen as I don't smoke weed anymore either there's not really anything I can get fucked up on now these days. Sad times for me.

If I were you I'd avoid it.

You can expect to be a faggot the whole night.....its just cocaine fucknut..just shoot it up your ass and stop being a faggot

Yeah if you want to end up sucking dick for meth behind an Arbys.......just stick to redbull

idk about these guys but cocaine makes me so fucking horny. I go on chat bate and fap to traps and ladyboys

im str8 tho

It's just a little coke. What could possibly go wrong?

Seems completly normal to me

I've done meth less than a handful of times and haven't touched it in 10 years now. Addiction isn't a lurking tiger waiting to pounce. You'll only get hooked if you're retarded.


The start of the downward spiral of your life. Quads confirms. Good way to bring in the new year kid. Hope you enjoy it cause the rest of your life is going to go to shit. Remember my words

30 years old dude, successful small PR agency owner and manager, good-looking fiancee, masters in sociology and communicology. Been using weed, shrooms, MDMA, amphetamine for almost half of my life.I’m doing pretty fine, thank you.

I fucking love it but it's too expensive plus if you really get into it it can reshape some of your values at which point you'll find it hard to get back to what you enjoyed. Get a razor blade n make sure to cut it to dust as it allows easier passage through the cell membrane

did coke for a good couple runs in my life. space it out, you can have a lot of fun. its much more emotional and natural than speed or meth. depending on your constitution the comedown sucks, try to have some weed for sure and Xanax if possible, transition you right into sleep. keep it clean when you do it though, don't mix with anything else until you know how you feel about it.

I could not ever get even the whisper of a boner on any stimulant, especially coke.
and I usually cum like a champion.
I got really pissed when I found out that wasn't normal

> (OP)
>idk about these guys but cocaine makes me so fucking horny. I go on chat bate and fap to traps and ladyboys
>im str8 tho
Pics of boi pucci

>I fucking love it but it's too expensive plus if you really get into it it can reshape some of your values at which point you'll find it hard to get back to what you enjoyed. Get a razor blade n make sure to cut it to dust as it allows easier passage through the cell membrane
Pay attention. This user knows

If you get it for a low price, you may find yourself having strong positive feelings for it.

you'll be surprised at how overrated it is. the feeling is sort of like drinking 50 cups of coffee and it lasts for about 15 minutes, and after the binge you'll have a headache.

8ball of good shit, here in ATL is around 350. You can do it all week cause you can do it in small pinches

This. I need coke every fucking time I drink now

A lot of coke + a lot of alcohol = Cocaethylene, which is about 20% more cardiotoxic than cocaine alone. Pay attention to this so you dont overdose and die, ruining everyones night.

I've had a long relationship with coke, but have recently stopped using. Its fun if you do it maybe 4 times a year. When you start spending $800 a week on it, waking up with headaches, not really getting high anymore and just feeling like garbage that when you should quit. Although, only the dead really quit using it seems.

Thanks user.

I have some weed at home. How about mixing in with beer and/or whiskey? I know that speed/MDMA works good for me while drinking.

Weed is okay with just about everything in terms of overdose, great for comedowns from coke and will help you sleep, which is where I usually run into trouble.
Whiskey is my favorites for coke because it won't make you as full as beer, but again be careful because it is more toxic at the point. Also doing enough coke will make you have to take a shit.

Hope you get some laced with strychnine!

Bunch of pussies. Its just some coke buddy relax.

cocaine is a shitty drug for old farts
be ready to be all anxious like drinking a gallon of coffee
not even auditory hallucinations

shitty drug is shitty

any reason why it's taken you til 30 to try coke compared to other things user? depending on your experiences of other stims, you might be underwhelmed with it. I find it doesn't really do anything if you're already on something, just sobers you up, unless you get some really good stuff or do a big line. if you're not out you could also hotplate it to make sure it insufflates smoothly. have you snorted anything before?

I kinda avoided it, don’t know why. I’ve snorted speed,heroin (puking all over for the first time) and that’s about all. Doing this is solely by couriosty what is all the fuss about

depends on how good the shit is. either way you'll probably have a massive sinus headache the day after.

>Test it before use, if you got this option. If not, make shure you not overdose of it, calculate with possibilities of laced material with most comon stuff. Other narcs is comon so be aware. At least be shure you got it from trusty source.
Try to minimalise harm.
Best dont do that over priced shit.

elucidate - means explain or discuss. But I'm sure Coke will also give you limp dick

tbh I avoided snorting anything at first so I can understand that. if you've done heroin don't expect much from it then! it's such an easy substance for anyone to try and feel cool doing it, since it's effects don't last long and there's not a big comedown. I compare it to tobacco, although in higher doses you can get a bigger rush. main side effect I get is paranoia, after doing some with strangers I got really bad vibes off someone, so depending on who you're with and surroundings that may come about, just be aware that it's most likely the drug and not them/you/anyone

coke gives almost everyone limp dick.

im out it now user just do it not that bad just get ready for the shitty next couples of days

whaaaat. it's going to be ruined because you've already fried your dopamine receptors from 15 years of abuse. you're supposed to try cocaine when you're still a drug newb. It likely will just be meh for you if you've done adderall or other stims.

Cocaine is a quality drug though.

Okay you're still using coke, you'd think you sociology fags would pick up something from psychology.

> What can I expect?
Lots of energy and lots of talking. Feeling like a big shot... Sharp senses.
You seem to have your life in order, so ... It's just coke, so you do it today, you enjoy it and you forget about it because your life is full of good and interesting things.

If you don't do that you can end up using it to fill up many emotional holes under the excuse of "work deadlines" or whatever bullshit, which would be bad.

t.guy who introduced someone who had it all to coke and then that person became an addict for 15 years and lost it all.

This guy gets it. And checked.

you should shoot it.

I've never done it that way but have always wanted to.

It's often cut with horse dewormer

For me I always felt like it was pretty underwhelming. A bit of energy and confidence. I much prefer MDMA.

This. Used to get jacked on it every other weekend, quit for a few years, and just hit it again last night. Basically, now I will always want some to go with my whiskey.

As for the high, you will basically feel energized and like you're ready for anything, have an air of excitement, and want to talk a lot. You'll feel this way for half an hour then just slow down and realize youre drunk, so you'll want to get another line in your system

Until the day you think are God trying to bring dead dogs by the side of the road to life as your family looks on and weeps at the fucking mess you have become.

this guy is an authority, pic related

Also Checked. You will have the sniffles and constantly be reminded you did coke by the bitter aftertaste/random leftovers when sniffing

Sure you are.

Sure you are

Expect to want more. Run out and feel like shit wanting more.

a kind of king of the world feeling

Checked and I'd stay away from it if I was you. From what I understand about it you'll never be able to be at the same happiness level ever again if you do cocaine.

Energy, abundance of energy. You won't feel drunk but you can feel the alcohol. Kind of like never coming down from an adrenaline rush along as you supply your body with it

Not much really. I was used to ecstasy and weed then did 11 lines of coke one night by itself and didn't really feel any type of physical high. You get more of a mental confidence boost though. Like anything is possible so you go for it.

Your gums will go numb and the coke will be stuck in the back of your throat so you will be essentially swallowing whatever didn't go to your dome. (It's called the drips). It was cool, goes good with drinking. I just never understood the big deal behind it though when you can spend 30 bucks on some ecstasy pills and experience a better fulfilled and fun high.