So what's wrong with my shit? Stringy and watery

So what's wrong with my shit? Stringy and watery

i dunno but i am interested as well

Stop smoking pot for 2 weeks

What the actual fuck?

Idk why but I'm laughing at your shit so hard right now, fuck. So this is how I kick off my new years eve.

See a doctor.

Forreal?? I smoke every day

why is smoking pot gunna make a difference to my poop user? i also often experience these shits and smoke v often

Even your shit has autism, consider suicide user

I'm guessing your either a ham planet or malnourished white trash. Add some fiber in your diet and eat healthier.

Diet aint the best. First 6 months living alone

Kill yourself

dude what the fuck have you been eating?

There's your answer. Buy some fruit and eat some everyday.

Shit number 3... All clear and stringy

op, that is a mixture of soluble fiber and lining of your intestines. i dont know what you did, but you need real fiber like your greens, and no kind of diuretics like caffeine. please eat better. you may not always be your best, but your body has always been there for you.

Too much semen in your diet.

Andy Sixx is ashamed of you!

I live off take out and ramen.... Makes sense. What should i lean towards?

Cut KFC and Pepsi out of your life and eat some fucking vegetables OP, ever heard of broccoli?

Ramen is 100% okay as long as you add a half stick of butter and an egg

Fiber and low fat protein, natural sugars from fruit.

Take a pic with a sign for proof plz

God fucking damn has your fatass ever heard of vegetables or fruit?! Cut eating cheeto puffs and buffalo wings and start eating some goddamn broccoli and celery, good fucking lord! ~/fit/

Parasites and worms. Not good user.

Next shit... Theres 2 pics here

Never heard of this

Only 155 lbs as a 6'1 man

you should lean toward healthy bachelor foods, like the frozen meals, that are complete with vegetables. also, it may sound dumb, but keep some cans of veggies in the cupboard and eat one if you didnt have any vegetables that day. a can of peas, or corn, or asparagus.

you also should be worried about the bacteria growing in your gut, as you are balancing them. when out of balance youll get more gas, less energy and such. and you do this by not eating the greens yogurt the others need.

well, also you should eat more beans and nuts as meat is expensive then. healthy fats are important. try to raise your bodies testosterone naturally by doing some squats, as itll help you keep up some muscle mass and weight. exercise 30 min a day if you can, its fine to start small, like running for 5 minutes if youre really unhealthy.

well, you should only eat the packaged stuff once every three days or so, because of the wax they use to preserve the noodles. but adding a little bit of green onion and an egg does make the meal worth while.

All this is very useful

yeah man. next step is to just set goals and apply them to a time line. then apply some kind of accountability to it if you drift from the course.

I live a very routine lifestyle. I feel weird if i stray from my routine. Hard to explain

just try and work it around your routine m nigga

>Even your shit has autism

When I moved out of home the first time I lived in a dorm with a shared kitchen accompanied by some shit anxiety, which led me to shits like yours (constantly eating out, poor diet in general etc). Literally all you need in life is some regularity with some decent cooked meals. I’m also 90kgs and 6’4, you don’t need to be super obese to have malnourishment and poor BM’s. God speed OP