*blocks your path*

*blocks your path*

what do?

puke on him

punch her in the balls

beat the shit out of them cuz I'm the only one who actually exists in this world according to solipsism

Id start sucking that dick.

Engage in a star wars dick dual


*kicks it in the ball*
Do YOU feel in charge?
*casually walks off*

vape and rape

Is it summer already?

kill her by sucking her dry

Suck her dick hard and fuck her ass harder

Suck her dick so good she knows very well that I'm in charge.

Let her creampie my boypucci

Tell him traps are gay.

Throw her on a couch and go to town on her ass while I jack her cock and make her cum.

ask if shes a lesbian

360 and walk away

suck his dick, and then...kick his ass

but you would walk back into her...

1. Are you 12?
2. You moonwalk.