Post your top-tier youtubers

Post your top-tier youtubers

I'll start with the one and only ashens

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Ashens is pretty top tier, but one oughta include bigclivedotcom

>top tier

Youtube is shit and the drama queens that calll themselves youtubers should die along with all you post-millenial scum that treat them like celebrities and repeat all the shit they say ad nauseum and laugh at their shit jokes


Cody's lab
Minute physics
Periodic videos
The league of nerds

Egg daddy all day erry day

zee best jewtoober on zee pooblic space

Youtube reflects the person that watches it. If you are interested in idiot drama queens making wanktacular videos, that is what you will get. There are tons of amazing channels doing very interesting, informative videos.


LGR Thrifts
Internetcommentetiquitte (Big money salvia)

SSoHPKC. Dude's been gone for like a year now though, which sucks.



Oneyplays, without a doubt.


Ave is about the most annoying person i have ever heard in my life.


little known but actually really funny and 10/10. look up "TheBatesee" on yt

pogo ftmfw

bigclivedotcom ... the shit he does is funny, plus he colaborates with ashens as well.

ave is a shit tier canadian, who drinks schooner

Waking up with Sam Harris
Internet comment etiquette
Alternate History Hub
Ancient recitations
Mister Metokur
Captain Disillusion
Count Dankula
Dan Carlin
Dangerous Analysis
Internet Historian
Mixed Mollywhoppery
Myles Power
Red Letter Media
The Justicar

Dankula is the king of shitposts

Dude Where's My Challenge were pretty good at one point, but people left and stuff, and they just haven't been as funny since.


If your into locksporting, lockpickinglawyer and bosnianbill are funny as shit. lpl shits on a lot of expensive locks.

playingwithjunk ... dude works in a recycling/eol equipment parts place, and tears down some pretty expensive shit and does cools hit too

i fucking love justicar.

Scotty Kilmer

Smart for a faggot

DemolitionRanch if you're into your guns and shit.


frog leap studios... dude does covers of a lot of shit, and he's fuckin good

very. links for faggots that haven't watched justi

if youre into electronics, check out Marco Reps, really good up and coming channel. he needs to upload more but holy fuck he's good at what he does



French canadian. Ick.



Like Stories of Old

got bored after 5 seconds. jesus, who would watch a 23 minute video of some guy droning on.

fuck off kraut

same idea with ffcosag, and voltlog. EEVBlog is good, but half the stuff is bullshit or annoying. Fran Blanche is another good one, she talks about a lot of old oddware and different things. She also developed the frantone guitar pedal.

the ben heck show is a farce, he gets other people to do the designs and claims it as his. He was bugging kevtris to design the atari 2600 portable he did.

Theoretical Bullshit
Tommy Toe Hold

lol, yeah. stick to jake paul. (not really sure who he is but pretty sure he is a moron like you.)

I'm feeling a light 2 to a strong not good

lol, that says more about you than me

Hat Films

Hi H3h3

Fuck you fakefrench piece of shit. Your language sounds like people throwing up.

Fran is awesome. I cant stand EEV Dave tho, hes just annoying.

this old tony
primitive technology

what kind of autist listens to any of this shit?

How have you fucks not mentioned rogan yet, that channel is cringe worthy and funny at the same time. depending on who he gets.

jre #1000 with joey diaz telling shit stories was comedic gold

Majority Report with Sam Seder
To be fair it's a radio,podcast show that's also on YouTube live. They actually take callers and debate them if that what the caller called about. Pushed Mike cernobitch shit in too.

and their content is deleted for anything not pro-black muslim niggotry

triggered much?

Maybe someone with an IQ over 80?

OP is not a faggot today. Congratulations!

Digitiser2000 - and the series Mr. Biffo's Found Footage - are must-watches. Go check `em out now.

Lazy Game Reviews isn't Ashens-level, but still decent. Usually has little to do with games themselves and more to do with weird old tech.

Steve1989MREInfo is the last channel I thought I'd like, but it's... kind of oddly addictive? It's literally reviews of various military rations and MREs. Some of which are 40+ years old. And yes, the guy usually eats everything. The only one I've seen him balk at thus far has been a WW2 ration kit.

Kikoskia is the one Let's Player that I actually follow. He's constantly upbeat, and he gives himself some... very odd challenges. The Mount And Blade Warband videos with Spunty McGoo are addictive.

i like the 8-bit guy & retro mancave over lgr, clint is kind of a cunt.

as for steve1989mreinfo, he's like an ashens inspired youtuber. eating shit that should not be eating. I seen one with him eating a rare ww2 spaghetti mre...

the kind of autist who grips their katana while stroking their facial hair.

See, I wouldn't even call him Ashens-inspired, because while Stuart eats shit that should not be eaten because it should not be eaten, Steve seems to do it because he's genuinely super-enthusiastic about the topic.

I don't get it.

Lgr is someone I would recommend. Very good show and very interesting.

true, but he sits there and will eat shit he knows is bad. then keep eating it. "oh wait, this is still good". It's a trainwreck of food poisoning waiting to happen.

also, another good one i fogot, shawn woods. reviews moustraps and has cooks various types of wild game he catches.

Yes. Im crying out of my penis.

did you almost tear it in two?


He is a complete regressive cuck. Even called Sam Harris racist.

He offended your waifu ahh so sorry. So the overall show is good. Anybody can call up and debate him. I don't see that on any other show that I know of. A lot of people won't because they don't want to be challenged. I'm sure Seder would debate Harris but not to sure Harris would debate Seder.
I have nothing against Harris just his fans can be dicks, that's not a dig at you.

i have never seen anybody struggle with their atheism and liberalism the way sam does, and i love the guy.

Seder seems like the kind off guy that would slip extra large condoms into his wife's handbag just to make sure she doesn't get an sti when she fucks a big buck.

sorry, sam harris that is, idk who seder is.



I have nothing against Sam but he's no Hitchens or even Dawkins but he aight .
Sure you should call in and say that he and his fans will definitely get a laugh out of it. If you get the chance it would be more fun if you debate him especially if you're a libertarian

Do you guys think emplemon over does it a bit? Cringy with some charm or no? He comes across a bit as a fucking cringey whiner but at the same time he seems like a fairly cool dude

i agree. harris gets so hung up on "spirituality" and morality. it was so frustrating listening to him struggle to understand trump and meme culture.

it's on purpose, he's a ytp dood.

General Sam with his shekelstein series

photonicinduction - the fucker is an electritian and almost dies 3 times a year from getting shocked on the job.


Funhaus. Genuinely funny content

It's a part of a character he has, you can see he tones it down in his more serious videos about YouTube.

I enjoy Dunkey



Black pigeon and Woes.

It's Idubbbz you fookin retard

Your mother fist fucks hobos


Do you think Filthy Frank had an influence on people who post on Sup Forums?

The young sure. I don't get it or H3 and many others .

You people are forgetting Tom scott

Carfag here.

Entertainment car videos: Roadkill, Taylor Ray, More Skids, Mighty Car Mods, Cleetus McFarland.

Nerdy car videos: Jafromobile, Pete's Garage, Weber Auto, South Main Auto

I watched a 4 hour video of a lecturer in a wheelchair rebuilding the differential from a 63 Chevy Biscayne in tremendous detail the other day.

I don't think you've looked around YouTube much have you.

Accursed Farms or nothing you faggots

This is why youtube is great.

Kilian Experience is the best