Drawtread: here's to another lousy year

Drawtread: here's to another lousy year

>Take or give request
>Interact or roleplay with others
>Threadly reminder that you can always git more gud
>Don't be afraid to try drawing a request yourself
>New Drawfriends are ALWAYS desired

systemax.jp/en/sai/ (PaintTool SAI, ¥5400, nearly all drawfags use it)
clipstudio.net/en (Clip Studio Paint Pro, $49.99, also sorta popular)
medibangpaint.com/en/ (MediaBang Paint, Freeware)
krita.org/ (Krita, Freeware)
firealpaca.com/en (Firealpaca, Freeware)
sketchbook.com/ (Sketchbook, $30/year or free version, often used on mobile)

# # (IC Sticky w/ Drawing Guide for Beginners link)
drawabox.com/ (Learn to Draw)
alexhays.com/loomis/ (Loomis)
If you don't know where to start, start with 'Fun With A Pencil'. Loomis is a meme for a reason.

artprompts.org/ (Art Prompts)

reddit.com/r/stylus/wiki/index (List of Tablets)
Intuos Draw/Art (formerly Bamboo) is fairly cheap and solid ($64/$79 USD Amazon)
Ask a Drawfriend

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Could someone draw a two panel pic? On the left side showing an innocent loli wearing a white dress, holding a balloon in one hand and a popsicle in the other one. The setting of the background should be a normal sunny day in a park. The caption underneath should say "Age: 12". The other panel should be exactly the same, except for her having grown into a slutty milf wearing a black dress covered in cum stains, with her big tits and her hairy pussy clearly visible. The balloon and the popsicle she is holding should be dick shaped. Her nipples should be pierced. The setting for this panel's background should be night, with her standing in the middle of a disctrict with neon signs for shops, restaurants and hotels. Also both girls should have a beauty mark. The caption underneath should read "Age 42".

Thank you very much.

Greetings new thread gentlemen.

I haven't really been happy

STupid dog your making me gAy

who's that imposter poxzi?


I would really appreciate if you could stop reposting my images.

someone make this not lewd please

but why?


samefagging this hard



The real one stick to your own OC ttorrrr

I know that feeling...
I do apologize! This is technically not a repost though. Hooray.
That's a reasonable assumption! I am lonely and pathetic so talking to myself isn't at all in the realm of impossibility.


let's give it a shot


what do you think about it?

>here's to another lousy year
>being a meme making millennial who has never actually seen the thing he memes
its millennium

Don't focus on the bad stuff, focus on the better changes. Have a happy new year!

I was gonna leave it ambiguous! But hey, you can still say I edited this image and am indeed samefagging. It will make me look even more pathetic. I'm not gonna defend it at all if you choose to believe it.

lost my cig. cant find them.

Zack is that you?

where's that demon babe zap

no i am not zack, my name is mojo

alrite. who wanted my ass?




needs skindentation. and why are your balls hanging from your pubus

>samefagging this hard
LMAOing @ ur life rn

Cat guy, not you too! There's already so much lewdity in these threads. I trusted you...

does not matter

some poxzi and imposter poxzi incest kinda deal?

dude i only made the spongebob one

Draw you fucking the monkey boy please


It's not much of a band but i think its adorabru!

that's part of the joke, user

Requesting a short vore comic of this girl swallowing a tiny person whole and alive. One panel where she's holding them above her open mouth, another where she's gulps them down, and a third where it shows them in her stomach as she falls asleep.



haha i'm sorry dude this is my first time in a draw thread so i thought i'd give it a go

Don't worry, this is gonna be a rare occurrence, im not used to drawing lewds. in-face, i feel uncomfortable doing it.

Please don't lose hope in me :C


Requesting a facesitting drawing involving Jessie from Team Rocket.

Holy shit stop asking

All hail drawfags!
Requesting female trench medic from WWI. Preferably German with blonde hair and maybe braid. Shy pose if possible. Grabbing her bag strap with both hands could be cute.

The obscene amounts of lewdity around here are quite disheartening. But that's okay! The vast majority most likely find the lewdity beneficial and useful, so my opinion is heavily irrelevant. I shall resume to be sad about it for no reason at all!

Thanks for the cute bathing comic, Pin-Sempai!

go hardcore lesbian sex using this

I won't stop until I get a good delivery

at least you didn't see the first one he made.

Whats your oc name?

itd be cuter if you dropped your towel

you'll never leave
you'll just keep moving the goalposts

ignore it user

That's okay my dude! It's just a personal thing for me. The only lewds I'm interested in seeing are of chocolate milk and Digby. Everything else is just white noise. If you want to draw lewds, go for it! I'll do my best to ignore them.
>inb4 someone shows me the first one he made.


hello there my twin

I'll leave forever this time if I get a good delivery

>this time

i want it

oh shit, haven't seen you in a while pox. how ya been?

Hi I don't usually have much to request

But I would love to have request of Pepper Ann characters, Bucktooth-Boy and Trinket St. Blaire from the show doing this pose please.

Whats your oc name

how has this tread already gone garbage


What's a matter? Don't believe me?

repeat requesters

it's a conspiracy

I got me a new drawing tablet and I love iT!!

Happy new year, dorks.

Can you draw sonic doing the macarena


i dunno. you tell me

Hoi Lily!

for you too



ignore the humanoid peen, i have no idea how to draw peens

bump for extra sexual tension

hey lilly
ready to draw loads of smut using that new Tablet?

Awesome! Then you'll be able to do my request well!

Give mah moar

hey hey!! whats going on? im working tonight on new years eve but hopefully i get home before the ball drops!! how have you been user? eating well and sleeping enough?

happy new year, mothbro!


Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any pokemon in the spreadsheet below
Pokemon: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y6I0a_8jXF4isxPYXyMeRgWtqThR7fS5-v33GuFIkV8/edit?usp=sharing
Rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA

Question: How much moth pussy do you intend on getting this year?

What are you doing?


Have we met? I'm not sure i remember your lines.

at least 3

here's to the user who requested blossom gape

Twin? That's unfair. Look at your defined features! You're too good looking to be my twin, that's for sure!

>t. Spitroast

here's to another lousy millennium.
you fucking pleb.

>pin.exe has stopped working

>at least 3
Good. Times are rough for moths (or so I've heard).

which model?

Yes I am Spitroast

Taking sfw reqs, i need to be cleansed.

One request, coming your way

so it would seem
oh well

sonic doing the what now