Dubs gets this sluts nudes

Dubs gets this sluts nudes...


what a faggoty way of trying to trick newfags into being your personal army.

did she turn you down and now you're all butthurt and want to 'get back at the bitch?'

I'll roll

actually, she told me I was too fat for her.
fuck that bitch, she deserves to get exposed.



I had a girl tell me that once. Pretty sweet



No thanks nigger

That sucks and all, but I've been turned down in similar ways and I didn't cry to the internet about it. Man up and move on. Would you date a fat girl?

Also you don't have any nudes of her.

I might date a fat girl if she's cute, but this bitch isn't being fair, so fuck her.
maybe after she gets a few dozen calls asking for noodz she'll realize being a bitch is not without its consequences

why don't you ask her why shes such a bitch

OP Time to Deliver

I got dubs, deliver or gtfo OP

just call her, she gives noodz to everyone

>I might date a fat girl if she's cute,
Do you think your cute, cause this is exactly what she said.

You're SAD!

Then call her yourself to get the nudes for us, faggot. OP never delivers.

call her

send her a few dick pix, she loves that

call her

Checked now post nudes faggot


He doesn't have them. OP is just neckbearding because his m'lady won't let him out of the friendzone.

checked. OP is still a fag

Post em fatass


deliver lardass

call her, she'll give them to you

text her your dick, she'll send you her nuds

i'm not in a charitable mood

shes from Wisconsin. There are no good looking girls in Wisconsin. Only cows


What did she do to you op?


Op here. He didnt say roll so it doesnt count. Now trips unlocks

MFW OP posted his own number and wants us to text him dick pics


Fuck you we won the orange bowl fag

Reminds me of the other paleontologist from Jurassic Park. Really cute.


fuck you faggot, I'm OP, you faggot imposter cocksucker trying to take over this thread.

fuck off faggot imposter im the real OP

Eat shit nigger
Shouldn't you be prepping your bull about now?
I'm the real op and you fags fucked up so it's trips or nothing

OP Here. please text me all of your cock pictures. I am a new fag and need to be broken in. (414)-595-0371

if you were, you could prove it, but you can't, you faggot imposter. you don't even know the bitch nor do you have pix like I do.
so go jump off the highest cliff, you pathetic cocksucker

OP here, please send me tons of dick pix, it's really me!

>mfw op is this rekt



Man, shut the fuck up.

then show the pics imposter

Tell those other days to buzz off and I will
Stupid impostor fags

you're the one who thinks you know this bitch, faggot. you're not OP, you don't have proof of opening this thread.
so choke on a big fat dick

i know you are but what am i?

Okay op either post them now or what's left of us are gonna jet

I will, but thanks to this faggot imposter
I will only reveal them when someone gets quads,
so show me quads, or call her if you're impatient

no problem man

I'm out

Send em right here boie

I left her a little voicemail directing her to this thread. Good luck.

Hahaha dubs too