STEAM GIFTING THREAD Let's beg for the Generous user steam prophets to bless us !!!

STEAM GIFTING THREAD Let's beg for the Generous user steam prophets to bless us !!!

Buy this feg No Mans Sky (tm)

Plz! I will love you long time suck suck fuck fuck gooky gooky

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anything really

Here is a rare Lauren S trading meme

Please based generous user bless us

Stardew Valley please!

any game from wishlist

any game at all please kind anons.

Would any kind user gift me Friday the 13th the game, please?

Only if thats not too much of course

I can draw some lewds for you too

Anything would be amazing.
God bless and happy new year!


Get me the beastmen dlc for warhammer total war

Plz generous new years user

┬┐C-can somebody gift me somethin┬┤? ;w;

That's a hot shota, saddly I dont have any money user
anything pls
pic for attention
happy new years Sup Forums

do we have to return the favor? cause i have no money right now. but i could pay back the when i get my b-day cash (april)

if any user is generous

Anything ftrom my wishlist would be awesome but can only recive gifts from europe

thanks for my new wallpaper user

Hey all. It'd make my day a lot brighter if the dawnguard DLC popped up in my inventory. Happy New years!

I would buy you the game, but I don't want to give money to developers of this shitshow. I think you have better chance pirating the game, if people actually bothered to crack it

My currency is euro so I can't receive gifts from US. I would really appreciate anything though

2018 = Half Life 3?

What if I asked for something else?

Got 12 bucks left. First user replies with game and id wins

Well dubs have spoken ... numales sky is over!!!

It is cracked user. Why on earth you want a legit copy. Its not something you can show off with

Stardew Valley

can i get dark souls 2 please?

here you go user

Sure pal

but that's ds3 mang, i want dark souls 2 with online connection

ow shit my bad


I know how to pirate. Multiplayer won't be as fun as the official server.



Im pretty sure its the same. You can visit tunngle or cs rin ru for more info.

Someone go out and buy yourself a copy of Hellgirls, it's only 75 cents and you'll get like 20 hours of gameplay out of it


make your wish list public

Yes, yes he has.

we want real games user

Anyone wants Geometry Dash?

ok,terraria,plague inc,hotline miami 2


how about you gift me real games instead of some pixel games

Really want Guilty Gear Rev
Happy New Year to all of you Sup Forums :D


ungrateful faggot

get the fuck out with your shitty pixel game
can some1 get me terraria plague inc or hotline miami 2

get the fuck out with your shitty attitude. no one's going to gift you fuck all if you keep acting like a little cunt.

This is all I have
Divinity II plz


no u
no one wants u


I gave out two game last night. Would enjoy reciprication.

get better shithead

>serbians shitposting as usual
can some1 get me anything from my wishlist?
thank you!

jebi se Any generous user want to bless me? Any game really, some cheap Roguelite or rts game to fill this lonely new years



more like XAXAXAXA since them cunts cant decide between cyrillic and latin

>them cunts
cry more you albanonigger

Fuck off islamophobe third world begger shit

and your shit country is third world

Lol you bunch of poor cunts...

You maka me. Raff..

I love how pathetic you retards get, and you can tell that 3/4 of you are under-age fags. You all want Gay ass kid games cpt beast men dlc boy.

Anything from my wishlist would be appreciated. Also could use some friends to play with.

sorry we don't speak retard

you have 100+ games fuck off

anything from my wishlist
one more try for good measure
been a good year Sup Forumsoys

Going to give away a game before I get pretty fucking drunk. Next dubs decide how much should I spend on it. Be quick cuz I'm leaving within 30 mins




>using recently downloaded macro images
>incoherent post
>calling out and projecting

hmm really makes you think. do you use your mom's credit card too user?


check my dubs and gift me


thank you

please user


check em

Rolling for Stardew Valley


check em


check em one more

Deza d?

That was fast. Okay now tell me the amount



Give this faggot a game of my wishlist because i'm poor AF

Thats a fair price allright. Next dubs gets a game for 20$.
Roll my sons