First gay experience/green text thread? What was yours user...

First gay experience/green text thread? What was yours user? 22 kissless virgin here so cant contribute sadly but i love reading the stories of others, gets me really horny

I once got drunk and sucked a peter.

Notifying you lot of my interest

>go to Halloween party
>find out a guy I used to hang out with is now trans
>Start chatting online
>she comes to visit to watch a friend of ours graduate college
>invite her over to hang out
>end up fooling around and sucking each other
>asks if I have condoms
>end up sticking it in her booty

it wasn't the best sex ever, and now I know I'm not actually that into traps

was the blowjob she gave any good though?

wasn't bad first time I have got to 69 so that made it fun


Keep lying to yourself, faggot.

thats actually really hot, i am jealous!

>First gay experience thread
>gay experience
>tell a story of immense gayness
>still end up being called gay

I am gay you dense fuck

Does getting molested count?

depends if you enjoyed it i suppose

I almost like the idea of it now tho

Fucking degenerate.


Tell us about it then.

All around gay and disgusting. But the worst part was the fucking pineapple pizza, why would you think that that is ok?

liked the build up to it, it was cute but kinda lost steam at the end

> Says things are gay in a gay thread.

well duh!


idk this is just gonna sound cliche as fuck. ive never greentexted and this really happened

>be me 12, visiting my grandma
>older cousin visiting too 16 or 17 I think
>hanging out with cousin after everyone lays down and he pulls out a condom wrapper, I don't remember why
>never having seen one I ask him what it is
>hes like visibly horny at this point
>blah blah blah you dont know what this is? probably just perving out
>like 10 minutes later after convo changes to some fight he got, he in mentions holding somebody down
>tells me he wants to show me
>I didnt know what the fuck was going on, agreed
>pins me to ground by the small of my back with his knee
>moves his weight onto the back of my knees and grabs my wrists, pulls my arms up
>starts rubbing himself on my butt through our pants
>starts humping me
>doesnt stop humping me
>just lay there
>confused but after awhile, ask him to stop
>he doesnt stop
>like 2 more minutes pass before I get start to get louder
>im pretty sure he came in his pants by the time I got loud enough to stop him.

so cute, wish that happened to me...

did you like it? Sounds like you kinda knew what was going on but didnt want it to stop?

Stopped reading after ham and pineapple pizza, couldn't get gayer than that

well like at the time no.
I didnt even realize what happened to me, I just sorta felt violated. then it kinda messed me up

aaand now I get reallly horny when I talk about it. makes me wonder if it has anything to do with me trapping now

13 years old. 12 year old friend sleeping over.
Isn't that usually how it is?

>crossdressed for a while
>anal masturbation with toys
>always fantasize about older men fucking me
>finally get the courage to respond to an ad on cl
>older man looking to suck me off
>go to his place
>shower with him, suck him off in the shower
>lay on the bed and we suck each other off
>he's great at head
>cum in his mouth
>he kisses me
>love it
>go home, hit him up a few more times for the same

Would definitely do again, but he's got some ED shit going on. Would like to take a dick one of these days.

>be me about 4 or 5 years old
>go around friends house
>we don't know anything about sex but end up doing things
>take turns licking each others assholes
>suck each others dicks, we are both soft at that age though
>no idea if he remembers

>be me, about 14
>sleepover at bros
>stay up all night playing pirated games on dreamcast
>gradually everyone falls asleep
>just Mikey and I left awake
>sitting next to one another under blanket
>start playing "sexy" rom hacks
>Mikey asks if he can see mine to "compare"
>take it out under blanket
>he does the same
>lift up blanket
>i was an early bloomer
>like twice his size
>asks to touch it
>"wow user it's so different than holding mine"
>mikey was impressed by my length and could barely get his hand around it
>I grab his
>only need 2 fingers
>he was SMALL
>kinda suprised cause he was older
>friend stirs in his sleep behind us
>freak for a sec
>he's still asleep
>jerk each other
>he cums on my hand and all over his pants
>just keeps stroking me, smiling
>a lot
>he hides the pants in his backpack
>we never talked about it again
>he told bros i had a big dick though

>he told bros i had a big dick though

And you didn't do anything with them?