I think I found the coolest guy on the Internet

I think I found the coolest guy on the Internet

He figured out a “HACK XD” that allows him to delete Twitter accounts, and decided that he should use his new powers to blackmail small artists into doing fan art. And the best part is, he wants them to do Sonic x MLP crossover fan fiction. His name is @wyattdacreator.

>You can’t make this shit up

I’ll post the cringiest banner you’ve ever seen if Sup Forums can guess his age.

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>Sonic x MLP crossover fan fiction

So he’s 6?

Hurting the little guy?
I'm disappointed.

The coolest guy would have taken some important things out and would leave the smaller people along

Nope, try higher



Yeah he would. It's a shame nobody can, you know, mass report him or something...

Closer, but no
Still too low


Lower than that

I like your thinking user


Lower than 25

I smell samefagging... Nypa OP.


Close enough

This grown ass man is 20 years old.


Looks like an average Sup Forumstard to me

seems like a stupid use of power....delete someone bigs account, like Amy schumer or anita sarkeesian

we should all report POTUS if it was that easy


nvm im retarded, i guess it doesnt work with verified accounts

Two sides of the same coin

I don’t think it’s that great but maybe i was expecting too much

>this grown ass man is 20 years old
Sup Leafy what happened to making video’s buddy?

Good thing I never created a Twitter
Fucking bullshit

Hope someone cracks him in the temple and his head hits the concrete curb like a coconut

Might have hyped it too much. Found the full image though.

The guy likes Sonic Forces. You really expect that level of brain power from him?



iDubbs rekt my shit too hard.Still a fan?

Reported him and just asked for his discord, since he has it. Gonna see if I can fuck with him big time.

What the actual fuck?

Kek. Here we go

all in

if you get the discord pls don't post it to thread, post in in jesuscarpeter or something


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Op here

I gotta go, but here's the tweet that I saw that made me aware of him.


Welp, he's probably off twitter atm. If this thread dies before I have any updates I'll make a new one.

Fuck yeah bro
you got off better then little ricepicker
I really hope some new vids are coming

Hey @evulpix


I have decided to go undercover as @Gay1Mom
Wish me luck.

Godspeed user

Godspeed, user.

I'll back you up. @user_637

According to his twitter profile he's 9.

20 isn't an adult anymore. Leave the poor kid alone!

But he's being a dickhead.
Also you can be tried as an adult at 17 soooo...

Alright fucks, I'm gonna try and guess his password. Give me ones you think would work.