Should I let my daughter piss on my face?

Should I let my daughter piss on my face?

Serious question.

She's been really mean to me lately now she's saying she wants to piss on me.

wat do?

pic unrelated



piss for equality?

Have fun with the infection

Ya, sure. Why not.

Just don't get mad if her fetish is seeing you in jail.

Do it OP

How old is daughter?

because pee is full of bacteria.

fuck yeah. let her piss on you

Post pic of daughter?

yes, does wonders for the complexion

she doesn't have any STDs that I'm aware of
why would I get in jail for it?
underage, all I'm saying.

Urine is sterile

it's sexual.

Underage b&

Just kill yourself. It's a pity you managed to procreate at all.

Bacteria are present at low levels in the urine of healthy people not suffering from a urinary tract infection

I feel sorry for your daughter having such a pathetic beta cuck of a father.

How is she being mean to you?

R Kelly got away with doing it to an underage girl. If she's doing it to you it's even more legal.

Ayy I know her she let me stick it straight in her ass

No she just wants to humiliate me. I get nothing sexual out of this, and neither does she (I think)

How old is your daughter.

Hitler used to have his niece do this for him, she killed herself eventually


It’s like asking Santa for coal, and then being naughty.
If Santa goes through with it, he rewarded you for bad behavior, effectively making the naughty/nice thing pointless.


she's a teenager

Fuck her in the pussy!

>Pic unrelated

Stop right there you criminel scum! I'm calling the police

What horrible PSCT.
It should be
>When a Pedophile Monster(s) is summoned: negate the summon, and if you do, destroy that monster(s), then inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of the monster(s) destroyed by this effect.

really makes you think


Maybe so.

Being a hospital lab tech for 6 years and testing urine on a daily basis (except days I'm off)... I'll tell you that no urine is entirely sterile.

Make pic unrelated into related.

ok fine I will let her pee on me. thank you for your helpful advice, Sup Forums. I am glad I came here of all places.

FBI here.
Your IP has been recorded.
Detectives will come to your home.

Piss is sterile

Post pics of your daughter

Real nigga logic

why do you lie to yourself