Anyone else bored since they're stuck at home on NYE :( AMA

Anyone else bored since they're stuck at home on NYE :( AMA

Same! I'm pretty bored as well. Why did you decide to turn to us Sup Forumstards to cure your boredom?

what was your 2017 highlight?


So how many times you gonna flick the bean tonight?

I dunno about you, but when I'm home alone bored for hours on end, drinking and beating one off seems like the obvious choice.

I'm bored as well we can talk on Snapchat is youre up for that

Can we see your ass?

show your tasty butthole

Yup I'm home alone in UK too

Do you have stockings ?

What's the biggest dildo you can fit in you?

show us your soles bby

Asl bb

Keep on

Because I haven't wanked in a month mate
Sounds fun

this weirdo is clearly a trap
OP is a scandalous faggot

Sharpie in the pooper or you ain't shit.

Not quite sure how tasty it is

Can you squish a Jelly sandwich between your tits? please and thank you

Show armpits

Alone, drunk and miserable. Same old.

we'll be the judges of that

Foreveralone UKbongfag here too. Not bored, but I am spending my NY eve at home alone. Just the way I like it really. Getting drunk and high and fapping.

yo save my pics it makes me feel special. Do I need a time stamp so you don't think I'm bs?

you from jersey?

F U ex wifey. New Year, new girl. Haha

Panties on tits now


You're so fucking cool.

So am I the only fucker who's alone by choice on NYE?

It's not different to any other night, and I've been getting too fucked up on coke every weekend so I'm giving myself a month off drinking and coke as of last Thursday.

I had 4 options for NYE and every single one sounded like the same old over-priced, drunken shit I do every weekend anyway.

So, at least 4-5 times?

I suggest drinking while you beat off, too. Really gets you in a full-on pit of self hate and despair.

OP is a fag

Yes timestamp and show your tits some more and what's your snapchat bby

No, but a spread pussy shot would be nice.

what's your snapchat account

Nah me too fam. People are shit

Anyone like these?

I need you in a short skirt, bending over

Same too need a fapping buddy tho Snapchat account?

mmm you've got some nice udders there

would love to see your ass sitting on soles though

Ur wish is my command, user

how dense are you idiots? that post is not OP

wtf no feces around your mouth?
gtfo you normie bitch

So fuck it why be bored. I ordered a fat Chinese, and am wathcing stupid shit on YouTube. I'll save a fuck ton of money and probably enjoy myself just as much as if I went out n did the same shit I do every Friday anyway.

you into some sick shit? Taboo stuff?

Lick your nipple that'd be really nice

Why is Sup Forums so untrusting smh


I like your batman skirt. Very nice

op here. Yes I am (no shit that's why I'm on Sup Forums) I'm into ~BDSM~ and rape

You in Liverpool?

Spend NYE with my parents and my sister. My father tried to make a nice evening, with toasts and stuff, but my mother didn't give a shit. Didn't event comprehend why her attitude was shitty.
I don't know why I'm telling this part of my uninteresting life on Sup Forums
I'm gonna drink a bit more and smoke some joints tonight.

Can we got some decent shots, not close up blurry etc.

Can you write 'fuck me, Tyson' above your spread pussy please? Pretty please?

Op I can roleplay with you on Snapchat rape you fantasy


Happy new year you cunts

Very kind of ya user. Will be very honoured if anyone saves my shit- post if u do

Manchester, la la la. Manchester, la la la.

Sharpie. In. The. Pooper.

How about you GTFO.



Fucking hell man the levels of desperation in here are getting too much, just save the fucking pictures and fap

Fuck, That gif makes me want to eat ass and get severe salmonella poisoning

Got any bananas in the house?

Ay choke your self

best one so far


OP you on Fetlife?

Show pussy

Any feed back helps me improve. Still new. Here is the vagene



Tit's that gorgeous do not deserve to be alone on NYE.

Saving all your pics. Requesting panties on tits or stuff them in your pussy

my god I would eat the fuck out of that!!!!

What do you mean your ass is off limits
Sharpie in pooper is tge staple of Sup Forums just do it

O my god.... that is soooo nice. Want this even more now please

My advice is lose another 10 to 15 pounds, lardass.

Nice, only thing I'd say is alot of the pics are a bit upclose and blurry, if you got a webcam or something and can take some further out shots that'd be good

happy new year to all fags out there
why is Sup Forums home alone on NY?

She showed tits, she's fine

Please post fingering vid please

nicelooking pucci

That's why you are alone.

can i eat your poo, drink your piss and smell your farts?

Unfortunately my dudes in not sharing anything personal and I cba to make a fake snapchat

Do you play RuneScape baby

because people = shit

niiiiiiice, the further out shots are awesome


Support appreciated

Put something in your woman hole


Looking good. Keep posting pics

I'm a CSGO/LoL fag :(

Spread your ass for me, I want a rear view to save for my fap bank.

New years gift!

Make a fake account for your BDSM and rape fantasies sugar tits

Can you write uncut feels better and show pussy


For fuck sake give us sharpie in popper or an image of you choking yourself

666 satanic trip, what a weirdo. Peeing would be hot though, spread your legs wide open and lean back