New trap sissy cd thread

new trap sissy cd thread
chastity is nice

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Looking for traps in and around 716




where the webm at?



I've been locked for 6 whole months now

what do u think of my cage?

are you constantly leaking? even when not toying?

Trying to CD
Kik: yourcarmen911

dont have it, sorry sir
do you have a tumblr? whats your name? you make me pic related T.T
also tell us more about those 6 months!



Hi boys

Very sexy, how long have you had it on for?

how someone become trap? Are you born degenerated so u want to be trap? Can u get crave for being trap just from sissy hypnosis and things like that? Asking for friend...... for science purposes.....


hello. you need a better cam
first you start by fapping to trap porn

Hellloo cutie!

about a week

I am constantly leaking now. Especially when i get hard. Haven't felt my cock get hard in my hand for the entire 6 months.

also no, sorry dont have a tumblr. My dick has gotten much less responsive and strong in these six months. In the first month, my boners were so strong at night and sometimes used to hurt really bad. Now it's just a slight pressure when I get hard. Vibrator on my cage makes me cum in under 2 minutes now.

i fap to traps, but i don't want to be one, i just want to fuck 'em more


any traps wana see big cock hit up LImeats on kik

Sissy kik darkmoor1521

i love it, id make you wear pads

The fuck is the appeal of cages? Seem pretty dumb and uncomfortable to me.

hey ash
very lovely. you self locked? on hrt? you must post more pics!

Damn you're very hot, stockings are my fetish. You have someone with the key?


toes and an anklet, what a footslut




Are you dressed now ?

boipucci you say?

mental illness you say?


Where to find trappy sluts?

way too muscley

Oh, it's a troll.



This a wetspot on new panties. I just bathed and put them on

How did I go from an extreme sissy(not dressing though but heavily fapping to cocks ,hypno etc.) to someone who just wants to fuck them im not into the idea of feminizing me anymore but I would want to destroy another sissies ass

need more specifics

soc, cuteboys map thread, craigslist...



How sensitive is your prostate? Does it swell up to the same size when you're in chastity?

post moar

You are a switch but you like your dom side more. I lovve other little femme traps when I'm in dom mode but im too in love with being a little submissive cock slut x:


perfectly clean ass

mine stayed the same size but it's much more sensitive now

pics? i'm just a plain ol' dom


In march im going to buy a HTv3(nano)

but what color?trips decides?

More please


I want to do this so bad.

But I feel less interested in the sissy side now. I can't get as hard or get as turned on to sissy stuff anymore I felt like it only happened for a couple months. Back before sissy stuff I used to watch hardcore stuff so maybe my dom side is fighting back kek

pink is hot, but clear is also nice.


6 months? thats insane

your cock is probably permanently limp now if you care

smoke a bowl of weed and stick a prostate toy in. you will be in ecstasy


my god what a ass

pink is cute and humiliating, but clear is also humiliating in that i only fill 1/2 of the HTv2(s) and birdlocked mini. i want the nano so i can pee and stay locked longer >

>tfw no Waffen SS trap gf

what is soc?




cute. i love fishnets

Any NEET femboys/traps in MPLS want to do anything tonight?


its hard to totally tell bc limited information but it sounds to me like you're a bisexual switch who isnt super comfy with your desire for cock
you find comfort and a different kind of strength in your straight life but those stupid hypno memes are true, you're gonna want to come back

Idk if I'm projecting here but I think you're basically just me before I accepted it more


story ???

lol ur gay

>what's reverse image search?

the ps4 controller makes this pic hotter lol

you have the right mindset for sure

Die in a fire filthy worthless faggot




t-thank you

Cute ass

not much, how are you

are you in houston? someone is lying about these pics

happy new year bitches

Are you dressed now ?





happy new year! now go fuck yourself and post pics of it