I need some advice from fellow chadfags

I need some advice from fellow chadfags.

So I’ve been cucking this dude for about 6 months now. Chick is fine. Likes it rough too. It’s been great. They recently got engaged. I feel like that’s kind of a line I don’t want to cross so I told her I wanted to end it. She freaked the fuck out and told me to please let her see me first blah blah. You know how it is. Anyway she’s coming over in a few days meanwhile I’m going out to a party tonight and she’s like I’ll be your DD if you need me whatever. I’ve been ignoring her. My ex hit me up too and offered to cook me dinner if I hung out with her tonight so I may do that instead.

So what do bros? Should I keep cucking the now engaged dude whose girl is desperate for my dick? Gotta make a decision soon. Pic related. It’s the ex I’ll be mounting tonight.

Have some more tits bros

So why is this the line, user?

That being said, if you don't want to do it, then don't do it. Holy fuck.

When emotions get involved in casual relationships, get out immediately. The longer you wait the more drama there could potentially be.

T. Bull

Cuz despite being a general asshole I actually do respect marriage and all that.
Pussy so good though.

You might actually be a bull. Thanks for the advice.

Is it cucking someone when they don't know you're fucking their girl?
Maybe you're the cuck, op

forget the engaged one, unless youre doing it (whatever that may be) for yourself, you dont wan to be involved in her scheme

you cant tell if shes actually emotional or just using the act to play you, in the end

Look up the definition of cuck dumbass. Not what Sup Forums thinks it means. It’s when your gf/wife fucks another man. His knowledge/voyeuirsm of it is completely unrequired. It’s sill cucking. She sure as shit ain’t my girlfriend. She lives with the other dude.

What scheme could she have though? She’s only risking completely fucking up her own life if we get found it. Literally nothing would happen too me. I’m a single dude with no commitment to anyone.

getting dick, involving you in drama - to the point of making a thread and asking for advice about it.
dont give her any attention, this is even too much.
you never know with women

Hmmm. Fair point.

Dick her one last time and tell the poor guy how much of a shit wife he has so he can piss the fuck out of that shitty relationship

Respect marriage, if she's a slut who doesn't deserve it she'll fuck it up eventually, just don't be her reason for it cuz you'll be the one to blame, it's not like good pussy is rare anyway, you can get more without trouble.

Cmon now. I may dick her one last time but I’m gonna fuck with their lives. It’s not my problem the dude picked a shitty wife.

But she’s fucking someone else to you too. So you’re cucked too.

Might as well, you stupid fuck.

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>I’m an illiterate faggot

>story about a dude fucking multiple women
>must be fake

I’m surprised it took this many posts to see this considering where we are.

got pics of the engaged chick for comparison? which one is hotter?

> tell the dude
> play it off like you didnt know
> have a delicious home cooked meal tonight
> move on with life

Its new years man.... Change things up.

Maybe blast some baby batter into the dude in front of his fiance.

The dictionary doesn't have a definition, because "cuck" is shorthand for "cuckold," a word you might remember from high school Shakespeare. Merriam-Webster defines cuckold as "a man whose wife has sex with someone else."Nov 16, 2016

Since these 2 aren't married you aren't actually cucking anyone.

You're both just sharing a whore.

nice work op.