Hey b It's new years eve and i am home alone doing coke and drinking. What are you up to?

Hey b It's new years eve and i am home alone doing coke and drinking. What are you up to?

same lol

Coke alone sounds the worst...

Why alone? Go out and pull.

Also how much you pay for the coke?

it's actually pretty fun. love getting loaded on whiskey and coke alone.

this ny eve i am too hung over from yesterday to drink, i'm just chilling in with the heating on being comfy and vaping weed.

Just had a failed suicide attemp.


Reading Sup Forums and watching football

dxm and weed for tonight. one man party. just like every other night

footballs fucking gay. sports are retarded

I‘m home alone too bro because i hate people.

How is the coke?

What are you -- 12?

Watching Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels with the wife. Intermittently anyway: the fireworks keep waking up our daughter. Strangely, the dog doesn’t seem to be bothered. Eating chlebicky and drinking sekt.

Reading Sup Forums while the movie is paused.

Hey OP using coke and booze alone is not good man! You will be at rock bottom soon hopefully
I recommend treatment over an hero but one way or another you will want off this ride in 2019 good luck nigger

Sell that 12-step bullshit to the tourists.

Home alone, rolling like fuck!

I'm at home watching a shit series and got a bottle of amarone di valpolicella.

i went out yesterday with a girl that invited me to come to a NYE party she organizes but i know nobody there, so i hesitate to go there..

Home alone wut do? I cant bear the pressure man...

Hash oil, ludes and MD 20/20

40 euros for 2 grams because the dealer is a old friend. pretty good stuff about 80% purity

great makes the lonliness fade away

took as much codeine as i can and a benzo but not getting all that much out of it. nothing to do. alone.

Fortune favors the bold user. Get thee to a party!

Where the fuck did you get ludes?

Rorer 714, faggot.

nursing a hangover (from drinking alone last night) with a few beers, nothing else

Fucked myself today by pushing gf away, now I'm sitting home depressed and alone. Might just down this bottle of wine and beat off till I fall asleep.

sadface bro

Sucks, gf hasn't at least dropped by to say hi or something. Seems like I'm the only that cares now.

lol this unexpected hatred for football made me laugh

Fuck me running.

Dude go to that fuckin party

>chick invites to party
>thats she organizes
>idk if I should go

are you autistic?

Well you best hit her up m8 its fuckin new years eve.

Thats free nookie if you play your cards right.

Also come 12 she's gonna want to kiss someone. Make it you.

people still do coke?
I thought that was so 80s

>being this 12 years old

Sure. It’s more expensive, but easier to manage than meth.

Can I have some?

Tried, she already has plans with her girl friends. I'm not about to ruin her plans just so I could half ass pound her and have to pull out because she's not on the pill.

Plus I didn't want to fuck, seriously would just like one day to hold her but I fucked up.

I'm home alone cause I hate myself, not sure which of us is better off...

seriously? Is that supposed to be your idea of a insult?

I keep the drug culture at arms length, all I do hear about anymore is heroin and meth and crack (sorta)

i am rubber and you are glue, bounces off me and sticks to you


Doing oxy... Playing a show tonight

No 12 step program needed why would someone want to talk about all the bad shit that happened over and over again? Eventually you wont even get high anymore you will have an awaking while your heart is racing, jaw trembling, nose plugged while you are debating cooking the rest to smoke. realizing coke and booze make you life shit if you use everyday . its a form of control designed to get the rich richer by keeping attorneys and the courts busy, give the police a reason to militarize, keep the prisons full.
Coke is for niggers and mexicans happy new year

OP here. chill out man. i do coke like once every 4 months. I am not addicted to anything.

Crack is cocaine dude. Just a different form. Coke will always be popular.


Doing coke here, too. About to have an anonymous blowjob from a gay dude. SO excited lol

Or you could just have a good time without getting rekt. Again, take your bullshit somewhere else.

i dont believe you're on coke

Why not lol. Coke makes me forget all my problems and makes me feel like I am the man for 15min at a time :D

Got an 8ball of some decent stuff last night and got a couple of grams of some wax, playing cod ww2 and watching anime might go to a party tonight but probably not

Fuck all. Same as every night ever.

I'm alone and it's the best. Got 2 differet parties I could go to, and at least one girl who would be a sure thing, but fuck all that noise. People are trash. I only spend time with them when I have to. And in this trash heap I guess. Ha ha fuck you guys, you know?