New Years eve

>New Years eve
>why are you alone user?

>tfw no real friends or family lo lean on during hard times
All I have is you faggots...

im a hidden gem

It's cozy inside

>Cold as fuck outside
>Comfy and warm inside
>Sandniggers playing around with fireworks outside
>No friends
>Grandparents and parents dead

90% of my friends I know online only, I can talk to the rest easily, and I have no boyfriend

online friends only desu :'3

sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow. But if we are wise, we know that there's always tomorrow. LEAN ON ME!

Alone second New years eve. Year and a half since we broke up. Will never allow myself into this state when I get my shit together ans showell up.

Why shouldn't I be?

Because my boyfriend friendzoned me like a week or two before Christmas. Like an hour ago he told me that he still thinks I'm a degenerate and that I disgust him - he used to call me degenerate in the beginning, for the last several months I actually thought he was okay with me.

>mfw all of this

Depressed because of a love story aswell

why does he call you a degenerate?

I have a girlfriend, a house, a car and a project car, I just don't give a shit about going out and getting drunk or whatever it is you think I should be doing

Because i'm a very boring person

gf is sleeping next to me, i´m fine

Well, the main thing is that I'm into horses... as in, I'm a zoophile. Though it's also true I'm a general ponyfag and furfag and all of that. Now you and everyone else is going to think more or less the same as him, I guess. Oh well...

Actually it's the first NYE that I'm staying home, can't help it all my friends are either Working or they're scattered at random countries

No especially. I've been into horse. Not anymore tho. But it's fine. Happy new year to you. Try to be happy.

Thanks, user. Happy New Year to you as well.

My mum owns a horse yard.

Is this a good pickup line?

I couldn't be happy on new year lil girl... Not fter this phone call :)

I'm not alone, I'll be spending my time with mathematics.

>why are you alone
Idk, I just don't want to deal with loud as fuck parties and shit and just wanna stay in my home and watch movies and doodle shit.

I mean... it's your mother, user... that's kinda like saying "my father drives Ford Mustang". Nevertheless... it still sounds good to me, lol. I live in the middle of a town, so I don't get to be around horses at all, sadly. And I love even just looking at them and being around them.

Going to drink and smoke delicious meats with friends. Just checking in good old 4chinnal. Happy New Year anons!

Well it means I have access to it at any time. And no-one would be suspicious cause it's me, I could say I was checking on one of her horses.

Because it's a pointless celebration I don't give a fuck about. I mean, the only thing happening tonight is 2017 calendars getting obsolete, at least our ancestors celebrated celestial bodies and agricultural happenings.

Well, that doesn't sound bad at all. Unless you're actually like a Chris Hansen for horsefuckers, lol. Or just a cop.
But yeah, sounds good, even though I'd prefer to eventually have my own house and my own horses - I'm not just after fucking, I want them as pets and companions.
Anyway, you called it a "pick up line" - I hope you don't think I'm a chick. I did say I had a boyfriend, but in case it wasn't clear, I'm a fag.

New years nut to start 2018 of the right way

Because Yakuza 0 is a single player game.

It was all for keks user.

But my mum does own a horse yard, and they are rad as fuck, highly recommend them from a companion point of view.

Because I don't have any friends.

Cucked by a vibrator.
Ain't even joking.

i honestly don't know why at this point, i guess it's the depression / anxiety

Can't blame you, who doesn't love keks.

Yeah, rad-as-fuck is what I would call it. Amazing creatures. Now to make enough shekels to be able to afford a house with sizeable property.

roads are icy and i cant do shit

hes right, stop looking for sympathy you fucking freak

Harsh. You should have cucked her first by buying yourself a $4k sexdoll or something.

My gf is drinking with her girlfriends (girls only, faggots) so I'm here playing vidya until she gets home

what are you, some sort of faggot?

I'm bingewatching dirty jobs.

Quad doubles command this I guess.

No close friends
No money

>she is faithful tonight

Holy shit, I only noticed this now. I wasted quadruple check 'ems on that post. Fuck Or maybe it's the RNGesus saying how right I was?

I don't have friend and i'm 20, so it's basically too late to make some.

I'm a bi male and I had a boyfriend a couple of months ago, but he broke up with me because of my obsession with anime waifus ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just no desire to go out and spend $100 on 4 beers and 2 shots of some overrated vodka.

Unlike you, I'm in a healthy, loving relationship, so I'm not even remotely concerned. Besides, there are no dudes, just her best friend and a couple of other girls :^)

One thing is that I have somewhat social phobia. The other is I don't l dance. Also I don't think solitude is bad. Spending time with bad people who treat others like shit is bad.

Yeah, can confirm. I'm about to turn 22 in march, I've no real friends, and it seems like there are none to be had.

If she breathes, she's a thot. So sayeth our lord Jesus Christ.

I hope you will find your soulmate in the 2018 :)

I'd rather be at home playing Breath of the Wild then partying

I don't have many friends, and that's about it I guess

If you will be nice I could be your friend :)

Only girl that wants to be with me romantically is in a different state.

Too cold to go to the city's main celebration

No money to go to smaller parties

and I want to plan and make this year the best year.

I'm cool with drinking and being along as long as I can find a smoke

I like to be alone. I can't stand being around other people.

I did get four days off for new years and five days paid vacation, so there's that.

That's mighty kind of you, user, thanks. I wish you well, too.

Bruh, jerk your ding ding to horses until it bleeds.

You'll be over horses in a week.

Well, I've first found out I was a zoophile when I was 13. I'll soon turn 22, but I'm as much of a zoo as ever. And yes, I do plenty of jerking, minus the bleeding, lol. This is not something I'll be over, I'm afraid.

How did you find out?

Same reason I was alone on Christmas!

Cuz I hit my fucking head and now I'm in hospital

I'm getting a divorce (it's me who left) and I moved to different city in November. In this city I have everything but friends.
I hope year 2018 will be better than 2017, for me and for you all faggots.

Because normies are fucking gay

My memory of that isn't completely clear at this point, but the gist of it is that I've randomly stumbled upon two things - videos of horses mating on YouTube, and some actual zoophile videos elsewhere. I remember spending like an entire afternoon just jerking off to videos of horses mating back then.
It's weird, because I wasn't really much interested in horses before (unlike other animals, I always loved rabbits, for example, and I'm not talking sexually, obviously), but after I realized I was attracted to horses, I soon started to really adore them in non-sexual way. When I see horses on a pasture, I don't immediately think of sexual stuff. I mostly think about the same perfectly innocent things as anyone else - the other aspect is secondary, even if quite strong.

Interesting, have you ever managed to do anything sexual with one?

No, sadly not. I don't get to be around horses. I live in the middle of a town of like 25k people, so I can't have my own horses. And I don't want to go to some sort of riding club, because for one, I'm not interested in riding whatsoever (in the conventional sense, anyway, lol), just in their company, and secondly I don't want to be outted or something. Like even if I had my own horse stabled somewhere, it would be dangerous to attempt anything vaguely sexual - in case the animal was down with it to begin with, of course. And so I'm basically saving money for a house and also hoping to meet a guy with similar interests, so that we could help each other out by buying the house together.

No real (no fake ones) friends, everyone has forgotten about me. Too much of anxiety / depresion to make new ones, in fact I don't want to know any new people since majority of people is shit/stupid. Not gonna regret anything, I'll spend my new years eve by myself while retards celebrate something that has no real meaning, just like birthdays, other holidays or whatever.

Not lonely just have to work, I'm not like you faggots

>chad chuckles in the distance

because i want to die :)

I was partying with my friends every year except this one, and even in the previous years I knew that spending new years eve with friends was nothing exceptional, so yeah.. I just got home, had a few drinks with a couple of friends, but that's it. It's fun (to spend it with friends drinking), but not necessary. It's okay to chill alone.

By choice. I turned down invites to a couple parties because I have other plans.

Good enough, only everyone refuses to aknoledge me so I’ve never even been to a party :/


So i just had my new years party alone because everyone decided to leave me hanging now I am alone with my dog on the couch watching tv

23 and first time home alone. Loving it even more than I thought I would. Though I do see why most people would not be comfortable with that.

I won't sugarcoat things and say that it's not fun at all, but like I said it's not pivotal to spend new years eve drinking with friends and partying. It might be just the depression talking, but it's not that bad to be alone. But then again, I don't know what it's like to spend every major event alone..

I feel u user, it sucks

im fat, broke, and live with my mom at 33. i am literally undatable

Pretty shitty, especially when u log onto the socials the next day to see everyone including the betas having a great time

Gay shit.
I'm going to hook up with this guy I've been secretly hooking up with for the last couple months, and do sex with him.
>inb4 faggot.
>inb4 that's gay
Yes, I know I am a gay faggot for fucking a dude.

yeah I imagine, but it's pretty much the same after those days isn't it? life moves on, and if those people can only hold onto these "special" events, then it is just their fault isn't it..? I guess what I'm trying to say that it really isn't all that special you know. new years eve, that is. [spoiler][/spoiler]

Bipolar currently on severe depression cycle. I can barely get out of bed. I feel bad for wasting the day but I'm fucked so there's nothing I can do.

I envy you the gay shenanigans that are about to ensue. Have fun, user.

0:33 here now - alone because friends/ex ditched me a few months ago, I'm drunk/fucked up/depressed about to smoke some weed, what are you degenerates doing...

>Life always moves on, just don’t honk about it
That’s what I tell myself to avoid suicide and u know what? It works, but not very well

ayy central europe by any chance?

the Netherlands

Acknowledging that may not be enough, you also need a goal I think. Do you strive for anyting?

because the woman i love is torn between me and somebody else feelsrealbadman

Who told you i am alone fag

there is no always tomorrow.

No, life’s plateaud for me and I think it’s gonna stay that way

sick at home

way too stressed to pay attention to social convention #9001

fact I'm missing it makes me even more stressed

I just want is to rest a bit.

>>Sandniggers playing around with fireworks outside

oh man... i feel sorry for u

Get good