Waifu thread

Waifu thread.

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Still here

People are so thirsty for Mediator

Aнacтacия — звeздa, чтo вeдeт мeня


How's your last day of the year?

yeah....still a bi of time before it kicks in

It's 1 here and I am terribly sick. Went to work for an hour anyways.


I don't get it at all

Oh... Are you taking a few days off now?

Want to be my gf?

Probably not. How about yourself?

Tomo-chan! How have you been? How's work?
No offense but men like emotionally vulnerable female. I think men are hardwired into protecting people like that.
Will you be my gf?

Lol watching TV and typing is hard

I'm not a girl and I already asked you s long time ago (back when you were pretending to be one irl)

Really? And did we date?

Good afternoon waifus

Hello friends~ im probably gonna upgrade my computer today!~ 8 core processor and new motherboard.. gonna miss my lucky processor though, i've had it since the month it launched.


No thank-you

I'm not so sure they want to protect me...

Hello Ulchan, how are you?


Hi it's me, some canuck and im pretty straight
I also have some objects that shouldn't be found be found in my closet, what's up

I would protect you though, but suite yourself


Your waifu is too cute, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Why do you need all that power when all you do is go on Facebook all day?

Lets date!

You're right you should find someone irl and not online.

your's is cute too

pffft, i dont waste my time on facebook, i waste my time here

Hello Astolfo, any plans for the New Year

That's my plan, at least once I'm ready to date again

That sounds awesome, I would save the old board and processor if you can though. Never hurts to have a backup. I have an old 760 video card I keep around just in case.
I just woke up cause I was out till 5am last night.. good times. How are things on your end?

If you were a girl I would consider it
>tfw you no longer have a gf to play earthworm Jim with

'tis the plan!

hey Yami guy, how's your wife doing

getting too drunk to post coherent stuff in thread seems to be my only plan so far.
What's yours?

She's plain and flat chested.
I only love her because of what she is on the inside.

Damn look at those tits...
Um do you play vidya?

So you broke up with that guy?

Earthworm Jim was my shyt back in the day!

Yessire i do! all damn day

she'd doing well....how are you?

wow...then you literally have done it right

Got the flu? Or just a cold?



Did you get a new GPU too?

Really? Thank you!
She's evil in the inside though.

Nothing, I'll be sitting at home
I don't drink

I didn't yet, but I will tomorrow
I'm nervous and I hope it ends well

wanna be my gf?
i got tonnes of money. i play guitar, drums, piano, bass, violin, viola, cello, tuba, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, flugelhorn, dulcimer, shamisen, koto, melodica, harp, harmonica, organ, and recorder. I have a vocal range of 5 octaves and I have perfect pitch. I like to cook and I am a sous-chef at Cafe Ponte. I can do a 720 ollie on my longboard and hang ten. I own a Ferrari, Camaro, and a Nissan Ultima. I wrote songs for Yes and ACDC before. My uncle is in The Who and my dad knew Paul McCartney. I have 5 pair of yeezy and I only listen to Kanye West and Death Grips. My cousin is also Elon Musk and my dad was Eminem AND Tupac and my mom is Beyonce. I own 5 TV networks, including the NHK. I have 500 houses and 500 mouses. I have 500 cars and 500 scars. I killed Obama bin Laden and fucked every one of Trump's wives. I am also the only man with 10 stands. I have a yellow belt in karate.
What about you?

i would, if the one i wanted was in stock

I am perfect, fucking fantastic is how I'm doing
Guess I woke up in a good mood today

Have fun doing nothing I guess

which one did you want

Just finished girls last tour. What the what just happened?

Getting shit faced with Nino-san

Strix 1070ti, advance edition, if ya had me on discord, i'd send a link to it

Can someone explain this bullshit to me

Heads up he's going to beat the shit out of you.

Forget her! Date me!

Those things are so darn pricey!
And don't worry because a better one will arrive soon ^^

Someone is posting Hitagi nudes and its awesome.

Um, I have depression and a near non-existent sex drive

I will, it'll just be another day for me

I don't think so, there's a lot of reasons he shouldn't, at least

Do you have any siblings like a brother who can go with you and wait outside?

heyy that's pretty good
I have a ROG Strix 1080Ti

same here, it's just an excuse to get drunk really

You just want me for my money...
I have the cure to depression and five sex bots.
Also I have 500 lbs of muscle on each part of my body

oh shit i missed stuff

Only child, my friend will be there and so will her boyfriend
He's a very intimidating guy

I'm a bit scared to drink, I'd probably end up doing something I'd regret

Do your muscles have muscles?

How did you know? Who told you?
I think they're still posting it now lmao

only right choice

Yeah and those have muscles as well. You need big muscles to be able to handle hamon and stands.
You probably stopped readimg at i have a lot of money

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I've been on one of these

yee i'm gonna see how it goes


I barely have anyone near me to bother on a drunken nigh at home, so I can't do many stuff I could regret
Except maybe having to clean some stuff the next day


>inb4 your bf slaps your friend's ass and her bf won't do shit

That's good though he might think twice about hitting you or belittling you after the breakup.

I did...

You were here yesterday.

She'll be fine she stands her ground


Fuck off sonokawa, Mediator is my girlfriend


I only posted one image, which doesn't exactly feel like a lot. Anyway, how are you?

that's good but it's not like i have anything else to do now

So when's our wedding?

You won't know what year it is when you regain consciousness

I just hope everything goes well
Or maybe I hope it doesn't so I won't have any regrets

I'm not


Yayacuck uwu

What about Remi

Easy: 2017 :^)

whatever it is...that's why you chose her...and yes she is cute

well that is terrific! you gonna keep that good mood going?

Who even is Mediator

Right now at my condominium on Jupiter

apparently i never was he bf and he only pretended to be out of pity

Yuri is the Mugi poster btw

Cockona owo
Jojo seems really stupid but in a good way

up until I pass out on my desk

So you decide to leak nudes. it's understandable why he pitied you

shid are you watching it?
What part are you on uwu

well until then stay happy ^_^

you are awesome...in fact have another book

I'll watch it eventually. I watched a little bit of a compilation last night and now I'm intrigued

Bye guys, Mi-Liu doesn't want me here.

Alright fine I'll leave.
Yeah it's pretty hot.
>saved because of maximum cuteness
I'm scared so I'm leaving the thread now.
Sounds like you like drama...
Regrets are part of life.
Take a weapon with you like a roll of nickles.
She'll shoot you in the face...
She's evil.
Duke ^^

Claiming best girl.

Happy new year.. yeah..

tfw self diagnosed with AIDs, Cancer, Species Dysphoria, Gender Euphoria, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, and non-fuctioning Autism as in the autism doesnt work

Saya a cute

Vacation ends in 3 days... Not looking forward to return to my routine...

Happy New Year Saya!

don't leave

I'll give you a taiyaki

I'll post anonymously if you want
*takes greedily*

Shows how much you know, scientists decided we need to skip 2017 this year, so it'll be 2018

I'm flying there in my Tesla now

I don't fight, I could never bring myself to hurt somebody

I'm self diagnosed with tuberculosis and Bubonic Plague because my throat hurts

welllll....I think folks will know if you keep responding to me, yes?

Get your jimmies rustled, fag

it's fun to watch and it's good entertainment

Idk about that though, thank

what kind of meme compilation did you watch

I'll miss you

Science doesn't exists you idiot, that's why it's called science FICTION

Saya is

Hai Vali

Hai Mediator

Hai Yami

Hai Astolfo

Not really. No one reads my posts.

Our marriage is over

hi Saya! how are you today?

fair enough. I have my opinion ^_^

I do when I am around

I believe it was this one

Who's jimmies are rustled? Not mine.
I'm just terminally chill


You shouldn't because you wouldn't get anything out of it

I just realized nothing will probably change this year either..

i read your posts