Surely Sup Forums isn't degenerate enough to pee in the shower...... right?

Surely Sup Forums isn't degenerate enough to pee in the shower...... right?

First thing I do every morning
Feels good, man


Yea I'm going to get my soaking wet body out of the shower to go piss in the toilet, all while getting water all over the floor

Saves 100s of gallons of water a year.

piss before you shower, einstein

is it physically possible to not pee in the shower?

It's necessary to dislodge the feces.

This is why you are going to pay $$$ in repairs to your piss ridden, deteriorating pipes.

>Not waffle stomping your way to victory
Shiggy diggy.

literally nothing wrong with it but a social stigma it all goes to the same place now giving a shit about senseless social stigma now theres a retard right there

I always have to piss right when I get in. Also I want a toilet under the shower head so I can shit in the shower

Ever notice how all your pipes converge into one big one at the bottom of the house

I pee in the toilet from the shower

are you retarded what pipes do you think your toilet uses magical piss pipes?

>implying Sup Forumstards actually shower on a regular basis

I'm bladder shy so yeah in the shower and sink.

i set up a hidden cam in the shower and caught my house mate peeing while showering. i would like her to stop, but it's not like i can bring it up. what do?

"Why does the shower always smell like piss? Have you noticed that?"

To allay her suspicions, tell her the drain tastes like urine.

the water and soap dosnt wash it down or anything like oh wait it dose

Hate to say it, but I've actually done this a couple times.
Started with me not wanting to get out the shower to poop because I don't want to slide around with a wet butt on a toilet seat, and then I just thought it wasn't that bad, so I did it a few more times.
Prolly like 10 separate occasions now, in two separate homes.

that is pretty clever!

aaah... I remember of this prostitute's shower where I peed because she was shit.

You could start by posting the vid

I use my toilet for shitting, scumbag. Only a faggot would decide to use a toilet for pissing, that's why I shower every time I piss.

why would i get out off the shower dripping wet just to piss in a toilet when i can do that in the shower?

i guess for dubs i can

>magical piss pipes
Laughed too hard

>almost 2018
>not taking shits in the shower and stomping them down the drain

Fuckin bunch of normies

peeing in the shower isnt even a little degenerate what are you on OP

When I piss I piss all over the place too. Ammonia cleans stuff.

Damn! You got more of her?

I always piss in the shower.

yes, even when I'm showering with my girlfriend. Sometimes she'll even play with it like pinching my foreskin shut and making it balloon up with piss. No one should care it's practically sterile.

>deteriorating pipes
PVC doesnt really rust....

Oh shit

Dudes shes nasty too, fuckin playing with it and shit.

but hey thanks for not being a faggot

Spoken like someone that's never used a community shower. 60 rounds of soap and water couldn't compete with the 20 or so dudes that refused to stop pissing and jerking in the shower. Got so bad we had to put someone on watch and take the curtains off the stalls to give write ups.

in a public place no, i dont hold it in to pee in the shower at home either, but if i feel like i need to pee when im in the shower at home im not gonna hold back and i gotta be honest, something about being in the shower causes me to think i gotta pee so it happens kinda often.


Well, if you've always brushed your teeth at least twice daily, you've always changed underwear daily, you've always done your homework, you've never skipped school except for serious reasons, you've never smoked on cigarette, you've never underage drunk, you've never hit somebody except in self-defense, you've never watched porn for fun or out of curiosity but only for official scientific research purposes, then I can understand that you've never peed in a shower or a pool. And I also think you're the Ubermensch. Sage goes in all fields!


Oh hell yeah, she nice. more?

Puritans are anti-science! Sage!

i've never smoked on cigarette, "underage drunk" or hit somebody, but i dont think im the Ubermensch either.

my father told me there are 2 types of men in the world.

those who piss in the shower, and those who lie about it.

I want more of this spy on pee girl in shower stuff.


Fucking savage.

Shit in the drain and stamp it down with my foot

Waffle stomping to the cultured.