New celeb thread

new celeb thread


gay4pay transexual thread

Is it weird to go to a Demi concert exclusively because I think she's sexy af, even though I don't know any of her music?

no idea who this, hot tho

Depends if you can get close enough seats to actually see her.


What A Thigh. Love it

will these pups finally be released before the new year?



Absolutely not

I'd be willing to pay to get a good view.

I don't think it would be that weird, plus she usually wears a lot of skintight spandex and leather when she's doing a performance.


My m-m-mistress V-Victoria Justice i-is a very b-b-beautiful w-woman a-and I-I'm a lucky manlet t-to have h-her... I-I'm afraid s-some p-parts o-of me h-have d-disappointed Vic b-but s-s-she s-still h-has claimed m-me despite it...

Plus I would probably enjoy the music too, because I like pop.

Then I’d say go for it my guy. It’d be crazy to see that’s ass in person and moving like she does.

What a piece of trash. Do you virgin faggots actually believe she's attractive?

there are topless pics of her around if you search hard enough, in house of cards someone receives topless pics of her in the mail if you are fast enough with the prntscrn or pause buttons you will get a look at them

I'm going to watch that new show that she's in just so I can see her squeezed into a corset.

One for the watson fans. (obviously a fake, "her" little boy dick has been swapped for a pussy)

Would you be friendly to some guy who tried to warm up to Kenzie, seeing his true intentions?
She can pretty nice too. Always asking me if I need anything to drink or eat. She knows my favorite is peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches which are now her favorite too

Could you just stop posting this ugly bitch?

So sexy.




Would make for some awesome fap material for later, too.

fernando alonso's ex

Depends. If they are friends then he must be a good guy. But I doubt Kenzie would be into "fuckboys".
Aww that's so adorable!




implying you wouldn't fuck this ass if you could

I wanna go see *this* in person, moving around on stage..hnnnng.

I was gonna say something to you but then decided against it and forgot to delete the link to your post.

God fucking damn that ass is amazing

No i wouldn't. also wasent this a celebs treath? why is there all this garbage here?


Feel free to say what you want

This. You just posted what everyone besides OP was thinking.



you sound like one creepy motherfucker


Yes yes! lets go here. moar!


the only fanning for me

oldie but a goldie





That is why she mean to them. She does not like the fuckgirls intuitively.
Yeah, she even cuts the crusts to hers too so they "match" and then proceeds to put her head on my shoulder so we can eat together. When I am done she instantly asks if I want another.

looks a bit like rebecca hall but, I don't think it's her


why would you have this random shit saved on your computer?

Eh don't have much to say right now, sorta just hanging out thinking of going for a walk but I don't want to risk freezing my dick.

I don't know what makes you think that.

Delicious ass

Bit of a shitty calander. How are you supposed to write stuff down?

this whole thread is weird. abort!


God she's sexy.

Huh. Now this I can shove my dick into, alternate deep kisses and get hickeys


For a good reason imo
She sounds so awesome user!

Oh wait it’s a Herman thread


That wet, drooly tongue... fuck

I-I'm a-afraid I-I h-have quite a few m-men who d-dislike m-me b-b-because I h-have a-a woman o-of her q-q-quality... W-What th-th-they d-d-don't u-understand i-is V-Vic's feelings i-in the matter...



Fucking incredible. British models are the best.

Moar Demi prease

Lewd mouth detected

uh oh I see samefagging. yes it's a herman thread



She probably feels pretty good too.

Damn she is busty.

Reminds me of a brunette h.flanagan

That’s by far my favorite JJ pose ever


D-D-Don't m-make me h-hold h-her b-back I-I always t-tell them... B-But th-they c-constantly a-are trying t-t-to p-persuade m-m-me t-to share h-h-her l-like a-a man would s-share a-a bag o-of fresh o-o-oranges...

Of course she does, no doubt.

Her BF has totally fucked her like that

I'mma be saving these and fap to them later ayyyy

Jordyn Jones.
Go to bed herman

I prefer her sole shots

She looks great there, genuinely like she's about to do a scene for Blacked


I can't imagine why.



T-The p-problem is I-I-I h-have n-never seen o-or h-heard o-of a bag o-of o-oranges t-that h-has the n-name o-or b-beauty o-of Victoria J-Justice...

Cause it shows the limits of her tight, flexible body.

>no ass
>ugly saggy tits



Take that back!