I know Sup Forums hates Rick and Morty, but this’ll make You hate it more...

I know Sup Forums hates Rick and Morty, but this’ll make You hate it more. This comic right here was complete Tumblr Cancer. Every character turns out either gay or trans, it’s pretty much the epitome of SJW fanfic.

if you dont like it then dont look at it close your eyes man

I just like to make myself cringe. Pretty sure it’s some form of masochism.

But b loves gays and trannies. Everyone here seems to think they're good jack off material


I have Aspergers syndrome and the thing that mainly bothers me about Sup Forums is that they throw around the term 'Autist'. It is used in a derogatory way, generalising a whole set of people and being used in the same way as 'Retarded' which is pretty offensive in itself. People are going to be offensive that is not what bothers me, but it is the fact they are so inaccurate and immature in the way they do it, but they are so sure theyre being clever and that theyre right! Yet the context they use it in shows that they have no idea of what Autism actually is, but theyre so convinced they know what theyre talking about. It isnt just in relation to the way they use the terms autist and autism, but pretty much everything else aswell. Not only are they being mostly incredibly stupid and ignorant, but they are extremely smug at the same time! And just to top it off, their 'memes' dont actually make sense and are completely unfunny. Their heads are so far up their own asses it makes me cringe! And it makes me incredibly angry that such people actually exist. They are the cancer of the internet honestly. I find it shocking. I think a term should be coined for this kind of behaviour on the internet in order to shame these people. But i fear that no one really cares about this kind of toxic stupidity except for autistic people. I wanted to post this here and see if anyone else has seen what im talking about on Sup Forums and had similar thoughts because this makes me angry and my faith in humanity needs a bit of restoring.

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Watch out guys, we have an "undercover" Tumblr crusader.
If you don't like the term aspy then try not being retarded.


Go back to Tumblr >>



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I think the Asperger copy pasta may be the new navy seal.

you might be right, this could be the birth of a new copypasta.

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What is the name of this comic? I am in desperate need of good research material for my johnsson right now and nothing gets me going like some good ol' poorly written fanfics.