WHats wrong with my Face Sup Forums

WHats wrong with my Face Sup Forums

> What's wrong with my face Sup Forums
It's not buried in this pussy

I don't see a thing wrong with it other than not being next to me.


What's wrong is taking pictures upside down like a fucking nigger, jesus.

wow, literally just opened this to type same thing - instead of 'buried in pussy' put 'gagging on cock" :P

More pics.

THIS cunt is an 8/10 she's not posting on Sup Forums


Well, Mr. Dubs. Your problem is that you look like a woman. Everything about you is feminine. You look just like a beautiful girl.

well it doesnt seem to be the right way round for starters

it's the wrong way around and not wrapped around this cock

I'd take this face over many, many others. Don't feel self-conscious about it, if that's why you're asking.

Another problem is that girls don't come to Sup Forums so you're a guy, who stole a girls pics, and is now posting them on Sup Forums pretending that you're her. You fucking faggot. Post timestamp, now, or you're a guy

Is your name Tori

Like the lips.

It exists~.

Stop taking upside down pictures. What the hell



slight squint

Needs a bag.


not you, timestamp or gtfo

What a problem solver kek


>tasting your wart inducing dick cheese

Yeah this girl looks like Victoria justice and Emmy rossum does anyone else see this? Also she's a fucking whore and it's probably not her

I like her face whore or not.

lazy eyed? Is your kitty stale too? flash it for me, pls

it's upside down


any body shots of this girl?