Be me

>be me
>take 20 clofen tablets hoping to stop the shakes today while trying to not drink alcohol.
It's not helping.
Any home remedies for alcohol withdrawal? If it doesn't get better I can see myself going to buy cheap wine soon.
Pic semi-related. It's my mum a week after she had a few drinks and tripped on her way to the toilet.

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Try hanging out with friends, or get yourself into a dangerous exciting adventure...don't be like your mom

ask Jesus to take away your craving. get to an aa meeting. go to a meeting a day (or preferably more) for 90 days and don't miss a day. stay in touch with Jesus. thank me later.

Replacing one addiction with another. Yeah sounds like a really healthy method of overcoming addictions........ Wait......

Take a benadryl or two. Sleep the shakes should go away.

Grow a pair and push through it with willpower.


Go buy that cheap alcohol for tonight, but get some Valium. You don't want to go cold turkey it can kill you. If you can talk to a doctor do so first, but Valium will help with withdrawal survival.

If you really want to get off of the booze I mean really, then goto the ER and tell them they will prescribe you something to get you through.

I recommend a doctor if at all possible, but no matter what don't quit cold turkey if the withdrawals are really bad. They can and do kill the hardcore addicts.

This 1000

drink a beer, buy a deepweb pressed benzo

So what makes a hardcore addict? Drinking in the morning and through the day?

Every day, yup

if you're a big time alcoholic, you need medical supervision. withdrawals can literally kill you. non-medical advice, you need to find a hobby, and you should avoid new relationships for at least 1 year when trying to recover from an addiction. if you're serious, check yourself into a real rehab clinic. they can help you more than Sup Forums can

Valium, it's the only way. Also, if you don't have withdrawal bad enough to be in the hospital, man up, pussy.

t. alcoholic

There is something appealing about a morning buzz.

My cousin told me he once saw me spend a whole day hiding on his couch because I was hallucinating and having panic attacks because I was sure the floor had turned to liquid and was afraid I'd drown if I got up. I think that counts.

Sounds like some one has been there?

Medium or long term acting benzodiazepines. I use valium.

If you feel bad, go to emergencies for nice distraneurine shot, then you'll get the valium there. At least in my country.

yep. i wasn't there for alcohol, but i've been through rehab. the first things they tell you is get a hobby and don't start seeing someone. there's a lot of soul searching involved, and a lot of attitude adjustment, if you're willing.

Sucks for you dude. Hope your better. Never suffered the same way. Guess MMV.

are you an alcoholic for drinking 2 litrers beer per day for two years?

Never found wisdom on Sup Forums. Hopefully your crushing it now. Not sure where I'm at but maybe drink to much some times.

i've been sober for 3 years, user, with no signs of going back. i'm killing it. good luck on your journey

AA is pretty great. After my whore bag ex wife pulled some fucked up shit I hit the bottle like the slug from 45 to the temple. * months straight drinking before I came to my scences. Stopped buying it. Did the 90 in 90. 4 years later I go once a week maybe. Sober life is great. Call it what ever but going to meeting everyday wont ruin your life like the bottle will. People who go are some of the best and happiest I know.

The only way to stop the withdrawal symptoms is with another GABA agonist. Besides alcohol, your options are benzodiazepines or phenibut. Phenibut dependence comes on quick though.

Your best bet is either tapering (with alcohol, benzodiazepines, or phenibut; whichever will be easiest for you to successfully taper with without falling back into the abuse cycle) or seeking professional medical help.

OP i'm in the same fucking boat, i can't get benzos cuz doctors are fucking stingy jew bastards in my state, but i am tapering with beer, hopefully things will clear up by tomorrow

Thanks for all of the support anons.

I have a pretty good doctor. I'll talk to him next weekend and get some Valium. I have to kick this habit soon or else I'm going to kick the bucket. It's not fair on my wife, and I have to quit before my son is old enough to remember watching his dad sitting on the sofa drinking wine like its water.

Glad you found peace bro. Kinda unsure about going to meetings. How did you over come that?

I don't know if is your thing but you could try weed. It should at least help with the nausea and dull the pain. P

No clue where to buy it from or I would.

Go to a vitamin shop and buy some kava. It'll help boost your GABA up enough without taking benzos and help with the anxiety

It might also reduce the seizure risk from withdrawal.

Yeah withdrawals are not good at all. I'm struggling to focus and think. Also really flushed and sweating with the aircon on. Difficult to type this.

You ok?

You really might want to consider tapering instead of trying cold turkey. You also have about a 5% chance of having delirium tremens and that is what generally kills people. It's still unlikely to kill you though.

You're looking at a very shitty week if you're trying to go cold turkey. How long since your last drink?

The Hellgramite Method


The shower is your best friend. I've went through withdrawals a time or two in my day. (bad ones)
I would turn on the shower and set at the back just letting the water splash on my nuts and down. Every 5 minutes or so, put your head under the water for a bit.
The water constantly hitting your body kind of tricks your body into not over-heating, while not getting too cold.
I would take your phone and some snacks with a lot of sugar in them, as well and just chill.
Best of luck.

I'm not able to stop once I start. Willpower of a potato fml.
I have been through 12 bottles this weekend. Last bottle was only like 12 hours ago.
I was in hospital twice last year almost dead.
I would but I don't even trust myself to drive right now.
Yeah doing that right now.

Thanks for the support anons.

Look up etizolam and find a source. Use 2-3mg a day for a week then taper to 1mg/day until you can quit. Don't go over 2 weeks though

i'm not the guy you're asking, but i'll answer. everyone has the same hesitation. just do it. nobody's taking names, they'll welcome you and you can just say hi and sit and listen. you can do that again and again, meeting after meeting, until you're moved to speak up. and you will be. you'll have things to contribute. you'll be among people who you have so much in common with. it's like anything, though, you just gotta do it.

i went through rehab before going to my first meeting. by the time i got out of rehab i'd heard so much about aa i couldn't wait to go.

but rehab is a waste of money, aa is what gets you sober, and it's free. or, put a buck in the coffee can if you can.

just go.

beer works for me...

>tfw no na meetings close enough for me to go
I wish I could get help. I can barely make it 2-3 weeks sober before I lose my shit.

I quit drinking for a few months and started a hobby that I've always wanted to do. Turns out everybody drinks while doing this activity, so now I'm a drunk with a fun hobby.

For the first time in my life I think I will actually go to an AA meeting. I never had the courage before bc it's largely linked to religion (not that I dislike Christianity, completely the opposite but that's a story for another thread)
Imma google it now.

Lol what's the hobby? Maybe I should try it. Does it at least help you keep occupied so you drink less?

that's hard to believe, no aa meeting near you. can i ask roughly where you live?

Taper use until physical symptoms subside
Or go to an addiction clinic
Don't cold turkey like an aa dumbass

go for it, user -- i promise you won't regret it. and consider doing 30 meetings in 30 days, a common suggestion. i did it -- and then continued on for a total of 169 meetings in 169 days. i felt supercharged, that's how aa is. makes you into superman -- super sober man.

aa calls that white knuckling. meaning you clench your fist so tight for 2-3 weeks you just can't wait for release -- can't wait to drink again.

the sobriety you get at aa is so different. very soon you don't even have the urge to drink.

If I feel like I can drive, I think I'll go to hospital soon and get something to help.
That's pretty amazing you went 169 consecutive days. How old are you if you don't mind me asking.

Southern Illinois in a town of 300, towns 15 minutes away are 5k or under. The one listed online that's not an hour away apparently doesn't exist because I showed up to nothing

pretty darn old

I was talking about narcotics anonymous but that makes sense applied to drugs or alcohol.

Well I can relate. I only managed to stop drinking daily several months ago. I got diagnosed with ADD and the meds (Methylphenidate) have killed my alcohol cravings and ruined drinking significant quantities for me. If I do buy booze, I usually only get a 22oz of beer so that I can't drink much. I have no idea how to socialize now though without booze. I probably wouldn't have been able to stop drinking without it though. Fortunately I managed to unintentionally taper and didn't go through significant withdrawal.

If you have the willpower of a potato, how do you intend to get through the next week of progressively worse symptoms? Do you have someone close to you that you can lean on for this?

Off roading. I don't ever get black out drunk while riding during the day, so it's kinda less I guess. But once we settle in every night we get drunk as shit.

Is that her vegene?


call it a crazy idea, but start an aa group. find a place where people can meet once a week -- a local church can help -- and advertise it on craigslist etc.

you just show up there every week and when someone comes, welcome them and maybe you can offer a cup of coffee. or not, no big deal.

then just sit and bs together about how drinking as screwed up your life and how you want to quit.

meanwhile get a copy of something called the big book, which is the aa bible, and read it. it's very interesting and easy to read. it tells how the first guys in aa did it.

seriously, start a meeting.

if i was there i'd come.

very true. a drug is a drug. though, i know some druggies prefer narcotics anonymous because they can relate better as to the specific drug they were taking. a crack addict an an alcoholic will have things in common but also things not in common.

but aa will get a druggie off drugs, whatever the drug.

>the big book

There ya go you drunken Sup Forumsastard.

schthlanks manh

>goto AA
>AA says it isn't your fault
>remove all responsibility from drinking
>constantly reminded of drinking from AA
>eventually drink because the dropout rate of AA is 99%
>goto AA
>it's cool, it's not your fault

AA is for faggots, just stop drinking like a man and take responsibility for your actions.

Sounds fun as fuk user.
I'll have to read once my head clears. Should be online I think?

And sober the fuck up rummy.
I ain't gonna link it again.

yeah, some user posted the link above. ignore the forewards and prefaces, just start with chapter 1, bill's story. and don't wait for your head to clear, it's easy reading. Godspeed to you.

Psychic user lol

Don't fuck with AA. It was literally just created to get Alcoholism recognized as a disease so that insurance would cover the costs. By doing that, they pushed AA into nearly all rehab centers and got as much funding as they wanted.

It is actually pretty fun, except when I get drunk and then wheel in the dark and break shit because no inhibitions.

I was typing as it was posted. Also I'm a wineo

hilarious, user. tell us another

Oh go fuck yourself, AA is a great free resource to help people quit drinking.

Did you tip your fedora as you typed that?

>I'm a wineo
I sure as Hell wouldn't admit to that at a meeting.

Just tell 'em you're a drunk.

I mean, you can ignore history all you want but it's a fact. Read about Marty Mann.

i will do that, user -- thank you for the tip

Free? Fuck out of here. Nearly all rehabilitation centers are 12-step based.

ok i just read about marty mann and it says she got sober in aa. anything elser?

yeah, rehab centers take aa's free program and charge money to teach it to drunks who get sent to rehab by their employers and insurance pays thousands for what could be had for free. next.

I don't see the difference user.
I prefer wine bc I can drink it like water and hangovers aren't as bad.

ya, punch yourself and take enough sleeping pills to pass out fo the next few days

Read about her and Dr. Jellinek...not in fucking wikipedia

I'm just fucking with ya OP.

It's good that you're honest.
Give AA a try. Look online for the meetings in your area.

Good luck

I kinda seriously doubt op is even still here but just in case:

Hardcore alcoholic here. 40 years old. Was drinking every day for about the last two years but was getting drunk at least two or three times a week for a solid ten plus years before that. I stopped cold turkey on the night before Halloween. I got tired of feeling like shit all the time I have had some mood swings but that's all. I know this is not typical, I guess I'm just lucky. Anyway to answer your question I have used phenibut, Klonopin, and kratom to curb cravings. I try to use the Klonopin the least since it's the most addictive. A half mg once or twice a week. Phenibut I have to take at least 500 mg for it to help so I only do that no more than twice a week. Kratom has no bad side effects that I know of so I fill in the gaps with that. Honestly that's all I'd use except the shit is so expensive. I like the liquid shots and I usually drink two at a time and I'll be good for the rest of that day. Haven't even missed alcohol much after the first few days and I'm loving the extra money I have now that I don't have to spend it all on beer and liquor.

The shitty part is I'm still moody and anxious and depressed. I thought all that would improve but it hasn't. At all. I do feel ten times better physically though. I feel like I added ten years back onto my life. No more stomach pain and diarrhea. Less body aches. More energy, all that type stuff.

>The shitty part is I'm still moody and anxious and depressed
this is the difference between stopping your drug of choice, and going to rehab to recover

Well it's only been 2 months user. You gotta give it time.

It took me 8 months to clear my head when I quit morphine. thought I was never gonna come back for a while there.

Yeah well I don't have that luxury. At least I'm in better physical condition now. One thing at a time.

That's positive to hear. Thanks and congrats.

this is correct. though, you can go to aa and not pay for "rehab," which just introduces you to aa.

No thanks. I'd rather find something new and positive to focus on rather than dwell on what I'm NOT doing. AA is negative reinforcement and I'm not a fan of that mode of thinking in any aspect of life, not just addiction.

let me just say your thinking is... stunning

i went to AA a few times. it felt like i was attending a broke-ass church, so i ghosted them

They adopted AA's program because it was Marty Mann and her cronies convincing them it was effective with dubious fucking research. In the 70s nearly all rehab centers were 12-step based. Now that more research is being done and proving AA is ineffective for long-term sobriety centers are moving away from 12-step and into research based. I mean fuck, you faggots are even losing the Veterans Administration from pushing your bullshit.

and you're sober these days? do tell us how

Sorry, 80's*

OP here user.
I'm 40 in April.
I have the worst shits too. I've been a complete alcoholic getting drunk almost every night for almost the last 10 years (used to hit the gym almost daily and looked great, now I'm just a fat alcoholic) I spend $4k+ per year and that's me buying the cheap $4 bottles of wine. In my life I have spend at least $60-80k easily if I include going out to pubs and the like.
I have bad mood swings when I'm drunk or sober. That's something I need to fix, too.
I drink to forget my past. That past is finally getting cloudy and mentally I'm dealing with it better so now I don't really have that as an excuse to drink. It's now just being so set in my ways of working then drinking that I just can't seem to stop.


Define sober.

Because if you *think* you have to never drink again you're wrong.