Not going to lie, I used to laugh at people who thought the earth was flat. But tonight, because I'm bored...

Not going to lie, I used to laugh at people who thought the earth was flat. But tonight, because I'm bored, I decided to just look up some of their forums and sites. and holy shit.. the evidence is compelling. I really think we're being fucking lied to.

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post link i wanna see

LOL. Moron

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also, exhibit a i hope your joking

whats the most compelling piece of evidence you saw and i will put it through the logic test.

congratulations for coming into the light, op. appreciate your attempt to bring others out of the darkness.

look up flat earth society forums, also yt videos. not gonna lie i feel like the persecution of people know for believing in a flat earth is potentially similar to that Galileo suffered from the Catholic Church. The only question is, why would the government WANT to lie to us? That's the scary part.


Well, welcome to retardville you spoon. You know there are genuine conspiracies of people actually conspiring to corrupt our minds.

I can honestly say that my opinion is flat earth thinking is only really good to filter out people whose views are not worth listening to.

Post some of your compelling evidence for the lols though.

i just did and the most quoted evidence for it is some mathematical formula which is being used wrong
there's literally a 24/7 stream for you uneducated fools to indulge yourselves in and finally emancipate yourselves from theg overnment's lies. 'debunk' that.

Gonna stalk this thread into 2018 this shit has potential

care to quote the mathematical formula that is being used wrong, and why it is being used wrong?

it's not the gov't it's the people who control the gov't. they would like you to believe the bible -- the earth in genesis is said to be flat -- is false. they want to lead you to lucifer.

if the earth is flat then why can't I see the sun at night? it's still up somewhere else on the same flat plane, right?

>welcome to retardville you spoon.
Kek'd heartily.

7.98 inches per mile squared. its being used incorrectly because its being used on the horizon, the formula is supposed to be used at sea level. therefore its off by orders of magnitude

you laughed out loud at that? are you 12?

Whatever happened to that flat earth retard who was going to launch himself into orbit with a fucking steam powered rocket to prove the existence of a flat earth?


this is fundamentally wrong, you need to rethink how you're arranging the formula. do you really think some guy on Sup Forums knows more than a society of scientists that have devoted years of research to the cause, no offence? pleaseeee don't come @ scientists when it comes to mathematical credibility bro

if the earth is flat explain mountains

>trust us we're scientists
>please don't check our math

Mathematics aside, how does one travel around the whole word and it feels and looks like a flat plain? does that not go through some of your minds? i mean its fucking crazy that we haven't started questioning this shit until now

See the flaw in your logic is assuming the jews ever tell the truth. The fact that they want you to think the earth is flat is the main reason you should think it's round. Earth = spherical Jews = liars. NASA = liars. Flat earthers = controlled opposition. The comple truth is the earth is a sphere. Aliens exist, but they are peaceful and have a deal with our goverment, but you can channel them. We never landed on the moon in the officail way. We have alien UFOlevel technology. Minor time traveling cabalities. And energy based weapons. They want you to think the earth is flat so they can mock you and discredit Moon landing conspiracy theorists.


take a shitty phone camera and take a picture of an apple, now with an 8k camera and take a close up picture from a different angle, looks pretty different huh?

>UN is right

>you checked our math
>you were wrong lol
>so im saying that i suppose its pointless trying to explain mathematical arguments developed by real scientists to a normie on Sup Forums

Yes, but circumference isn't everything.
Unless we're asking your mom.

Nice, what age are you? Keep personal insults out of scientific debates k.

If the earth is flat,, what's on the bottom?

No, U.

>Not going to lie, I used to laugh at people who thought the earth was flat...
... But then I took a job with the CIA

What reason would the government have to lie about the earth not being flat?

>flat Earth

Top kek, m8.

You stick with your websites. The rest of us will stick to science.

"What is a polar projection", Alex?

you havent sourced even one scientist yet and the spam filter wont let me post this link

>chooses to research flat earth his whole life
Oh boy he must be smart

spam filters? on MY Sup Forums?

One thing about FET that bugs me is, if I'm right, the way to prove or disprove it would be to travel to the south pole. If you see an edge, the earth is flat. If you see nothing and start going north, the earth is round.

Not trying to troll, but how come there haven't been any flat earthers who made the trip?

This B8 is worse then Datelines To Catch A Predator.

How can you fly in one direction and end up back where you were if the Earth is flat?

like this

I guess their argument is that east and west make you go in a circle instead of a straight line.

>how come there haven't been any flat earthers who made the trip?
It's hard to afford a trip like that from a trailer park in a rural southern state.

haha valid point, but wasn't some guy ready to launch a rocket recently to prove FET? He'd have to have some $

>mfw flat earth cucks don't realise the world is a pyramid

ha pic fail

>some guy ready to launch a rocket
so he's selective about the science he believes in, I see

>mfw I have no face

I'm thinking cylinder

Fucking idiot

*gasp* TWO edges!

for real, why hasn't anyone gone to the edge?

>But tonight, because I'm bored, I decided to
>troll Sup Forums because gee, this hasn't been overplayed a hundredfold yet.

No, he's not going to launch. He's an attention whore who's drumming up sponsorship.

Watch "The Producers" with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. It's educational for shysters like this.


It's springtime for Hitler somewhere.