Would Sup Forums fuck my cousin? Rate her out of 10

Would Sup Forums fuck my cousin? Rate her out of 10


Never yawned so hard in my life.

Still worth a fuck though

Basic bitch, seems lame


of fucking course,
are u a faggot?


Glad you like her


Too much makeup and too skinny

Solid 9.5 mate
Post some tits for a 10

man that ass is asking to be smashed.






she's a plastic fantastic

Totally agree




Fucking hell that is fine

>Glad you like her
She looks like an instagram hooker... some one that would end up on tag the sponsor.

Kik if you got it, roberto0274

I smell a trap bread

would absolutely nail/10 especially if dressed up and in full makeup

LOL oh shit niggy

if she lost the clown paint probably an 8. with 6 at best.

would fuck but would also wrap. looks like whore

nah, looks like a high maintenance midget.

Top tier woman. Lots of makeup and high maintenance, but definitely 10/10.

duh I would i am a straight male. I'd give her an 8/10

hell yeah i would but looks like OP is gone

Dont care
Would smash