Waifu thread

Waifu thread

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Try pixiv



random user who is addicted to coffee here

what about tea

Claiming best girl.

Happy new year, again! May it be in small ways that you don't even notice better than the last one.

You should play it on PC! At least get Ordinator. It should be on consoles too and apocalypse! Pretty much all mods by EnaiSiaion are great.

Happy new year!

Happy New Year :)

oki doki LITerature club.
i just ate a sleeve of ritsus
hello mom



i hated it, but it's fine?


Its new years eve, you dumb


I'd need to build a PC that is capable of playing games first, but I don't play a lot so I'm not so sure it's worth it

Don't call me mom


c e a s e t h i s
what a boopslut

if that's the case, then thank you. I really love his videos. Arthursday best day
"do you want to talk about it, son? Do you feel relieved I found it"
>mfw they found a 8 inches dildo

thank lil guy

What is this from

i was saying okay.
i had a sleeve of ritz
okay Mother
>8 inches dildo
i see you got one from my weiner mold

did you have to get rid of it?

eh i prefer leaf water over bean water but yeah water sucks


No new year for 7 more hours, am bored, you?

Please don't call me lil guy either

Still no

Oh, you meant the crackers

How about Maternal Parental Unit?

Does anyone claim Mio?


There used to be a claimer about a year ago iirc

did your balls even drop yet lmao

luckily no. It's a closely guarded secret within the close family

can I still call you my dude?

Good Mio! :D

you're talking my language

Why you too!

i bet your mom has some better stuff lying around

burp mio i turned myself into a pineapple
Me kappa
I claimed Mio a long time ago too uwu

I'm not a mother

Sure thing, my dude


Whats going on Jill?

but your my mommy

Absolutely disgusting
"Yung Koala"

More like a couple of months ago


Hi lurker user, I know you're here.

try getting a filter maybe
i get wellwater so it's not trash but tap water can taste gross


Those mods are on consoles though. So, should get them. Apocalypse has new spells. Ordinator revamps whole perk tree making it way more interesting. Just check it out if you decide to play Skyrim again.. and then let me know how amazing it is and shower me thanks and appreciation etc etc... yeah.

Who found it? Did you talk about it? You didn't go with anything smaller?

Am dranking and listening to music.

Everywhere I go all i see are pineapples. Whats wrong with me?
but my steam name was Miochan a long time ago

well that's not the problem
i've bought water on islands (imported)
i've bought it in other countries
it just doesn't taste good

Yeah well yours go sees me when she needs one :(

Drunk Jill!

thanks, my dudebro

Good Mugi!

My mom did, I didn't have any other choice and I have a smaller buttplug that goes BRRT when I want it to

i should claim a waifu for once

I'll give it a try

Now you're pushing it

Wait, you put things in your butt?
Gross, never talk to me again, freak

just one beer right now. I'll add in a few + bourbon as the night goes on

no helping that then
i like carbonated water a lot and they come in flavors with no sweetening garbage


Watchu drinking

Sounds lame

redd's blueberry ale to start. have a selection of beers, a bottle of mead, and half a bottle of woodford to get me into the next year.

sweetness is best
water just isn't sweet
unless you add sugar then it's good

I l i t e r a l l y don't remember anyone posting her before that Brit did

I wonder if he actually still talks to people

my fam?
At least I don't drool whenever you come on thread, you woman

I have a glass of red wine and some scotch after dinner

he probably does

she'd never touch a french boy

whats wrong with putting stuff in your butt? i put a hairbrush handle up there once and it felt really good
Explain my steam account.
i dont remember a mugi claimer

sure but then it either has calories so i can't drink it all day or it has artificial sweeteners which i've grown to hate

The account made when you signed up for steam
Me neither

I'll see you on the other side, sweetheart

what's wrong with calories?
and yee
best sweetness is real

That depends on music..

Remember: Ordinator, Apocalypse.
Am gonna remind you.

Did she find that too? Did she tell your father? Did she seem interested in it? Did she ask how you use it?

I can't tell if you're referring to people obsessed with me, or if you're referring to me being in love with you

In my experience, it hurt a lot the first time

Aнacтacия — звeздa, чтo вeдeт мeня

evening duke

i didn't sign up for this shit
me three
thats because you're a dumb girl without a prostate.

He's changed his profile pic since the last time I checked so at least we know he's still alive


Damn that's alot of shit to drink

Meh, I don't really consider just sitting listening to music as good entertainment

because if i drank as much soda as i did carbonated water i'd start gaining weight like american kids
otherwise nothing wrong with it

never said I wanted to make it into the new year sober.

You can shitpost etc. while drinking, and listening to music too..

Yup me too.

ok guys i'm claiming this pixel coffee which is filtered as i have no waifu yet


thanks for being cute and you.

true that though
what is your favorite type?

Oddly affectionate of you

nice hot chocolate


i'm on a phone right now so no more screm

joke's on her I'm Canadian

See you then, hun

She didn't, she did tell my dad. She seemed disgusted by it

the first one, yes

you should talk to him, he really liked you owo

Thank you A wild ul appears.

do you not like hot chocolate?

there's more coming

Well as long as you aren't going anywhere, get as drunk as you want

But I don't shitpost


not as good as hot coffee
and i burn my tongue way less with coffee

Uh oh. Drinking?

you're quebecois, no?
filthy frenchmen of the new world

I'm... not sure what all you mean, but alright.
staying in all night, yeah.
that's the plan!


Ok good, I though you figured out my secret
I'm not sure why people drool over me, I really don't like it

that's what a few icecubes are for

>You should talk to him
Stopped reading tbh

pls no bulli, I'm just a pure boy

I'm not smart enopugh to figure out secrets.
Because you're a grill

Eh never mind haha...I kinda threw a childish shit fit and went poof on thread.

it wouldn't be hot chocolate then now would it
but ye
i don't like ice coffee that much tho

I gotta take a peeps brb
does this mean we r frends

it would be hot chocolate not scalding chocolate

Same, but why the affection