Why do so many dudes want to become chicks now?

Why do so many dudes want to become chicks now?
Is getting fucked really that amazing?

-Because today its ez
-Yes and no

i think its because its getting more normal to be gay or trans, so mor people are releasing


It's just as easy to get pussy though

It's just like why is there so many pedophiles now, and not in the 70's.

>there's not it's just more public.

but humans not all want pussy. I'm really curious about all this shit, where this comes from and where this will get us.

i probaly would hit one, even desliking de cock part, a hot asshole still a hot asshole

Well girls have shitholes and mouths too...unless you're a fag who wants cock

this thread is not about that, go lurk the usual trap thread fucking scum fag

they're discussing if is easy do get one too, you fucking ass nigga

are you drunk ?


>yes and no
Well which is it? It either feels good or it doesn't.

>Why do so many dudes want to become chicks now?

I don't know but some of them look better than many of the fat nasty bitches that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I said some! Not all!!! inb4 scary ass freaks

It feels good. Ever been pegged? Amazing intense orgasms

and i bet you dont deal with gorgeous trans girls.
Go get a job nigger

Getting ass fucked just seems painful, it's not like a pussy

Because society is being pushed around by post-menstrual lesbians who face no consequences.

Why does it bother you that so many dudes want to be chicks? Like it doesn't affect you in anyway man.

ok thanks for your input.

sounds like a legit question for me

One of my best friends hates Trannies with his life
I have no reason why as to maybe he's sexually attracted to one and he's mad at himself for it? Idk
Personally idgaf if dudes wanna be bitches
Just means less dudes to compete with in life and the business world

Some people can't handle playing the game on normal difficulty, so they change the difficulty to easy.

Lmao easy mode only works if they're hot

Degeneracy is not as hated as it should be

until you see the big picture that your race is being exterminated
then you'll understand there is a reason to be mad
but he should be more mad at the people behind those pushing the idea that its alright to be fags

because they cant get a partner and it is factually true that girls get sex/partners easier than guys

combine that with todays politicial climate and it becomes an easy choice to switch from being an antisocial, ugly, talentless fucking retard to cut your dick off and become an ugly, mutilated, half-person that for some reason gets celebrated for their courage and progressiveness by the vocal minority of lefty, unemployed, stinky, smelly, hairy, talentless subhumans

Meh lose weight, and hop on hormones and most can get to 5-6/10s easy. Add some makeup, long hair, and accessories and they're hot

They just need an excuse to wear long socks, which is fucking stupid anyway


The majority of males aren't turning into fags and if anything we need more fags because earth is overpopulated as fuck
Plus the fags will catch aids and die
It's a win win for normal people right?

>race being exterminated
You must be of the sissy white boy race huh

True dat
Been fooled before
Don't mind getting fooled

True, but there's also chubby chasers as well, and many guys are pretty desperate for pussy, and are willing to just bone any kind of girl. It's like on "My 600 lb Life."

I'm almost wondering if some men just become women for the perks of not being a man.

also if I want to be fucked....I still got a butthole and winter damaged lips.

Absolutely degenerate. You all need to be exterminated.

Imo if someone has a nice ass I'll fuck them regardless of what they are.
As long as you're fucking them from behind, their ass is all that matters not what they look likeor what's between their legs.

Tried it with someone for the first time last night and yeah, it really is.

Not gonna lie. Looking at myself becoming a woman on faceapp makes me want to be a woman. I'm quite hot as a gril

Have you seriously thought about how fun it might be to have boobs and also how much easier it would be to pick up as a woman? Think about it hard, OP. It could be the solution to most of your life's problems.

>-Because today its ez
This too

because low confidence is encouraged in society

just look at all the traps and gays you know. an insane majority of them have low confidence. in fact, that's how i determine if someone's gay or not with my gaydar. low confidence = probably gay. high confidence = probably not gay.

Ahh ah nature, nature want to create the balance. man and the woman are imbalance, because woman have all power now... only in some country, but is true.

now nature reprogram men, become woman to serve man, restore balance. not easy. we are at the time of greatest change... world of man is learning to accept man-woman as his lover now. woman will begin to struggle in years to come, balance will shift again...

This is so fucking correct I can't even begin

go spread the faggot ideology in china, india and africa then, not in western countries
fucking shlomo foreskingobbler

Nasty ass entitled bitches, man. That is why.

you must be one of the sissy dick chopped big nosed rat race huh

I was born 5'6 and very feminine, why bother trying to be a man when it's futile

why bother living then ?
you'll never be a man
you'll never be a woman either

just kill yourself faggot

I'd like to believe that the men who do this shite just want the same benefits a woman gets just for being a woman. (Although to be fair it's not much)

They want attention. They want to be cared for like princesses and queens. They want to drink free at your local club till 10:30 or w/e. There's also another theory I'm guessing that maybe the men that want to be women Are trying to show women that they can be just like them except better in every way because they're actually men? If that makes any sense.

Option 1 - Work on your problems, self-improve, match strive to be the breadwinner, provider, confident and strong MAN that you're expected to be

Option 2 - Chop it off and enter Easy mode

You're boring

sure thing faggot
you'll never be loved
what will you do, hang? slit? pills? jump?

in due time ;_)

It'll hopefully get us to an exceedingly gay place. I know I'd be happier if everyone in the world were a woman.

it's not about getting fucked
females are living the life on easy mode that's why

it was always like that but recently people admitted that their minds have different gender than body

happens sometimes

I doubt being transgender/trap/whatever is going to be anything like that though, you probably only get hate without any of the benefits of being an actual female. So why even bother with that fantasy

>It could be the solution to most of your life's problems.

I am:
low on testostorone which makes me pearshaped, big tits, also strong hair
homestruck and kinda shy
nerdy & gamer
hasn't got much sexual partnets

as a male you are riddiculed for all of them
as a female you are praised for all of them

which would you choose?

Honestly if I were born with micropenis I would fucking castrate myself, take hormones and live my life as a female simply making coin streaming on twitch and eat on dates being taken out by oblivious guys, it's that easy

if they could pass in real life they would
also 80% of everything happens online now, so...

This is mostly it

I feel like also a lot of guys think being a female is easier or something, but girls also have bullshit to deal with too. Everyone does. However it's easy to look at porn or thots on social media and think that all of your problems will just evaporate. I've known a lot of people who have gone down that road and regretted it.

Some people do the same thing with moving, Being trans seems to be the drastic change some people are taking up in place of going somewhere new

Is there any difference between screaming "Absolutely degenerate" and "Fascist" at this point? Both seem like outbursts of impotent anger

He is also right, TrapAnon just has stupid logic. He admits he'll never be a man, so instead he'll become a woman. Even though the highest he can attain is TransWoman, which while very celebrated in this political climate; will never be the same as a genuine woman. Trans people themselves even go out of their way to make the distinction between them as Trans Women and born women as Cis.

By no logic or standard, not even by TrapAnon's logic, will he ever be a woman.

Are you even capable of forming a counter point to this assertion? Or is the part where you start screaming about Trump and hope I'm a Republican or something?