I haven't felt a genuine emotion since 2012.

Im slowyly becoming the type of person who never wants to leave the house and just play vidya all the time

2004 here, git gud kiddo

She treated me like shit. She's toxic. And I was the one who rightfully broke up with her 4 times.

But I miss her. Especially on NYE.

I fucked your wife in the ass

This was never a contest.

Jerk off, and see how you feel about her afterwards. Unless you're addicted to the drama.

4 times lol fuck you are a cuck

My dick touched the toilet water and I liked it

did you dip it in there or was it the splash?

I have been pretending that I don't want a gf/am not interested, but I haven't been able to get one. I recently found out that 2 qt girls I am not longer in contact with were interested but never approached me. so I'm kinda pissed and thinking about just giving up. I have no contact with any girls anymore either...

an hero ?

I'm in a shitty relationship with and awesome girl I want out but don't known how i work a shit job no way out either and I drown my sorrows with alcohol every night

>Dong is too long

yeah maybe

I used to be an outgoing and fun person, then I deployed to Afhanistan where I saw and did shit that changed me. Now I prefer to just go to work, come home to my single bedroom apartment and watch TV. People give me shit for not wanting to go out, and not wanting to hunt down women at bars. To be honest the people telling me to go out make me want to stay in more. I hate life, maybe will an-hero soon.

I failed to detrone a false king

go to brazil, become a mercenary

I smoke too many backwoods

R u joking?

I was a retarded because shit in my childhood but I loved her so much , she left me because I didn't have the courage to tell her everything and was afraid of what she would think of me

Now I'm alone drowning in my sadness and I'm gonna kill myself but I never lied when i said to her that I love her and I'm still do

I'm sorry little girl


Sounds rough man


I masturbate to my sister more than to any other girl
She's 19 and I'm 27

I married a woman to have a steady source of good pussy and good cooking, only to leave her when the pussy stopped coming a few years later.

I have no regrets. The ass was worth it, and she took nothing from me, because I left nothing for her to take.

Share the pics of her

I think I have the gay, what do?


Just an example

I fap to MLP fillies almost exclusively these days. Also lolis.

Share the pics you masturbate to. I too wish to masturbate to this angel.

I jerk off to all her pics that I have
Kik me at egorus123 if you're interested, lets not derail thread

I jack off to the ads on here


mind to upload them to vola?

Rio is in need, boy go to help

Whats thay

me too user, and i feel very bad for this... But i can´t stop, she´s gorgeous. And worst, i like to think about guys fucking her.


volafile dot org

Srysly? Wow, would be nice to chat about that. Did i need to feel bad? Or is just absolutely normal? I wouldn´t do the thing in fact, but geez... Sometimes its so suddenly...

great, incest cuckoldry. send requests to the studios


Is there some organization I can join? Not the original Afghaniland guy, but I'd like to put my skills I acquired in the Army to good use.

holy geez

Bahaha fuck. I do this too.

I don´t live in Rio cuz it sucks, but yeah there is some factions who rule the city. If i´m an army guy i would be a caotic neutral one in those places...

i don't think organizations would hire foreigners for the real shit. maybe as "status bodyguards" or something


we´r all in the same boat here

not everybody is a cunt, at least you still give a shit
pic unrelated

I know there are orgs you can join to go to Syria, Iraq, etc. I've been contacted by multiple recruiters asking if I'd like to go over there, since my MOS is a bit rare, and takes too long to train people into. I don't want to go to those shitholes again, though. If I saw one more of those motherfuckers beating their kids for asking for food, I'd lose it.

I sucked my own dick yesterday, and now I don't know what to do.

I can't stand my sister. She's thirty, can't drive, is a shut in, works only one-two days a week, has an OCD regarding washing her hands to the point skin is beginning to FUCKING DRY, and cried when my parents told her she needed a fucking therapist.

Still live at home too. I live here because it's cheaper than a dorm. I shouldn't be doing better then the eldest child!

you are my hero

french foreign legion, or whatever they're called. i think they have some units in south america hunting poachers and drug farmers

Glad others are enjoying her too

i fucc my sister once

it was awesome

no regrets

my vodka smells like chip oil

It was women who ruined everything.
Remember Eve?

Adam was a good boy and Eve just fucked everything up for everyone forever.
God should have just made a Steve instead.

I've only been talking to a female associate of mine because her long-time mudslime boyfriend left her recently. I know it's absolute folly to even imagine that any sort of relationship would work out but I'm driven by a morbid curiosity to see where this leads and also because I must know if she finds me at least half as appealing or attractive as I find her.

If they hook up again for the 4th time though I'm going to laugh my ass off and dab as I back away.

if you weren't doing better than the mentally ill, that would be pathetic. Living at home after 18 is not as pathetic, but still pretty goddamn lame. everyone in the dorms is partying and getting laid, and you're crying about your sister.

>i'm a faggot and an atheist and women are the cause of all evil, even the bible says so
happy new year faggots

no am faggot, but you are Sup Forumstard incarnate
you are pure

literally fuck her in the vagina

I write my name on everything