I'm not a therapist but i play one on Sup Forums. Tell me whats wrong and ill fix it

I'm not a therapist but i play one on Sup Forums. Tell me whats wrong and ill fix it.

Pic unrelated

I can't get doubles.

You just have to comment more bro. The more you comment the more chances you have. Try again!


Pic is pretty impressive.

>almost 24 years old
>diagnosed with Bipolar II
>single for 3 years, mostly out of choice
>finally wanna get back into the game
>too awkward to do it tho
>best friend and I flirt
>she has a boyfriend though
>makes me jealous and kinda sad
>Now I'm having a depressive episode and I wanna die
Fix me thanks.

I stole your dubs. Sorry bud

Why would you flirt with your friend, especially if said friend is already dating someone? I wouldn't feel too guilty, though; she already sounds like a bit of a whore.

i'm fucking lonely. fix me,user

Didn't start the flirting, but definitely bought into it. Dunno why I still do though.

Here to collect my trips.

>always had a thing for taking the ends of my pillows between index finger and thumb and just press as hard as i cound
>gave e a good feeling, somehow
>not masochistic, but it was to a degree even "good pain"
>i'm 30 now
>this still exists, but i just don't do it often anymore
what is this condition?

Also on that note, I didn't find out about the boyfriend till after the flirting started. So you're most likely right.

Im addicted to opiates and benzos.
Coming off of them are horrible withdrawal symptoms. How do i do it. I want to be normal again :(

nope, but I can


Lots of dubs in here, can i have some?

One more roll, with feeling this time

Here you go


We don't serve peasants.

Here you go, peasant.

I want to stop manipulating people but I feel like I've lost control of myself. The guilt has had me put my gun in my mouth multiple times, since it's driven multiple women to try to an hero as well. What do?

let me show it's done right.

No me

since OP stopped giving advice, rolling

missed the fuckin trips

no u
wait what?


Let me show you degenerates how it's done

>tfw newfags can't into Sup Forums

Lol retards watch this