Hello. For the new years I will be doing some tarot readings for you...

Hello. For the new years I will be doing some tarot readings for you. If that isn't your thing now and then I will be posting some ambient music. I will be doing this for around 1-3 hours. If I get a lot please be patient.


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cool. my significator is the ten of swords. how fucked am i?

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The ten of swords. The swords often resemble some sort of pain and the ten of swords in particular represent excess of something, most commonly something of the mind. Over worrying about something or stress is on your mind. You say the ten of swords is your signifacator so you could either have a bad habit or are easily stressed out.

sure I'll have a year-to-come reading
also my offering soundcloud.com/user340836513/aphex-twin-rhubarb-orchestrated-titanic-remix

Ok, give me a minute to do it all. Doing a much needed bump

Three of pentacles. It means that you are a good worker or satisfied with what you do

Queen of cups. She represents feelings, possibly love. Also represents some sort of creativity.

Six of swords. This card represents secrets, often painful secrets. In the future you may find out a painful secret or you may create one yourself.


thx and cheers! Hope it's the thicc barista

Return to /x/ my friend. The tarot readers are much better appreciated there.

Cheers back and have a good new year

This is better then the same porn and trap threads here. Plus I chose Sup Forums for how short lived threads here are, dont wan't to do this for a long time.

What do the cards say about me?


>If that isn't your thing now and then I will be

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Knight of swords. He represents courage and possibly a battle to be had.

Ten of swords, reversed. Relief from suffering or pain but the person still needs to make a few changes.

Knight of Pentacles. He represents a hard worker, a person devoted to a task without need for glory. The card could also represent a person who is cautious. You could find a job or a hobby that you will greatly enjoy and possibly change your life.

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Tarot is bullshit.

Just like psychics, ley lines, chemtrails, flat earth, em sensitivity, channeling, crop circles, nibiru and flat earth.

Hello, OP

I appreciate you, Happy new year!

im happy u didnt go full retard and included climate change


>muh positivism
you're cute when you're too pig-headed to take advantage of less-than-perfect but better-than-chance information. may as well say meteorology is a pseudoscience

Requesting, waiting.

draw me a card for my upcoming year. i dunno how this works so just gimme the shit. also thanks in advance


Three of pentacles, reversed. Not doing your best and a lack of cooperation. A situation is holding you back from doing your fullest potential.

Nine of swords, reversed. You are starting to recover from something painful and coming out from a low point.

Eight of swords. A feeling of being blocked and helplessness. It seems like you will fall back from climbing out of the hole you dug if you dont change your course or actions.

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can u be more specific?

Read me up OP! Show me what you got.

What information are we supposed to give for a reading. Doesn't seem possible to begin with, especially over the internet. The one person I know that's into tarot/the astrology signs is a legitimate schizophrenic.

I've always had very odd readings. Do me. Every time I get the opportunity, I ask for them. The readers are always surprised.

So how does this work? Do you just respond with a reading?

tell me if u can relate to this:

Can I get a read?


tell me what happens to me this year


Meteorology is a branch of the atmospheric sciences which includes atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics.
what you do is bs.

it is just as good as any version of reading

the tarots tell me you are a cancer, born of the third moon, you have six months to live.

Do me then. I don't really get what the purpose is but I'm drunk as fuck might as well.


you are a foolhardy simpleton

With a burst of requests I will be doing a once card pull to keep up.

The devil reversed. Free choice, liberating yourself and seeing through illusions. Your future looks bright and you will see many options.

Justice. This card means balance and looking at yourself. Your life will become balanced either literally of mentally.

The emperor. Taking charge of your life, responsibility. You will start to take control for your life or you will be forced to have some sort of responsibility.
Second wave of tarot readings incoming, please wait.

i just make up random generic crap that fits 90% of peeps and hope you dont realise i am a conman

Always been interested in this stuff, what do mine say?

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i wud do u in a second, sweet child, but first i gotta annoy this tarot guy for a few minutes.

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I don't mind because that picture is going to come very handy in conversations with my friend.

Hey tarotanon, could I get a reading? If you can read specifics, near future.

I don't believe in Tarot but am planning to design a set with my own artwork in 2018

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>The devil reversed. Free choice, liberating yourself and seeing through illusions. Your future looks bright and you will see many options.

End of enslavement. End of the evil demiurge. Cool. I'm going to shoot myself so that's pretty accurate.

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man made climate change is a con just like psychics

>just like physics
>tarot readings here r true and accurate

Then how's it going to be any good? Is your day job at Del Taco?

Stream it

Don't have the gun yet. It's all I've been thinking about for the past years though, so it's not something I will not do. Will prolly take e first.

ok tell me something about myself, anything really



Been a weird as fuck year for me OP, a few months ago I weird dream about three pidgeons in the dark, and another where I killed a dragon and afterwards there was a snake lying under by bed. Been thinking about the future a lot recently as well.

Could do with a future/tarot reading if you can.

WRONG! not even close, tedious fool

If you do not take control of your life you could slip back into a bad place like some sort of sadness.

The magician. This card means creativity and transformation. A time to take action. Although a bit vague it seems like your future will have some sort of great change or you will take an action that will change your life.

Hermit. Being alone and discovering things about yourself. Your future will either be lonely or you will discover something within yourself.

The hanged man. Seeing things differently. You could have a change of views about something, or others may find your opinions to be odd, strange or even offensive.

Thats the second wave, onto the third

>If you do not take control of your life you could slip back into a bad place like some sort of sadness.
how is this more specific?

Read me OP

Alright, whats the future hold for me.

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hi. i'm a bit worried
my offering:

Magician sounds neato, I hope it all turns out awesomely.


Im interested try me then

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you will be returned over the wall and destined to a petty and cyclical life of cockroach breeding with intermittent spells of cockroach killing

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Four of swords, reversed. Return to an activity and renewed energy. In your future you will find the energy to do the things you like or possibly return to a hobby you enjoyed but lost interest in.

The fool. Freedom and recklessness, the start of a new journey. Your future will start you on a new journey in your life, something that will greatly change your life and you will make memory's of some sort. As a new years card its lame but its what I got.

Knight of wands, reversed. Delays or overconfidence. Something in your life will be delayed greatly.

I'm enjoying some Champagne while playing World of Warcraft. Can you tell me what the first month of the new year will bring?


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Or tell me 2018 will be slightly above par?

tell me my future op, do i become drug dealer?

>Something in your life will be delayed greatly.

fug. thanks anyway nerd



How do I tell you the stuff you need to read my tarot?

You got Justice. Your life will become more balanced in some ways.

The king of swords, reversed. A powerful mind severing itself, corruption. In your future you will either become more selfish or society will view your actions as corrupt.

Nice. Tarot art is always nice to look at.

Four of pentacles, reversed. Holding on closely to what you have. Using your possessions to structure your life. It seems like your future may be materialistic or you might have to hold onto something close to you or you will lose it.

The tower, reversed. A situation that is somewhat troublesome. Your future may have a series of small set backs or situations that you will grow tired of having to deal with

>A powerful mind severing itself, corruption. In your future you will either become more selfish or society will view your actions as corrupt.
Thank You. Sounds good.

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Please read me if you get a chance. Thank you and happy New Year

I've never been materialistic in my life you fucking faggot, and have nothing material worth losing, pull me another card.

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Page of wands. Freshness, a willingness to begin something. You will feel like a new person or perhaps start a project or some other activity that you will enjoy.

eight of swords reversed. Realizing you have possibility's and clarity. Over the course of the year your life will be more clear and you will realize more options in your life

Page of cups. An interest in spiritual or imaginative subjects. You could possibly study some sort of religion, occultism or just some creative arts.

Queen of wands. A love of life, passionate but impatient. You will find something you love, or perhaps continue to enjoy something you love although sometimes you get a bit snappy at it.

What do you need/want from us to get a 'reading?'

P.S. - love the mossy bridge!

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