Well, been with gf 5 years this year

>Well, been with gf 5 years this year
>big plans to spend tonight with her, our first kiss was new years 5 years ago, and I plan to propose TONIGHT
>yesterday night, we barely talk, she's texting all night and cold as fuck to me even though all was fine the day before
>go to sleep, she stays up so I go to sleep alone, wondering if I made her mad somehow or wtf happened
>wake up this morning, she's sleeping on the couch, phone in hand
>she knows we're supposed to spend tonight together, I told her it would be special
>says she's going out with her friend C who I am also good friends with "for a little bit", nbd
>that was seven hours ago, she hasn't come home or even texted back or called back
>call C, C says she's there but she's in the bathroom and to call back
>hear laughing and noise in the background, sounds like multiple people
>flashback to yesterday morning, we were out at GS and she ran into a guy we both knew from HS, jockfag who was literally on the football team
>they talked for a while but I was busy buying a game to pay attention, but they seemed to hit it off
>call C back, ask who's there with her
>C denies anyone else is there even though I fucking heard him
>ask C why gf hasn't texted or called
>"idk maybe she forgot her phone"

I hung up. That was just a few minutes ago. Reality is setting in, anons, and I'm shaking.
She was up all night texting this fucking asshole, blew me off completely,
lied to me this morning to go spend time with him, without me, at C's place...
I thought C and I were cool, clearly C was only cool with GF.
On the night I was going to propose, she's with another guy, and she's probably going to fuck him.
And she's laughing about it with him in the background as her best friend lies to me.

And I'm spending New Year's Eve, and what would have been our anniversary, alone.
I just don't understand. Everything was perfect between us until yesterday... why is this happening?
Fuck this... Fuck all of this.

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Only date women that love you more then you love them. Simply get good at identifying how much she likes you. you will never be heartbroken again.

Also, don´t be reluctant to be childish. breaking up in a civilized manner would be the right path, if your scenario turns out to be true. But fuck that, it ain´t satisfying. Go cheat on her. Also make sure, that there is no backlash, if you finally break up.

also, my dubs ain´t lying.

dont be a beta cuck, fucking confront her about that shit

dude you gotta drive there and confont her
dude do it ffs dont just sit there

The only acceptable answers.

LLOL glad this isnt me.
Just call and her and tell her to stop wasting your time ,and tell the truth.Based on my experience sounds like she wants to date around.

laugh prob alcohol and shit, and alcohol gets women super wet, so yeah they're fucking tonight user. you have 5 years with her dude fucking contront that shit wtf

Welcome to life user, where things that take years to build can change in an instant. Don't wallow or make something out of nothing. Confront her about it once SHE calls back or returns home. Do it in a rational manner like a man whose life doesn't hinge entirely on a woman. Once you get your answers make your decision. Today is just a day like any other day, don't go putting all these special aspects on it because it's the day you first kissed, or the beginning of another numerical calendar year, or all that bullshit.

the thing about women dude is theyre cold, heartless, they can love you one minute and not give a fuck about you the next. why? IDK. its funny cuz women are supposed to be the "emotional" "sympathetic" sex or whatever but no thats completely opposite. men have real feelings and women have fake feelings that they can turn on and off like a fuckin sociopath. ive observed this many many times before. or idk if its a thing with western women but ya. theyre heartless bro, not much i can say to make you feel better but i will give u this advice. stick up for yourself. dont be a bitch. RESPECT yourself even if she doesnt. youll feel much better although itll still hurt like nothing else, you will at least know you have your dignity

Just tried to call C again and now C won't even answer.

I'm already getting my boots on. I'm gonna shove one up jockfag's ass, one up C's cunt and my girl, heh, "MY GIRL", is gonna catch all this hate. I'm pissed because I have to walk, I let her take the goddamn car, MY CAR. It's cold as shit outside.

Anons, I'm not gonna lay a hand on her. But I want to kill her on a spiritual level. I want to rip all the love and happiness out of her life.

this is true.

Triple murder faggot. Do it

Drive over there and confront her bro.
Take back the control she stole from you man.
Don't let shit end like this.
Do it. Do it now.
Oh and bump the chronic to get you amped up.

holy shit...i wish you luck annon

stop being a dumbass, user. You are blinded by emotion and cannot see reality. Way too attached to some bitch who doesnt care. You cannot change that. Seek someone who you loves you more than you love them.

Learn from your mistakes and get drunk on NYE. You got the rest of your life on your hands now, instead of attached to a girl who almost ruined your life, had you sealed the deal a year ago. Fuckin a, man

ur just gonna make a fool of urself dude. dont do it

Post updates op. Got a Sup Forums app? Or just use the mobile site.
We're invested in your life op. Don't let us down.

Don't listen to this cuck.

>ith him, without me, at C's place...
>I thought C and I were cool, clearly C was only cool with GF.
>On the night I was going to propose, she's with another guy,

Either go over there or stfu


shut the fuck up he needs to know right now its his life not yours

Now this is pod racing.

t r i p s o f t r u t h

Sorry to read that, it sucks. Happened to me, now I have the kids, she didn't care about them either and still doesn't years later. Just like another said, years to build up and turn apart in a moment.

Best to be thankful you weren't hitched to that before this.

You simply dodged a bullet big time, on the last day when you were to propose her you got to know she's a heartless whore. Imagine how worse it would be if you were to marry this bitch. Now alpha up, dump her and enjoy your freedom

Post pics

Go out tonite and try to have fun without her, confront her about it tomorrow.

This is too intense guys

Don't tell me not to go, anons. I know it's stupid. I'll probably do something I regret, I don't care. This is horseshit. My girl, our beautiful relationship over the last five years, with no signs of problems and then this, this fucking betrayal out of nowhere. No, I can't handle that. I can't have that. They will not have that. All I can think now is how long has she hated me in secret. How long has she worn this second face.

I'm heading out. It's about a 15 minute jog from here, probably 20 in the snow. Wish me luck, anons.

Bring a knife, so if you have to fight, you always have the advantage.

lmao I can tell you're a fat female just from what you typed.

This man speaks the truth

someone check news articles this dudes gonna kill her

Fuck ya OP.
Go in, see wtf is going on, take your fucking keys, and just say "You wasted 5 years of my life" or something like that, I'm sure after 5 years you know how to cut her sself esteem.
Then drive home, and empty ALL of her shit onto the curb. Fucking, do it.

Post pics of her. Let us see if she's worth any of this



Go in.

Take you rkeys.


Place all her belongings outside once you get home.


go for it OP.

Hell yeah. Keep this shit bumped.

This probably isn't the first time she's done this op. Just saying.




tell us how it goes after you confront her

bumping to see op kick their asses


That is such cock mouth logic.

Everything has a first time. Why does EVERY cunt hole say it must already be a pattern?

Use some higher thinking faggot.

Pretty much the same thing, but you're being sneaky, which means no update will come untill tomorrow morning after she's woken up after a night of getting her throat stretched out chad.

If he says something to her first she might react and go home in th next hour or two, it might even cause her to embarrass herself in front of chad, making her betrayal all for nothing.

ugh why the dicc can i get it without pls

This probably is going to end well.

Kill him.

Godspeed op

aushcwitz frog

wtf is that

They've been together 5 years and she is just out of the blue fucking some dude?
The only reason op even noticed is because he had something special planned.
How many nights did she say she was going to her friends house for a little bit and op thought nothing of it. Didn't even realize what was going on because he was paying so much attention to his video games he had no idea.
If op hadn't planned his big proposal he would have thought nothing of his gf spending hours at her friends house.
Or it's all bait and we fell for it. Whichever.

A stupidly expensive handgun with a built in silencer.

Looks nice tho

A gun.

Break her face user

Based on your rant, I'd go with "fell for it".

come on op



So I might just be the devil's advocate here but there's the possibility that she was texting her friend about the fact that you were going to propose because let's face it, she likely knew. So she went over to get some space because it's a big deal for some people and wanted to think about it. She started drinking and there were other people because it is New Years fucking Eve.

take a bat and fuck him up too

jump his ass

Why all these "propose" stuff, Western people really are into this stuff right? trying to make a show out of an intimate moment, idk. It's preety manipulative.

Thinking about this, maybe she's the one preparing a surprise.

I know it's bullshit, but come on. I'm trying to be positive.

????? Different fag but u must be b8ing buddy shes a cheating bitch the bright side is he wont spend his life with a cunt

Just fuck you, okay?

In a world full of chaos and carnage one man has logic.


Don't mind me, just curious how this ends up

>Why all these "propose" stuff, Western people really are into this stuff right? trying to make a show out of an intimate moment, idk. It's preety manipulative.

yup, maybe this

A knife? Fuck that gay shit! Bring a gun!

(Captain obvious)

because most women cant wait to get married and love the idea of the spotlght on them
its the same thing when girls are asked to homecoming/prom with a big poster and flowers and shit

Okay so depending on how much time op spends there given his estimated travel time we need to keep this bumped from at minimum another 20 minutes to half hour for an update.

wheres op!!???

>not seeing the double b8erino
better time next time champ ;)))

first. take out the guy shes cheating on you with. second make sure everybody who didint support you suffers. finally kill the bitch that would cheat on you. problems solved

Not even your repeating digits in triplicate will get us an update. OP b8ed and ran

Only an idiot would propose on a holiday. She clearly made the right choice.

he is walking there to confront here, read you fucking nigger

its beem 20 min since last update


My bet C is who she is really with right now, and not you. C was cool with you just to get into her pants.

Good luck user, she doesn´t deserve any kind of love

Let's hope the op isn't taken clean out by the other guy...could delay our update


You should have confronted the friend and called her out. She would have probably felt guilty and crumbled under the pressure. Hanging up was stupid. You should have called out the laughter and said that you know she has her phone. Shoulda told her to put your girlfriend on the phone and not taken no for an answer.

You basically are letting her and her friend walk all over you like a beta.

on the bright side you still have Pamela Handerson.
Have fun with pic related I guess.

>came to Sup Forums to fap
>now waiting for OP to kick some jock ass
Just normal Sup Forums things

Really though? what if she doesn't want to marry? at least not with you? the best way to get a yes is doing stuff like that, they're not teens anymore, I don't think they find pleasure in humiliating you like in prom, but also, maybe, there's not really a good way to say no, if you propose in front of their family, their friends, in front of a god damn full stadium, wtf?

Wouldn't you, just, chat about it in the bedroom? it's a big decission, it's not right to keep it secret

but hey, fuck me

It takes 20 minutes to walk there. Even if he just walked there and immediately walked back that still isn't enough time. Unless he's Harry potter.

God fucking dmnit. This EXACTLY happend to me too. We where 3 years together tho

bumping for justice

bumping for great justice


No confrontation. I study for a professional finance exam, the CFA. Ethics is 15% of each level exam. So I've read a whole bunch of biz ehtics. What I have learned:

(1) Appearance is everything, appearance is the reality. Even if nothing happened, if it appears like it happened, then it did.

(2) If there's any doubt, there's no doubt.

Solution: Ghost this bitch. Turn the tables, show how a man does it. No turning back, burn the boats.

OP, what we have is a victim test. You let this go, there'll be plenty more where it came from, until she finally really dumps you.

Sorry, Sup Forumsro.

No confrontation. Show you are strong. Find another bitch. But first, spend six months (or longer) getting your head straight, 5 years is a long time. Then date a little.

NO CONFRONTATION. It's a waste of breath. All you'll hear is lies.

If there's any doubt, there's no doubt.

pic realated, someone I had to walk away from. Really really fine chinese ass.

I just ordered dominoes. Would be awesome if the update arrives at the same time as my food

Go find 'em wtf are you doing?