My Friend and I work at a daycare ask us anything

My Friend and I work at a daycare ask us anything.

any sweet puss?

Ever finger bang one of the little girls?

You have no idea

Normies or do you do tard wrangling?

gib green text then

Do you ever want to fuck the dads of the kids? I ask because I want to fuck all the sweet young ass at my kids daycare.

No, just wholesome headpats and admiring them from afar.

I've banged 2 of the 4 day care teachers my daughter has. Both early 20's.

How many girls have you scarred for life

Normies, K-6

How far are you willing to go?

give sexual greentexts NAO

No. We aren't fags... (I'm OP's friend BTW)

Ever cleaned a bum a little too long?

but OP is a fag

None, they call me daddy (OP's friend)

Do you ever catch any of the kids doing anything sexual? If so green text that shit

Are you both guys? If so do you and the kids talk about MLP?

OP is always a fag. Read the rules.

>Male daycare workers
>Not fags

Pick one

We don't clean bums. We work with kids K-6 (OP's friend)

Everyonce in a while the girls will ask to talk about, the boys are big on there Pokémon.

Well we are the ones surrounded by a lot of pussy, not you. (OP's friend)

What fucking 6th grader needs day care? You should kick those kids asses.

>claims to work in a daycare
>claims k-6 kids never shit themselves

requesting greentext of sexy stuff

Are you grooming any of them?

Do you find kids more jerkish than the general population?

>OP’s “friend”

Seriously don't get why people think kids are angels and innocent. I've known evil and promiscuous kids.
No pedo

can you tell me... what would the correct ignition timing be on a 1955 Bel Air Chevrolet, with a 327 cubic-inch engine and a four-barrel carburetor?

Is loli pedo?

>not funny

share some stories

>be me
>see some kid try to "climb" a fence
>kid's friend runs up behind him
>friend grabs him by the waist
>furiously humps from behind
>says that he is sticking his wee wee inside him
>worker closer to them pulls them apart
>didn't let the kid nut

OP and OPs friend, did you have any pedo interests before working there? is that what guided you towards this position?

How are the girls? Do they show you affection?
My friend worked at a summer thing and the little girl (5-8) always wanted to be with him, sit with him, hug him, ect.

My apologies, sir. Best Friend

That's a bullshit question.

No I started working there just so I could work with my friend.
The girls did like to show affection they would want to sit on your lap alot which we weren’t supposed to let them do but we let them anyway. ;)

Are you and your friend gay?

Wouldn’t it be around 36

Dream job.

I didn't have any pedo thoughts before working there. I just had to choose a place to work at out of binder at some job training place when I was 16. Yes, plenty of kids showed me affection, usually grils. This summer a girl, let's call her Susie, would constantly come to hug me and hold my hand whenever she saw me.

OP told me IM his bester friend and we kiss peepee lips


Only for you daddy :3



If she gave me that sweet little heart, I would slip into the back room and show her how to make her daddy happy!

Is there ever any time either of you see the kids naked/undressed?
So now do little girl butts turn you on? When she sits in your lap, or when you casually graze your hand over their little asses?

Welcome to the dark side motherfucker.

why can't you just say something normal like "i'd fuck her"

>be me
>on bus with kids
>on our way back from field trip
>qt3.14 gril sitting adjacent from me
>wearing cowboy boots and skirt
>act like I'm about to take her boot
>gril lifts leg up so I can't touch it
>skirt moves enough for me to see panties
>can see crease
>get boner
And that kids is how I became a pedo...

Because I want her to suck my cock more.

Susie wants your D

No we would see them in there swimsuits if we went to the water park but the female teachers handled the girls :(

Because most pedos are fucked in the head.
I, on the other hand, have an IQ of 137..

read twice, second time in the voice of Bob Saget


Yes! Both of us!

this, have you considered telling anyone? ( don't )

this is the part where the bad guy realizes his mistakes and becomes a good guy

>the good guys are the ones who diddle kids

Stop pretending to be me. You're not Op. And no we don't get turned on by little kids.

>wholesome headpats
fuck yisss

cock blockin faggot

Another thing, me personally, I would let the grils sit on my lap. There would be this qt that would sit on my lap when I sat down. Now, she doesn't go there so I have to make do with the second best grils.

Maybe you should do a Reddit AMA?

That retard isn't op. I am ffs.

Reddit is for faggots and we're not fags bcuz we like little girls

Do you have any more pics?

Nice dubs, and no we don't.

Believe it or not we're not pedos.

Do you get to braid their hair and have tea parties?

How many of those kids are already irredeemably ruined by bad parenting even at their age? Can we expect another generation of autistic screeching libtards?

Yes, we also play pretty pretty princess makeover with them.

My Friend does he went to take a shower then he will send some

Are you state law enforcement or federal law enforcement?


Dubs of truth

I'm walking here

Does working at a daycare make you look like better husband material or does it just make you seem gay? *actual question*

Probably makes you look gay, I wouldn’t really know.

Gets you milf connections at least

It makes you look like a pedo




Cute girl doing cute thing?


holy shit ok we're in stress-mode™ now





fuck off fagits

im not going to tell you not to continue

Can't find any cute pics. I'm away from my desktop.

Just cewt no lewd

Am I cute ufu?