Let’s have a general drug discussion Sup Forums

Let’s have a general drug discussion Sup Forums

All anons welcome to share stories, pics, and shitposts

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You are all worthless subhumans and the world would be a better place without druggies like you, so do everyone a favor and overdose already.

Personally, I’m a fag who mostly smokes weed and some psychedelics on occasion

happy new year

I think u need to smoke more weed and chill out.

I think you need to smoke a barrel and pull the trigger.

Good idea

best ghetto rig??
first time i smoked we made a bong out of a tennis ball canister a pen and tinfoil

Hey Sup Forums this is me rolling and smoking a joint
Thanks for watching

Papa franku?

Hell I’d say that’s already a pretty good ghetto rig, I used to use a socket that as a bowl instead of tinfoil and I made dozens of impromptu plastic bongs. If you can get your hands on a glass downstem the world is your oyster

On an unrelated note... what’s the price for coke these days

I just inoculated my first magic mush jars 4 days ago, 4-5 weeks I should have some decent fruits! Excited to trip for the first time in 3 or 4 years!

That’s dope, post pics when they’re ready man.... never done shrooms tho how is it

Question: why do people these days grind up their marijuana? When I smoked back in the day we never ground anything.

makes it easier to pack or roll, plus you get a more even burn

i don't even use a grinder for joints and shit, just use hands

plus using a grinder lets you gather the keif

Currently high on about 120mg loperamide and 7 grams maeng da kratom

My doc is fentanyl but i can't find any atm

Happy new year guys

Very different. I recommend finding a friend who has experience to do them with or to watch some "psyched substance" videos on youtube as he describes it almost perfectly.

Try staring at the ceiling (if you have stucco or that shit that is alike to it), or the outside of a stucco house for 2 minutes in one spot. Everything will start to move, this is the smallest amount of the visuals. Then you feel happy and interconnected. It is amazing. Helps depression a lot as long as you are excited to try them and excited to try new ideas.

>snort 2 points of molly @ 11:00
>drop 800ug's @ 11:20
>drink the tabs down with 2 points molly water
Happy new year Sup Forumsros

>i don't even use a grinder for joints and shit, just use hands

The oil on your fingers makes the THC dissolve and your weeds will be less potent.


Also is alc the lamest drug? Even tho its the ultimate wingman

I am addicted after 3 years of use cause after college life sucks

i feel like alch is chill, brews with the boys never gets old