Gaaee in the new year

gaaee in the new year

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2 gay 4 me





common guis, I wanna runk, so lets start posting!

If you say so


You a swede?





Give us back our oil!

I dont really have any control over that

Typical response from the wealthy norwegia oil owner
Can forgive you if you give beer

good nuff?

I guess.
I hope you've learned your lesson

I want you to punish me with your dick


That can probably be arranged.

I'm already in 2018

H-How would you punish me daddy?

>pic related

How would that be punishment? I would enjoy it so much :)

>this pic related then!

omg i would enjoy that even more!

But there would be no vidya for you, You would loose every game. Have to hide the moans from your teammates.
How the hell is daddy supposed to punish you then.


Thats where you lose ;)



Punish by not letting you get any dick and throw a cage on yours

you got me

Yes, a week in cage should do the trick for you.

oh no!

Who am I kidding, you would probably enjoy that aswell.

most likely yeah :D

Nothing I can do then, no punishment can take place.

What about you and your friends using me as a slave for a week?

what the hell is that?

Relatives, then?


Don't like them

Random people off the street?

bi is better

Don't like them, I'm greedy would keep you alone, too bad no danish got secret sex dungeons to keep you in.


My biggest dream

Would keep you locked in your norwegian luxery summer cabin deep in the mountain and woods.

im actually in a cabin right now :o

Isolated, alone, no one to keep you locked up?


well, yeah

Too bad it's so far away

i know...


Go shake your ass outside maybe some hideous forest troll will come and take you as a slave.

My butt hurts.

I think the trolls around here are asleep now...

too much buttfuck?

No cabin slave fantasy for you then. Just lonely fur fag fap


Was it your own fault?

feelsbadman :(


You'll find big stronk norwegian man to make you slave.

But you would still do it again at any given time.

i hope

Open grindr and see who is near.

Any time on the clock bb

I'd rather find one without using a dating app, feels more natural

Doesn't feel likely if you're sitting in your isolated cabin posting fur.

Maybe on your way back when the times come.

Im going home tomorrow tho, hope I have better luck this year of finding some love

Most of us do.
You got a bit more than 2.5 mill to choose from just within your boarders.

0/10 not enough horse

Agreed, now post more

Not enough horse






Why the fuck does s/fur get stuck with the fucking shitposters and trolls?

because they search for "fur" or "s/fur" to find the threads.
seing as g/fur is autosaged. they don't feel like joining the gaaee or what ever stupid name the threads got.

so name it something else so it's harder for them to find and make the image more inconspicuous?

No, then they might come here if they can't find the s/fur.


Good night, lads.
Sleep tight and wet dreams.

there must be sacrifice got it I volunteer as tribute

The s/fur image dump and go through threads so fast anyway.





you guys seem to be lacking in material so i'll leave you something in return for your kindness